Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa.......

Dear Santa
I've been very good this year. (And believe me there were times....)

I finally let Lani onto my sofa.....

I hosted quite a few friends this year, they got to sleep on my spare beds and play with my toys
Nisha playing at Disney with my BFF

Nisha sucking on my squishy

I had Tin Pan Head (aka Tamika) here who ran around with my dinner dish on her head!

Zeb also graced my house too! All I can say is 'GIRLS RULE, boys drool'

I've tried to stay out of jail....well most of the time

I let Carrie put silly things on me AND I let her publish the pictures too!

I'm also an exceptional bed warmer

Anyway Santa as you can see I've been a very good girl this year and I know that I am most certainly on your list that you've checked twice, and I know that you'll be in my end of town tonight. But......... you know, you can skip my house tonight.

Not that I don't appreciate your visit, but maybe you can give my present to another dog who doesn't have as much as I do. You see, my peeps well they love me lots and kind of went over the top with the toys and the goodies. I have a warm bed with a blankie, a daily walk, lots of kibble, and toys in every color, shape and size. More importantly my peeps love me. There are lots of dogs out there who aren't as lucky, maybe they could have my gift.

So Santa baby, while I love new toys and treats, I really don't need or want anything.....

Have a safe trip, and if you happen to see my friend Lani up at the kennels tell her I said hello.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pictures of Mr. Zeb'oroni's visit. Totally cute pics of him, and a pictorial of just one of their little dances. It was raining so for 3 days they were confined to the house, which resulted in a few hurt feelings and lots of time outs. When the sun came out, Waffle took Zeb out back and had a little 'talk' with him. why she is so empowered outside and a wuss inside I have no clue. He is taller than her and the same weight, but she had him on the run and even ended up rolling him several times the last was into the mud - just before he was set to go home. oooops

Here's how they rolled............. (well kind of)

The approach

Making the first move

And Waffle having the last

take that PUPPY!

As the pictures


This is actually how we roll at the Waffle house.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Brown eyed girl

Hey where did we go,
Days when the rains came
Down in the hollow,
Playin' a new game,
Laughing and a running hey, hey
Skipping and a jumping
In the misty morning fog with
Our hearts a thumpin' and you
My brown eyed girl,
You my brown eyed girl.

then and now

Zeb - September

Zeb and Waffle Now
they are pretty much the same size. Will work on getting them to sit side by side but Waffle thinks he has boy cooties.

A swifty

Someone pulled a swify on us.

we were supposed to watch puppy Zeb. he will be 5 mo in a few weeks. instead we got a dog... a big dog. there is no puppy here. 50lbs and the same size as Waffle thats not a puppy people.

will post pictures later

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

final call for 'T' names

Final call for T names

here is a list of names from friends:

Trinket, Thistle, Turbo, Thunder, Titan, Tira, Tara, Teddy, Tinsel, and Timber, Tao, Tara, Tora, Tessa, Tia, Trax, Turtle, Tai or Thai, Tamar or Tamara (spice/palm tree), Truffle, Taffy, Taylor, Tibet, Toshi, Teppan, Tatami, Totoro, Tosca, Takisha, Tahnee, Tokyo,Tank, Tamborine, Talia, Tiana, Turbo, Tatiana, Toto, Twinky, Tutu, Trojan, Train, Taelor, Timmy, Tamale, Taco, Tenaya, Trekker, Toyon, Tulip

Top Names from the family

Tabi -Japanese socks (the funny ones with the split toe)
Totoro - Japanese Anime charecter
Toast - my favorite
Tako - japanese for octopus
Trekkie - my sister's favorite
Tomiko - a great aunty of mine
Tad - short for Tadashi my uncle
Taco - the mexican variety

I think that is it. Lets hope a little Toast, Tabi, Tonka will be heading our way in January. Tomorrow we get Mr. Zeb for a few days while his people head up to GDB for graduation I hear he is currently in his terriable '2' at the moment. will post pictures soon.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Just wanted to let you all know that I've been getting comments from someone named smallawei with text all in chinese. I translated it and it turns out to be spammers, if you get hit by the same people don't click on any of the links, just delete it. I got comments on 5 different posts all the same trying to sell me a bunch of junk.
stay safe!
Carrie and the Waffle - wrapped up like a burrito on this chilly night (ok chilly for Los Angeles)

