Saturday, May 28, 2011

how puppies manage to make to adulthood

Most raisers know that just when the silly fuzz balls are about to be made into a dishrag or a stylish lab foot rest they give us moments like this.

Didn't think she would get out of the house without some humiliation. 

Two words.....FOOD BELLY
moments like this make all the naughtyness fade away. 

Lim-ricky, as I liked to call her wasn't a problem (Waffle may disagree) but just got news that my problem child Tacoma, ate something she shouldn't have. Now as a pup she was a HUGE HUGE HUGE garbage mouth. Stair treads, leashes, shoes, you name it she ate it growing up, at her new home, she ate 1lb of grapes and ended up in the doggie ER with damaged kidneys. I guess last weekend she some how got ahold of some rat poison. She found it in a tube that the city had put out in a drainage ditch. Lucky her people got to her in time and took it away from her. Still there was a call to the vet, (they have him on speed dial) just to make sure she'd be ok, turns out she needed some vitamin K just in case. Still it was a tense night and when her people heard the distinctive 'whoop whoop' everyone's heart dropped......guess what she threw up?

While everyone was worried about the rat poison, she managed to woof down two seed pods from a local tree...... *sigh*
Let me just say she was a really REALLY cute puppy. 

Thursday, May 26, 2011

She fnally made it

name                     tattoo                        breed           sex             Phase
Truffle                 44X5                           LAB               F             0

at last she has been there 3 and 1/2 weeks and this is her first appearance on the list!  Thank goodness for my spies up north or I wouldn't have known a thing.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Will work for Broccoli

Here she is over come with the thought of broccoli

once she has her composure back she agrees to show off her awesome moves over the jumps. She actually went on to do the weave poles.... three jumps and weave polls all for 1 piece of broccoli. he he he

thanks for the info about food. Might stick with the dehydrated food, I don't think she minds eating cold food, we just think 'we don't want to eat cold food so why should she?' Definitely need to do the fish oil thing she has dry skin.

will post more news about the pups later in the week. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

new food

It is freeze dried beef and veggies, all raw. You rehydrate it int he fridge overnight. 

We tried it, and while Waffle seemed to like it, we were not fans. You have to refrigerate it, but we don't want to give her cold food, so we have to nuke it a bit to warm it up, which makes the microwave smell.  So not really sold on it.

what do you guys feed? Should we be feeding her more veggies, or is her Natural Balance Lamb and rice enough? I am thinking aobut adding some sort of joint supplement and maybe salmon oil. What do you guys do?

Have Dog will travel

So Limerick, still doesn't have all her shots yet, so until then when going outside I have to carry her. GDB had a bad Parvo Scare back in Dec. So they have been ultra careful to ensure all the pups stay healthy. She could go to the office, but I had to carry her there and back. Which would have worked if someone hadn't been such a squirmy wormy. We ended up putting her in the kennel. But the bag was cute while it lasted. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

They never learn by The Waffler

You know my doggie pals, peeps never learn. They just got rid of one problem and they go and get another! 

Look at that blank stare, to quote my pal Mango "Dofus" the dog not the person. Why would they go and get another one, when I am so perfect? I mean really folks this can't keep happening. A girl can only take so much. 

Thank goodness she goes to work, otherwise she spends the day lazying around the house sleeping. Now I know you might be saying to yourself 'Waffle you sleep most of the day too' WRONG! I'm providing needed companionship to my people, by laying around in their path, sleeping on their beds, and following them into the bathroom they are reminded about how important I am to their lives. 

This one all she does is sleep, play and pee

And worst of all she has cooties

And I think there is something wrong with her, she seems to collect metal. *GASP* MAYBE SHE IS AN ALIEN. Look what she found, the little beast, it could be part of a plan to capture to take over the house, if she uses the metal detector in her mouth, she will collect all the......

Carrie: Waffle

and then she use that to.....

Carrie: WAFFLE!

before you can say Bob's your uncle it has us all lined up next to 'how to cook for Humans'.

Carrie: WAFFLE!!! didn't you remember I told you she was just visiting! She goes home on Sunday. And her name is Limerick. She has brown eyes rimmed with green and she is a better reliever than you ever where. She is three months old, pees on concrete, and even when she doesn't have to go she will at least give me a courtesy squat. I told you all of this last week. *sigh* 
2/3 of the household will miss her when she goes. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011


my poor little car stuffed or skewed with pvc pipe for the project 
They barely fit
Cutting up the pieces
The finished product! Waffle OVER!
Waffle WEAVE!
So Waffle loves agility, but I don't love the cost of her classes. So we decided to skip this last session and I promised her I'd build some stuff at home. Not being very DIY I wasn't sure what the end product would look like. But I'd say things worked out pretty well. It may not exactly be competition standard, but do you really see my Waffle running in formal competition? Not so much. 
But she loves the new toys and that's all that matters. It was cheap too. I think all told 8 weave poles and three jumps all for about $20, that would not even buy us one class. We are bribing a friend in construction  to make us a hold table, and looking a a cheap way to make a tunnel or chute. 
Yeah Agility!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My last outing

My friend Ackman

'I think I'm supposed to have boots on to climb up here'

One of the last outings I took Truffie on was out to volunteer at the Youth Hostel and then to walk the 3rd street promenade. While shopping at REI a kid asks if he can pet Truffle, I usually say 'you have to ask your parents' and then leave before they can come back. But he was quick and I was slow, we start talking and he says his brother has a service dog so off we go to meet his family and their dog. Ackman is a Autism  service dog, his boy likes to wander away and he is trained to find him! Very cool. I got the feeling that while the dog is supposed to help the boy, it is really the parents who do the handling. 
It was nice to see another working dog. I can only hope that the next working dog I meet will be Miss Truffie. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Princess Pretty Toes

Thats the name we've always called Miss Waffles, she would tip toe out in the damp grass to do her business, such a fussy butt. She also is a deep deep sleeper. Put the two together with a bottle of nail polish and someone got a surprise make over. 
I was looking for a new shade for me and found a 98 cent bottle that I bought for just for her. Because of the way she was sleeping only 3 paws got the make over, I'll try to finish the job tonight.