Sunday, June 20, 2010


Does anyone else have this issue?

Waffle's tail is all in a twist. I just put flea treatment on her. To keep her from rolling around and putting that junk all over the house, I locked her in her kennel. When mom went in to say goodnight Waffle refused to even look at her. I tried and got the same 'tude. I know she dosen't like the flea junk, but after I put it on she got a litte p'nut butter apple as a treat.

anyone else have a dog with an attitude?

Monday, June 14, 2010

7 months and counting

Hey remember ME? Truffie? The one who this blog is supposed the be about, not that other dog - fancy toes humph. Especially today because I'm 7 months! Yeah Me! Who knew that I'd get so big! Back when I was a pup I guess I was a little chunky money

Now I'm sleek and svelt. My legs are long and stretchy and my tail is nice and waggy. How's your tail? Mine wags on it's own, when I'm happy my tail waggs my rear end. When I'm sleepy just the tip of my tail waggs. Some times my tail goes in a circle and some times it waggs in my sleep (bff- tells me it does).

Enough about my tail, here I am at Costo, we were there for our club outting yesterday.

We met up with lots of friends - including my big brother Zeb, he is 13months old and a bit jumpy. Don't know why- maybe it had to do something with me nibbling on his toes.

Anyway I'm a big girl now, If you notice I have my big girl collar on, and my big girl jacket, it's branda new! People say I'm small what do you think? 19 inches tall and a whooping 40 lbs - I feel big, I think big and snore big too.

Since it is my day, I thought I'd share 7 thngs I like:
  1. snuggling with my mom
  2. playing with my jolly ball
  3. wagging my tail
  4. ice cubes
  5. belly rubs
  6. my nyla wishbone
  7. gardening

Happy month day to me (come on sing with me)
Happy Month day to me
Happy Month day dear Truffle (that's me!)
Happy Month day to ME!!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The day Truffle melted

At work yesterday, I had a run through for graduation and I took Truffle with me. My office runs the show and this time we are recognizing Japanese Americans who were forced to leave PCC during WWII due to Internment. So we were leading folks around showing the volunteers where people will be sitting and what to do ect.... anyway we were walking up into the football stands and Truffie starts doing the hot foot dance. Poor baby it was a sunny day and the stands are metal. I had looked at them and was more concerned about her tearing a paw on a jagged corner, thats when I noticed the little jig she was doing. I scooped her up and little paws and bum were a bit warm. I felt bad - because it was sad but funny! I grabbed her right away but the 1st one or two shuffles looked like she was doing a dance. Lucky no one laughed at her dance and she got lots of love.

She was so good just snuggling in my arms (all 40lbs of her) while we finished our tour, she was great the rest of the tour, walking on the field and taking a snooze when conversations ran long. I've been really good about testing the concrete to make sure it's not too hot for her paws, but I didn't think yesterday was that hot.

so puppies beware summer is here.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Remember me?

Here is a picture of baby Nisha, well big girl Nisha decided that being a Guide Dog is not for her, she was career changed this week for fear of children and non-lab type dogs. Weird huh....who knew that dogs would be afraid of different types of dogs. Makes sense she really was only exposed to labs and goldens- all of whom had been in some sort of service training program. I guess its like she has been in private school her whole life and doesn't know how to relate to 'normal dogs'.