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Tin Pan Head

We seem to attract the weird ones at the Waffle House. We agreed to watch Tamika for a few days while her person was out of town on business. She had been with us once before, and didn't do much to endear herself to Waffle. I guess she was picking on Waffle's friend Nisha, which Waffle feels is her right ONLY! Anyway Miss T is very smart. Think too smart for her own good. While staying with another raiser she learned how to use the indoor ice dispenser on their refrigerator and treated the other pups in the house to a little happy hour treat.

So while here she developed a new habit. Keep away with the dinner dish. Don't know why, she didn't do it at her house, she was running around the yard with it, fighting with Waffle clutching it in her mouth.

The dish she is carrying in her mouth is actually two bowls stacked. When they would get knocked apart she would simply re-stack them, pick them up and keep going.

How the tin pan head could see around the bowl is anyone's guess. I tried to talk to her about this pan thing and she pretty much told me to mind my own business. I think she was just bored, she and Waffle would play fairly nicely, but her raiser said when she is bored she will make her own entertainment. Glad we could be of service.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Lani Babies

Lani and her pups, she looks so happy!
If you notice the extra black body they slipped another puppy in. You think she'd notice
up close with the fatties

Look at the short stubby legs, she is sooo Lani's child

Happy Turkey Day. The people in our family spent a wonderful evening together. The K-9 member not so much. But she still got to have a pumpkin frosty paws so it wasn't all bad.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Shameless Plug for Lani Lu

Ok I jumped on the band wagon and entered Lani is this contest. I love this photo of her so vote for her and often.

Lani Afuso | A Dog Named Christmas

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Happy Birthday Lani LU

Happy Birthday to the new mother, Lani and the rest of her litter are two today! It was a good litter, of the 7 - 4 are guides and Lani is a mommie.

I sent her a jolly ball to play with when she gets home, she really loves it. Carol went on down to say hello and give her a little birthday treat. Hopefully new pics are on the way.
Lani Lu it is late and your sister is sleeping so tomorrow I'll get her to sing you a song. Good nite sleep tight my sweet girl.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Shopping with Nisha

So when Nisha was here I took advantage of having a PIT and took her out with me. I had a volunteer gig in Santa Monica so we went on down to Third Street which is an open air mall. Lots of other dogs, food on the ground, and street musicians. Lots of fun! I made it a point to take her to a few really really really smelly places.

We went to one of my favorite bath shops Lush 1st saw it when I was in London on vacation several years ago. They came to LA and I've been a happy shopper ever since. The only draw back is that like most bath shops it has a very strong sent. I can't shop very long in there before I'm over come. I just wanted to walk her to the door to see how she did (the smell wafts out the door and down the street) she was fine , so I walked her in and took a quick look around. I was thinking about these bath bombs and looking at some handmade soap.

Didn't want to stick around too long so we took a few quick pictures and were out the door

We took a little break outside so she could watch other dogs passing by and listen to the street musician before we headed out to my other favorite store Penzy's Spice Store
I found them when visiting my sister in St. Paul, and lucky for me we had a shop open not too far away. Again a smelly store, but to me not an offensive one. The spices are strong but they just smell yummy to me I could (and have) spend mucho dinero and time in there, today I was on a budget and the parking meter was running, so I just picked up a few things and was out the door.

She handled the whole shopping trip like a like a pro. Much different than back in the spring when I took her shopping, she always has been good in stores, it is just getting there that was the problem. She didn't like all the walking that we did. This time around a few weeks shy of 1 year walking around was not a problem. Like most PIT's when she is in jacket and working she is a pro, never a problem such a good girl. It is just when she blows off steam that you need to hold on to your hat. Let's just say that Waffle can handle about a weekend of Nisha before she retreats to her corner of the sofa and buries her head in the pillows. Nisha's off button is sometimes hard to find.

