Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lazy Sunday

blogger picture it dumb, just turn your lap top or head

Why does blogger have the dumbest picture uploader? Facebook's is soooo much better. I tried to move things around and flip pictures but they still came out this way. oh vey

What We've Been up to

Well things have been busy here at the Waffle house. Detente seems to be our current theme, Waffle has decided that she enjoys beating up on the puppy enough to allow her in her house. Outside Waffle rules the roost and definitely schools the pup in the art of dog wrestling, in the house she allows the pup to chew on her waggle -- up to a point. Waffle can fit Truf's head in her mouth. When the baby's head is wet we know Waffle has reached her limit.

Today we took both girls out to the pet store to pick up a few things. We had coupons, I was looking for some conditioner for Waffle, and we ended up with a lot more. one of which was this free little squeeky orange man. Waffle knew it was her's and was all over me until I gave it to her. As you can tell by her devil dog look.

Much more respectable.

Truf is the 4th dog we've raised and we've used all sorts of methods to slow down the inhalation of kibble- water, rocks, feeding in stages, but finally broke down and bought the special bowl. Hope this works or for sure it is going back. There were other cheaper versions but they were plastic and our pups are supposed to eat out of metal- which was 3 times as much as the plastic bowl, so like I said if it doesn't work it is goin' back. So as so many of you know you walk into the pet store for 1 thing that you have coupon for and well $60 later out we go. But we got a free toy !!!

"no pictures I'm in my jammies"
But here's what you've all been waiting for the adorable cuteness. When Truffle 1st came home I pu her in the open kennel with just a few folded towels, well she woke me up every two hours needing to go outside to pee. That in itself blew me away. Most of my other pups all managed 4 or 5 hours from the moment they came home. But I figured she's a squirt, all pups are different, it's a new place ect.... So I didn't think anything of it, until I sat on the floor one night and realized just how cold and drafty it is. So I covered her kennel to block the draft and made it a point to try and wrap her up before she went to sleep. The 1st night I did, she made it 4 hours! SCORE. The challenge with her is that she is a squirmy-wormy who likes to sleep on top of the covers, not under them. But here are a few pictures from her bedtime ritual.

"Come on - no one wants to see this"

"Fine if you insist"

So the pup is kind of smelly, she is an inny - just like her mom, the difference is that Lani kept herself clean. This little one not so much-we've bought some wipes to help her out. Folks keep asking me about the difference between the black and yellow labs, and so far Truf has not started shedding but because she is such a light color, you can really see the dirt.

Her 1st bath, not sure how much she liked it, but it is much easier to bath a 15 lb pup than a 55lb adult. One towel and we were done. Yeah

so here we are now tired from our outting and blogging. Good nite!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

We are making progress....

There is only so much sun to go around in our family room so as it shrinks everyone has to share.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Go Figure

So with most things you never know how much you'll miss it until you can't get it.
Take pumpkin for example. I usually really don't even like pumpkin, even at Thanksgiving I usually pass it on by. So of course when I actually need it I can't find it.
It makes sense then that I missed the whole hub-bub over the pumpkin shortage over the holidays. Who knew that the number 10 cans (think average can but on steroids - enough to feed Jon and Kate plus 8 and the Duggers) of pumpkin I have up at camp could have financed my trip to Vegas.
Well this can above represents the fruits of a forage into three different markets in the rain. As mentioned in an earlier post someone is having tummy trouble and we thought a little pumpkin would settle that in no time. I also needed some pumpkin to make frosty paws, after the 2nd store it became an obsession I was not going home without some. did I mention the rain?
If anyone needs some I have an extra can - 'cuz you'll never miss it until you need it.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

my 2nd outting by truffle

Tonight was my 1st outing with BFF. After dinner she put my brand new guide dog jacket on and grabbed a blanket- wrapped me up like a burrito and off we went to the market. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to practice being a guide dog when she never let me walk! she put me and the blanket in the cart and pushed me all over the store. I met a few nice folks, but it was kind of dead, we bought some round white things, a big block of something yellow, and some red stuff in a jar, and before long I was out the door and in the car. BFF was silly taking pictures of me at the market but I guess since it was our 1st I'm darn cute

This really was my 2nd outing. Over the weekend I went to sleep over at Zeb and Tabasco's house. They are both my brothers.... no I mean really my brothers, we are all Kentucky pups, anyway they were way cool to me. We ran and played, played and ran, ran and ran, and played and played - it was like totally awesome dude! And that was just the first two hours I was there! I got to stay until Sun. Afternoon. Sunday morning I went to a place called church, it was ok I don't remember much, I kind of slept through most of it. But I'm confused now am I Lutheran or Labrador?

After I got to go to the country club for lunch but darn it I fell asleep there too! When I got home I played with the boys for a while until the nice lady said something about boys needing a break and they put me in the kennel. I was going to complain, but I got side tracked by my nap. I was so tired I slept all afternoon and evening. The peeps had a hard time waking me up!

