Thursday, July 29, 2010

mommy and me

after years and years of driving, (no really I think I went into and came out of season before we stopped driving) the peeps had a big surprise for me. We get out of the car and something smelled familiar....hmmmm and then we walked down this long hall with lots of dogs all of whom wanted to play.....hmmmmmm even more familiar, then we open a door and guess who comes out to greet me? It's my DogMa Lani-lu!! wow what a great surprise I love her! she smelled me I smelled her we played jump the dog, steal the bone and compared somersaults. it was great. She looks just like me. We are the same size with the same shape head and the same waggy tails.
BFF says that I'll get to spend the night tomorrow and then the next day is Fun Day! not sure what Fun Day is but it has my favorite word FUN! So Bloggers look for me at FUN day and we'll have some FUN! Yeah!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Megan's Give away

For those of you who have not yet found this blog, it is about time to tune in and get connected. Megan is raising guide dog Picassa and is giving away one of these great leather dog leashes. All PIT raisers in the know - love these leashes. She can make them in a few different colors, to enter check out her blog .

Go Megan!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Teen age mutant turtles

Video from our trip to the aboritum, don't think that poor turtle will ever be the same. Not only was Truffie after it, so was Zeb and Tamika

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Arboretum

Where away at summer camp, so here are some posts I'd been meaning to put up. enjoy!

Our club had our monthly outing at the LA County Arboretum, it is this huge park like place with lots of fun things for pups to see and explore. They have this house that was used in the old 70's TV show called 'Fantasy Island'. Truffie was introduced to ducks and turtles as well as peacocks. I tried to get a few good pics but with her cousins all around Truffle was not still for very long.

All together now: ' a tired puppy is a .......good puppy' crashed out in the car after the outing it was the 1st really warm day of spring. Poor thing was really wiped out - she fought it hard but she was out for the rest of the night.

Truffie: 'hey lady I'm a big girl not some PUPPY!'

Thinking about submitting this for the calendar

or maybe this side?

Happy dog!

The Plane!, The Plane!

Truffle's pal Tameka, playing the favorite puppy game, 'how dirty can you get and still not have to take a bath'

Truffie: 'I didn't do anything!'

brother Zeb

Ducks! DUCKS!

Truffle handled the day really well, we've been working on introducing her to new sights and sounds. She is fairly confident but can be unsure of new things so this trip was most certainly good for her.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Hello Mother - Hello Father"

Well I made it up to summer camp and survived the 1st 24 hours. I say survived because not only am I away from my mom and my best dog pal, but we had another earthquake. 5.4 about 15 miles from here. Crazy! Needless to say I'm a little down. I have lots of new friends here but it is not the same as being at home, no mom to snuggle with, no Waffle to annoy and worst of all I have to potty OUTSIDE IN THE WOODS. When I get a little homesick, I close my eyes and snuggle down into my bed, which smells just like my mom *sigh*

I guess I'll be here on and off for the summer. I am going to funday up in San Rafael and hope to see my blogging buddies up there. If you have a chance and want to help out a poor homesick pup drop me a post card, I love getting mail, my address is down below.

wags and kisses
Truffie - the camper dog

Camp Joe Scherman
3200 Morris Ranch Road
Mountian Center, Ca. 92561

Strawberry Fest

So we are a bit busy with blogging here is a post from back in May

The shame they are making me take a picture with a giant Strawberry! Please don't let them find a hat!

Much more like it, a very dignified picture. I think I look terrific

So the peeps have been a little lax in posting about my adventures, I had to jump on the lap top and take things into my own paws. Here are the pictures for my trip to Oxnard strawberry fest. We had to get up really freakin' early. The peeps wanted to get there early on account of the crowds, saying something about Disneyland on the 4th of July.

This is what the crowd looked like to people

This is what it looked like to me. This was the biggest thing I've been to so far. I think it was cool that the Peeps thought I was big enough to go. It was a long walk with lots of smells and people. There was music, crying babies, carnival rides and food! Lots and Lots of food. I tried to be good but there was soooooo much of everything every where. Almost enough to send me into puppy over load - almost I said. I held it together, I may have helped myself to a treat or two, but don't tell BFF

Strawberry Nachos

Make your own strawberry short cake

Strawberry Pizza

Strawberry crepes

You think with all the strawberries floating around I'd get a few. Not a chance. I tried my best, I sat there and pouted, I tried puppy eyes, I even tried Jedi mind control, but no luck. I made a good friend at the fair. This boy came up and just gave me a great big hug! I was just about to lecture him about personal space, but then I realized he didn't mean to be rude. He was funny laughed a lot and gave me lots of pets and kisses. My BFF and his parents were talking about Canine Companions for Independence and about how the boy could get his own dog.

After saying good bye to my new friend, we decided it was time to go and on the way out we met two new friends.

(Carrie: Truffie be truthful)

Ok, OK- at first I was afraid of them, and can you blame me this one dog was huge! can you imagine the size of the blue bag he needed. He had his own badge - how cool is that. I want a badge. I guess cuz he was wearing his uniform he couldn't play, I bowed and tried to jump but he didn't blink an eye or swish a tail.

We saw these guys in the parking lot and had to chase them down to say hello. I was trying to be my bravest but a few barks and growls may have slipped out. They were super duper cool about it though and pretended it never happened. (thanks guys)

After I said good bye, I climbed into the car one tired pup.

After a long day we hit the road home, a perfect time for a nap. The peeps were tired and broke (I guess those desserts weren't cheap) and I was ready to dream about playing with those big dogs.
The end
love Truffie

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Last day of School!

Schools out! Yeah! I thought I'd show you where I work. Next week I get to go to camp so I had to say 'see ya' to all my pals at work.

Everyday I start at the top of the stairs and visit my friends at the student bank. They are the nice people who give me lots of love and my BFF money so she can buy me new toys (like a new wishbone - hint hint)

After I go down the stairs I visit my pals in the bookstore. BFF tries to hold me back but I know the way. My pal has a toy for me that she keeps in her desk just for ME!

BFF's office is in charge of running graduation so I helped hand out cap and gowns. Since I couldn't be there for graduation, I got my own special graduation cap.

I tried to look happy but please I'm wearing another hat.

Here is one of my good pals, not sure how I make it through the day with out him.

Lamby keeps me company and is a nice snuggle bunny- he was a gift from my Uncle Tim. When at work I sleep under BFF's desk it is kind of like my own little playhouse. I sleep a little, chew a little but always keep an ear open for my favorite friends. All day I hear "TRUFFIE!!" or "Is Truffie here today?" so of course I have to pop my head out to say hello and dispense kisses.

And here is my special spot, the gardeners were so nice to make this little secluded spot just so I can do my business in private. You can see the circle in the picture at the top of the post. Things are pretty quite, most of my friends were busy with school and I had lots of work helping with graduation so it wasn't the most exciting day - next fall we'll post pictures.



Carrie: Don't know why blogger flipped the picture, I am also trying to upload a video I took during our visit to the bookstore. It was during finals and someone pulled a fire alarm so we all had to evacuate. The noise was horrible ! I was so worried that she would freak out but she was just soo pre-occupied with seeing her friends and all the activity that I don't think she noticed the sirens. So that makes me hopeful for her future.