But we love her and she will be back for another sleep over and a shopping date before she goes off to college.

Grown' up

So I spent this weekend doing chores:
washing the dog
sorting out my sock drawer
finishing 97 loads of laundry
shopping for a washing machine (HE or old school?)
cooking dinner
walking the dog...

when did I grow up?

Saturday, November 14, 2009

THEY'RE HERE!!!!!!!!


6 in total, 3 of each - all yellow except for 1 boy.

She looks so tired. When Carol went to take pictures Lani barely raised her head.
Mother and pups are doing fine. She started pushing at 8:10 am and fished around 2pm, not bad for 6 hours of work. And best of all since her new mom works in breeding she was able to go down and snap some pictures. My poor girl looks tired, and her pups look big.

Lani came through for me we will have our yellow girl.

Pretty sure the litter letter will be 'T' so bring on the names. We being a food loving Asian family from Hawaii extra credit to names meeting all criteria, so far we have : Tofu (bean curd), Tako (octopus), Tomato, Toast, Tamarind, Tamiko, Tiki, Timothy (ok not in any of the category, but ha a personal tie with her breeder keepers)

any others?

Friday, November 13, 2009

Not yet

Well I just got off the phone with Carol and she has been peeping at Lani in the monitor. She was panting earlier in the day, but has now settled down and is resting. So technically I guess that is part of pre-labor. I think she is just resting up for the big event. Most dogs I am told will wait 'till the dead of night before they actually give birth, so I hope that tonight is he night.

I guess if she doesn't progress anymore tonight they will strap on a belly monitor and watch her like they do pregnant women in the hospital. So hopefully I'll get a phone call in the mid-morning with the news.

Carol says she is doing fine. as she has progressed closer and closer to her due date, what I feared has come true...... she ran out of leg space! LOL I shouldn't laugh, but her short little legs did not offer enough clearance for her boobies, so when she squats to potty they drag in the cold grass - not a happy camper! Chalk it up to the sacrifices mommies make for their children.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Tail of Two Dogs


So when Nisha was here two weeks ago Waffle needed a bath. Hence the Halti. At three Waffle certainly knows he preparation for a bath and proceeds to make herself scarce. Do you know how hard it is to give an unwilling dog a bath AND keep a willing dog out of the bath. The whole time I'm trying to pry waffles little toes off the bath tub railing, Nisha is trying to get around me to hop into the tub. This is a sample of the conversation.

ME: Waffle come!.......
SILENCE.....then the pitter patter of paws
ME: Not you Nisha, get out, No in the tu....Nisha NO!
NISHA: water, WATER! Me! Me! pick me!
WAFFLE: la la la la can't hear you! blah, blah, Waffle, blah, blah....
NISHA: I love water, I can blow bubbles and every thing. Hey that is water, WATER! Me! Me! pick me!
ME: Hmmmmm (very loudly) Nisha would you like a CARROT!
NISHA: carrots? why would I want a carrot? the TUB that's water, WATER! Me! Me! pick me!
the galloping sound of paws on hard wood
WAFFLE: Carrots? you're giving MY carrots to the squirt!!!!
NISHA: Did I tell you how much I love baths! water, WATER! Me! Me! pick me!
Waffle boldly pushes her way into the bathroom
ME: SUCKER! PIT's don't get treats
the sound of the bathroom door clicking shut! cue the dramatic music
NISHA: water, WATER! Me! Me! pick me!

So now I've got two dogs locked in a small bathroom. one trying to jump into the tub while the other is desperately wishing she had thumbs so she could open the door and make a run for it.

Most certainly a Tail of Two Dogs

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Do you remember this pup's 1st day of work.

Such a chunky monkey

Who was a right shoulder girl!

With huge paws

'honest, I don't know how it got it my mouth'

And who could forget this belly

Ms. Lani Lu - before

Lani Lu - After (look at that belly now)

Wow what happened to my svelte little girl

look and that baby bump! or bumps actually. Her short little legs doesn't leave her much clearance. I wonder if she will get much bigger. Her people say she has gained 16 lbs, how much more can she go?
love you Lani Lu!

9 days and counting.