Friday, August 29, 2008

Ode to Puppy Pudge

So I look back at Lani's baby photos with nostalgia today. My baby is women. Yes she is in heat. Maybe it is a curse or blessing that GDB allows up to keep our dogs at home
if we have a secure yard. Lucky for us we do or she would have to be borded in a kennel for 3 weeks! But in contrast she will be confined to the house, with just quick trips outside to relieve.
We are taking bets to see who cracks 1st me or the dog.

But this also means we won't be able to go to Disneyland on the 9th (free tickets from a friend) and to the the Downtown Disney funday on the 21st. She will be just past the 21 day limit, but just and why take chances.
This just serves as a reminder that time does march on, and just as I mourned the loss of her chubby puppy belly - she has hit another milestone that just moves her closer to the day where I have to give her up *sniff*

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Waffle!

Waffle being a LA dog dosen't bake! We went to the 3 dog bakery in Santa Monica to buy her birthday treats. A bunch of pup cakes, pup tarts and wheat free carob covered snacks!

Ok- I know this to be true, today is Waffle's 2nd B-day! How sure am I that today is the day? well my sister and I were arguing over it and I pulled out her paper work and sure enough it is Aug 27, 2006. Wow can you imagine being a furry labrador and prego with three pups in this heat? poor thing. Well Waffle's sister-Wallaby- maybe going through the same experience, she was selected as a breeder and we keep looking for news of her 1st litter.

Waffle on her 1st birthday.

We still have a few more posts to put up. Lani's camp photos, and of her 1st trip to Disneyland! Where she met a lot of friends from Paw Pals assistance dogs in Murrieta. For my GDA friends I met Denver and his partner Cari. Denver if your reading this I can't find your myspace.

Monday, August 25, 2008

It Finally Happened

go figure, Lani likes to sleep like this

I heard other bloggers mention this experience but I've never had it happen to me.

Lani and I were shopping in a very crowded Trader Joe's, normally we don't take a cart but today I was buying water so I was maneuvering the cart and the dog around a tiny story. Lani was getting her usual ohhhs and ahhhs, (they love her there) a man came up and asked it his wife could pet Lani.

"Sure I said but let's go over here to get out of the way", his wife comes up to me and in a condescending voice says.............

"how much can you see dear?"

so torn between laughing and amazement, I kind of snorted and pointed out that Lani was a guide dog in training. There are two VI folks who do shop at TJ's with their dogs so I guess it is possible, but, but....some folks. It would have been funny expcet her whole condescending tone was kind of annoying.

Sunday, August 24, 2008


Just how old am I?
Well don't listen to my BFF Carrie, she apparently needs to go back to 3rd grade math. I was born in Nov of '07 so I'm really only just 9 months old.
Anna thanks for keeping Carrie honest- sheesh I'd better get her some ginko

how much stuff does one dog need?

We're Back! It was a long 8 weeks with more than a few challenges, but well worth it in the end. Lani was fantastic, she saw a lot of new things and handled the stress of being at camp well. Of all three pups she had the best summer, making friends and getting into new activities like swimming, golf cart riding, and star gazing. It always is interesting packing up to go home, you see just how much junk you really have- things you thought you couldn't live without --- except I've come to realize the most of the stuff was stuff I thought Lani couldn't live without. I mean how much stuff does one small pup need? Well as you can see by the following photos I guess it's a lot. Count with me now.....





one - two - THREE JOLLY BALLS!


AND a few last miscellaneous items PLUS not pictured lots of dog food and blue bags, several towels, a zoom goom, one extra collar, and two extra leashes


Saturday, August 23, 2008


She is 10 months today, she is 48 lbs and just as tall as Waffle - which really isn't saying much - we call Waffle a lab-ette
People may wonder why I celebrate just another month, but when you have such a short time with them every day is important. We are back from camp and getting back into a regular work schedule. Blogger is being stupid so I can't post her summer story - let's hope tomorrow is a better blogger day.