Monday, March 31, 2008


Dogs in our club all have to learn how to wear a halti, so this Saturday Lani got hers. Well needless to say she didn't care for it. She really dosen't need one just yet and she would agree.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Antelope Valley Fun Day

The Southern California groups met today for a mini funday out in the Antelope Valley. There were horses, tractor rides, and a backyard with lots of surfaces and obstacles for the pups to try out. Lani met up with her brother Langston, who is also a sweet heart. He is a bit thinner than her, but you can tell his is going to be a big boy.

Hmmm....Fried or Baked?
Pssst.....Your leash is showing

Lani and Langston

She tried to jump up here, but just didn't have the umphh

Cuddles with friends

Some pup, wouldn't drink out of the common dish (actually I wouldn't have either, it was kind of green on the bottom) so I taught her how to drink out of a water bottle.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

my two front teeth

Not only her two front teeth, but the bottom two as well!

side note: no labs were harmed in the making of this photo - humans that's another story

How can you resist this face?

I guess she is big enough to move to the back seat, but I'll miss my little driving buddy. Ok well she actually spends 99% of the ride sleeping rather by being my co-pilot -- maybe just one more month.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


The Washington Monument from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial

The Washington from the WWII memorial

The Washington Monument from the Vietnam memorial

OK so now I realize the flaw in my photo taking plan.

Anyway while I was away Lani stayed with her cousins Melody and Martinez, apparently she had a better time than I did. My little girl marched right in and didn't even blink an eye picked up a toy and started playing. She couldn't get enough of playing with her friends even when they wanted to quit.

Melody and Lani

Lani, Melody and Martinez

What a gorgeous group of pups!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Silly Lab

So my car sat outside while I was away in D.C. and it is filthy. So driving home I turned on the windshield wipers to clean off the window. it makes this eeeeeeeee noise then the fwap fwap fwap fwap noise, well I noticed Lani's head going back and forth back and forth watching the wiper go. So I grabed my camera and tried again, this is not the best shot, but you get the idea.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

They grow up so fast

Blink and another month has gone by

I'm FOUR months old today!

So far I know how to sit, and stay- when I'm in the mood I obey the down command, but usually half of me manages to stay up in the air- my mom said we need to work on that . Something about 'mooning' not being socially acceptable.

This is me in my kennel, for my birthday my mom made it bigger so I can stretch out. My toes can touch the back wall and my nose the front (its the x-lg kennel 42 inches long)

I'm a big girl I'm longer and even though my round tummy has gone away I still gained 9lbs in one month! I keep hearing something about a growth spurt. I'm a nice healthy 32lbs, I keep saying its all puppy fat

Oh well happy month day to me!

take that easter bunny

Given her choice of toys she prefers to munch on the Easter Bunny

Happy Easter from Lani

Friday, March 14, 2008


LOST- one puppy belly
mostly pink with a bit of black fur
about the size of 1/2 cantelope
usually nice and full, warm and snuggly
last seen attached to a small black lab
if found please retun to Lani

I woke up one day and it was gone, it looks like she has grown about 1/3 larger, she had lengenthed out, which has helped her little tummydisappear. I miss it.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can You Believe IT!


The phase report is in and at last there is movement. Waffle is now in phase 8! she was in 6 FOREVER I was worried that they had passed her back, I was also worried about her whole traffic issues, so I thought I would spend all of phase 7 holding my breath. Wheeeeeeeeeewwww

I was worried that today we'd get 'the call' you know which one I mean, we'd be happy to have her back, but now that she has been in training for so long, you kind of have hope now. You spend so much time playing down the fact that they will pass (60% fail, my leader has 0 out of 5 dogs pass, most dogs don't make it...ect) so now I am on edge evern more.

From now on out doesn't get any easier..... your heart will break when they tell you she has a place in class and it will break too when they tell you after two years of hoping and dreaming she's going to be CC'd. It would have been easier if she had been dropped earlier in training. Now it would just be cruel b/c I have hope for her (not that I always didn't believe n you Waffle)

I'm going to be D.C. for business and Lani is going to her 'cousins' Martinez and Melody's house for a sleep over. Lets hope she behaves well and I don't have to replace the kitchen linoleum like I did with a certain grape eating problem child.

what did Waffle have to learn to move up to 8.......

Phase #7
Guidework in extremely challenging downtown urban areas (San Francisco and Portland)
Training on buses, light rail/subway systems and platform edges
Introduction to low overhead clearances
Advanced off-leash obedience
Formal traffic training

Phase #8
Advanced guidework and obedience training continues
Intensive indoor mall training with crowds and slick floors
Escalator training
Advanced sidewalkless training with obstacles.


to quote Tacoma's people

" a $1,000 dollars later Taco's drinking"


Monday, March 10, 2008

My problem child

So Tacoma is my problem child.

other people get to blog about graduations and grand puppies, I get new vet stories.

She was unique as a pup. At the time we were 1st time raisers and didn't know any better - we figured she would grow out of it. Well for those of you who know her paper clip story, you will not be surpised to hear that The Taco has eatten 2 pounds of grapes. Yes just under a Kilo of grapes. Her new family, who love her dearly and are clued in on her wily ways- yet she still managed to get around them to the grapes.

She really didn't display any signs of being in trouble (well she was pooping whole grapes-that is kind of problematic) but her people took her to the ER Vet where she did the doggy version of a freshmam at her 1st frat party and puked all over t he place. They kept her over night and let her go the next day. thinking they had dodged the bullet they took the little garbage mouth home.

Well the next day she ended back at the vet, cuz while she was still eating, peeing and pooping like normal she was not drinking water. Worried they had her on IV fluids over the weekend, she is peeing and starting to drink but the urine gravity is not where is should be . Both her people and I have no idea what that last statement means (help my blogging vet speak savy friends) While we are worried, yet it is hard to tell that she is sick, the same old ding dong of a dog who runs around eating anything off the floor.

Cross your fingers and paws that my problem child makes a full recovery!

I won't hope that she never does this again, my little garbage mouth has proven time and time again that cause and affect are just beyond some silly labbies to understand.

Friday, March 7, 2008

So Close - yet so far away

I'm in Tomales Bay for business - which is fantastic it is gorgeous. The scenary is beyond belief I sooo want to live here. The trees, the bay, the cows all is fantastic. I'm staying at the Marconi Center which has fantastic views of the bay. Lots of hills to keep me in shape. Lani would have loved it.

You know you're in Marin county when the Longs Drugs has an imported goods aisle.

We landed in Oakland and drove up the 580 to the 101 towards you guested it San Rafael. In fact the Longs Drugs we stopped at is right across from the Northgate Mall- I could see the cemetery. I thought I could her the pups romping in the play yard........ so close but so far away.

Waffle is still in Phase 6 - plugging away lets hope she studies hard and moves on soon.