It's not really fair that they have that darn camera around ALL the time. Hey not everyone looks good just when they wake up. (Carrie: That was actually are 2nd attempt at getting her up! It took us three tries to get her going)

So things are rolling along smoothly here, I'm still struggling with a bit of tummy trouble but I won't share too much--TMI ya' know. But hey do you other pups find that your people are really easily amused? Every-time I go outside to potty they cheer and clap --- so strange.

oh well, I need to get going and spend some quality time tormenting that black dog that lives here, this morning I tried to bite her toes! he he you should have seen how high she jumped!

gotta go

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The miracle of kibble

Waffle so preoccupied with her dinner preparations that she actually allowed the baby to touch her.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting ready to leave oakland airport

San Quintin prison you pass it on the way up to GDB

Adorable cuteness

Truffle in Waffle's big girl collar! she has a lot of growing to do! We are working on sleeping through the night, she has terrible crate manners, her squeals can only be herd by bats. We are getting better about eating, but right now she seems to be running through a bit of tummy trouble. So next couple of meals will be easy to eat rice and cottage cheese.

and my Lani Bonnie herself. She remembered me! But.... not sure what I was hoping for except that she would be happy to see me. She ran to me and snuggle down in my lap for a belly rub. Unlike Waffle who was so put out that she took two weeks to come out of her sulk, she totally accepted me "hi howa ya doin' - love you meet my new friend" it was just like normal. I was a bit upset by just how glib she was - but then I realized that was Lani. She is a joyful dog. A happy optimist - her bowl will always be half full of kibble and I guess that is why she can go from home, to school, to a new family, being a mommy, and back to her family and she does it with such joy. My girl - your loved by all who know you - miss you

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I'm here! by Truffle

Hi everyone, my name is Truffle! I used to live with lots of other puppies, but after a year long car ride, I made it home to my new house with my new people and guess what another dog. Except she is a really, really , really big one. Today she yelled at me I ran and hide behind the trash can, the nice women who feeds me came and picked me up and scolded the other pup. I don't think she likes me. I guess I'll have to try my hardest to be the cutest pup around.

I keep hearing references to Tacoma - who ever that is, I just like to look around you know check things out, that bill was pretty tasty - not my fault that you cant read it now. I can't read I'm a dog!
The peeps like the way I eat, one kibble at a time, something about me dining rather, in haling. Truth be told the food is a little hard and my teeth are kind of small, I usually get tired of chewing before i've finished eatting. Tonight the peeps made my favorite GDB MUSH mmmm, it was softer with smaller bits and a bit easier for me to eat. With a little bit of warm water it warmed me up!

I'm just 8 weeks old, and not very big. In fact I am a Right hip kind of gal and since there were only three of us girls I was the pip-squeak. (GDB shaves a patch of fur to show who was what size at birth, they categorize by gender and color- where you get shaved determine your weight amongst your same color and gender sibs right shoulder, left shoulder, right hip, left hip and if there are more they do something I don't recall)

Here are both of my grandmas. Carol in the green currently has my mom - Lani - at her house. Carrie in the purple raised Lani from a pup. She gets to be my new best friend. This is us at the kennel kitchen at GDB.
well it is my bed time, once more out to do my business and then into my kennel.
good nite

Humans make the decisions.....

By Waffle, the queen bee of all that she surveys

So BFF's leader has been talking about the new pup, and all the adjustments I'd have to make. I've been lodging my protest about bringing yet another squirt into my domain. I mean I am all the pup all that a person needs. I'm lovable, and squishy. I know my commands, I don't pee or pop in the house, I keep their feet warm in the winter and am just all around perfect.... the Music Center Called and asked if I wanted to play Mary Poppins on stage because they heard that I was positively perfect (ok that part is kind of a fib, the Music Center never called but I am perfect) what more could you ask for?

Well my group leader said humans make the decisions in life.... but if you read Carrie's post about who holds the leash you will have to agree that I make the decisions in the Waffle house. So that does make me human! But some how i was left out of the decision making chain about the new creature in the house. it is yellow and yappy and very leaky, already twice today I've had to show my superior being-ness to it - I barked at it from across the room. That showed it! I'm not even sure it is a dog! I think it is an alien come to suck human brains and cook them with kibble. I keep warning my BFF and my Mom (by the way I might be in the market for a new BFF, it this puppy thing keeps up I might have to de-friend her from my FB account) but it might be too late, I think it got to mom, who has been walking around cooing at the dammed thing. BFF even got up in the middle of the night during a rain storm to let it pee. I tell you brain gone to mush.

They keep calling it my new sister and trying to lure me with liver treats (aka doggy crack) on the same dog bed, like that's ever going to happen. Anyone know where I can get a helmet?

wags and licks

Saturday, January 9, 2010

food changes

So my club is not very good about sending out information (it's more like word of mouth, and if you miss it....) so what's up with the food - what can we feed now?

it seems like the northern clubs hear stuff before we do, anyone have the low down?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

who holds the leash?

Waffle asked to jump on the bed so when I sat up to spread a blanket out to make it comfy, she jumps up behind my back and settles her furry butt on my pillow! Now she is curled up and dead to the world asleep. Stinker

Well I guess we know who holds the leash in the Waffle house