Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Jedi Mind powers vs Puppy Eyes

Waffle here, hanging out waiting for my daily walk trying to figure out how I can train my BFF to do more things that I want to do. You know like fill my bowl with carrots or to give me more space on my bed (read the bed that Carrie 'thinks' is hers), hold my chew toys and my dream- feed me on command.

I've tried two different methods so far. The first is a hold out from my younger days, the Sad Puppy Eyes. It works like this, wag the tail look at them with sooo much hope and love amp up the wattage and then let it all dim. Drop the tail, let your ears go limp and sad, and this is the important part--- hold that for a good 10 sec. You gotta hold it for maximum affect.

What do you think pretty good huh?

This one is a variation on puppy eyes, you add on a bit of sleepy puppy and you get this.

But some times it is just not enough. So I go with the Jedi Mind Powers, willing BFF to give me what I want. Clear your mind visualize your goal and focus the power of your mind on what you want. Some times I concentrate so hard my lips get all scrunchy. My big sister Tacoma could wake people up out of a dead sleep, just with Jedi Mind power. The peeps said she would get up early and sit and stare at them willing them to wake up and play with her. They said they would feel like someone was staring at them roll over and they'd be nose to nose with Taco Bell herself. A bit freaky. But she really had mind control down to a snap.

I was just a pup when she and I met and I didn't fully appreciate the gems she was passing on to me. I was still costing on adorable cuteness. *sigh* youth is wasted on the young.

Right now, I'm having better luck with puppy eyes, but what works for you my e-puppy-pals. Post your best face on your blogs.

Tell me what you think Jedi mind power or Puppy Eyes

Love Ya,

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Wiggle Waggle Walk

Today we took part in the Pasadena Humane Society Wiggle Waggle Walk. It's a funday/5k walk. It has been pretty hot here, and sure enough this morning at 9am it was almost 86 degrees. The whole day was pretty hot, a lot of pups went on strike and just laid down. Waffle and Marie seemed to find nice cool dirt piles to lay in. *sigh*
Waffle after the walk cooling off in the shade, she really didn't appreciate it when I poured water on her head.
They had demos here are the dogs from the Pasadena PD' K9 unit


There were hundreds of dogs all shapes and sizes. Lately Waffle has seemed a little heavy when she plops down on me in the morning. She still has a waist and you can feel her ribs, but she has picked up 4 lbs in the past year.
BUT comparatively a 56 lb lad next to 150 lb St.Bernard not a big deal. Look at Waffle's eyes she really isn't sure she wants to be next to this boy.

After the walk at home all pooped out. But if you notice we scored a few new collars at the fun fair.
I wanted something girly looking, people are totally afraid of a black dog, esp. when she is in a halti.
and of course I had to have one for my favorite time of year!
Who is Marie you ask? This is my friend's new pup. She is just 5 months and is about as tall as Waffle. I'm trying to get her to understand that she will be a big dog and that she needs to get a hand on this cute puppy b4 she becomes an out of control dog. You really can't tell other people how to raise their dog anymore than you can tell people how to raise their kids.
hope you all had a good weekend.

Friday, September 25, 2009

picture post

Doggy pool party at our leader's house. Nisha our Olympic swimmer about to enjoy a dip in the jacuzzi

Dogs are color blind, but she really loved this blue boat. There was a pink one and she tried to herd both in the pool , but the blue was her choice.
Nisha and Arlo, who really didn't see the allure of the pool

Our newest baby Zeb, he is a Kentucky pup
"must stay awake, can't stop playing...."

Dumbo ummm errr I mean Palmetto another Kentucky Pup. He was a butt at the party so he spent it on tie down.

Waffle and her BFF Nisha

*gasp* could Waffle be showing interest in water?

Waffle: "hell no, I'm just trying to tell Nisha people pee in the pool"

Waffle, Gracie, and Tamika- I think

Hats look familiar?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

We're Back!!

l-r : Tamika, Nisha and Waffle

After a nice long break from blogging, I'm back in the land of DSL. It was kind of nice to disconnect. I was able to read a few blogs but because there was only one computer and 47 people who wanted to use it I kind of opted out of being wired this summer. after a few withdrawal symptoms I was able to move on and enjoy the great outdoors.

So for the 1st time in 3 summers there was no dog at camp this summer :( sadness. Our CRF is from the less is more school, so I was not able to steal a pup for a visit to camp. We all missed the four legged counselor. But the hope is next summer we will be able to have a little fuzz ball back in a staff tie and on the job.

To make up for the lack of dogs, over labor day weekend I agreed to dog sit for a few friends. Waffle's best friend Nisha was with us for a while so that her mom could recover from a little spill she took at funday. Waffle is such a stand offish pup so I'm shocked that she has taken to Nisha. They have had their moments but in the end they really are buds.

Tamika on the other hand..... well not so much. The extent of Waffle's fondness for Nisha became apparent when Tamika came for the long weekend. Let me first say that Tamika is just 5 months old and an only puppy and maybe an only child in her family. She still has a trace of puppy breath and a tiny little tummy. Basically she is a cutie. AND she is brilliant. I was warned about this from her raiser, I guess when she was 4 months old she figured out that the little lever in the fridge door dispenses ice cubes. Not the one on the right, that sent a whole load of water on her, but the other provided nice crunchy cool treats. Smart girl

But Nisha and Tamika don't really play well together. Nisha tends to horde all the toys and being bigger than Tamika ends up with most of the toys. Tamika likes to share her toys and gets up set when Nisha won't play nice. Anyway both girls were wrestling over control of a nyla the usual stuff nothing crazy, but then Waffle jumps in --- not like you think. No we didn't have WWF smack down, growling and barking, Waffle starts to lecture them- no lie. As they move around the room so does she growling barking, never stepping into the fight, just voicing her opinion. I'm in her mind she was in the fight. We think she was sticking up for Nisha - her dog - but at first it looked like she was lecturing both of them. Sorry I didn't have my camera it was really funny.

Here is Waffle, tired of the two girls, hiding on the sofa.