Saturday, May 31, 2008

Kibble Depot

by Lani

So today I went to Office Depot and Home Depot can anyone give Carrie directions to the Kibble Depot?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Puppy Meeting

We had our monthly puppy meeting at our leaders new house. The pups played outside while we chatted inside. Lani who is normally gives Waffle a run for her money showed that she is no slouch and when confronted by 6 grown adult male labs rolled over and played submissive puppy. Virturally impossible to grab a photo but somehow we got most of the pups to sit and turn towards someone with a camera.

Let's see from left to right front two black labs: Patriot, CC- Taxi
2nd row: Martinez, Richie, CC-Tabasco
3rd row: Melody and Lani
MIA the resident pup Hobbie, who decided his backyard was too crowded and went in the house to soak up some lovin' from the folks inside.

This game is called 'let's all look in a different directions".

I think these guys are Patriot, Martinez, Tabasco and Taxi

Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's all mine!!!!!! whoohahaha haaaaa

BY Waffle

I've come a long way from the pup who couldn't walk on a leash. As a career change I get to do a whole lot of things the baby can't. Today my peeps took me on a long walk and told me I could sniff aaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll I wanted! Boy was it fun, there are like a million dogs around my house and now I feel like I know them all.

BEST of ALL was the PARK! I loooooveeed smelling the park, in fact I wanted everyone to know that the park was mine, so I PEED everywhere I could. By the tree over at the trash can, next to the sprinkler and over by the bush. Now everyone at the park knows that I'm in town and that the park is MINE! Whooooohahahaha - (evil puppy laugh -but I'll still share)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Half Year Day!

Lani is 6 months old today! Can't believe that she is almost grown up. Except for an occasional argument with the Waffler she is a great pup. Very calm, and pretty responsive. she is the 1st pup that I have had that doesn't need a halti. Here she is at the Oceanside fun day, where she got all A's on her report card. We ran into Hooper, there.

I kinda forgot about her turning 6 months so I woke her up to take a photo.

We met up with her brother Langston at Oceanside, he's got about 2 inches and 10 lbs on her, he doesn't look chunky -but they have cut back on his food. I feel bad for him 2 cups per day. For those not raising with GDB- they really like their dogs lean. A definite tuck at the waist, no pot roasty puppies for them. Lani is ok, plus even though I have joked about her being a chunky money I don't believe in putting her on a diet until she is finished growing. If she needs to slim down after she turns a year old, I'll deal with it then.

At the Fiesta de Oceanside we did a lot of doggy task stations - it was a lot like the Downtown Disney Funday, distractions - food toys, different surfaces, a police car with lights and sirens, picture taking, and vet check.

Waffle and Ritchie - Career changes were welcome, but it was so hot she just hung out under the tarp with my mom. Richie is 9 months and a real big goof! Kept flirting with the girls. -nothin' says I like you like a paw in the face.

So the baby is growin' up!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lani's Wart

So I sent these photos off to my leader, any ideas about this? It started off as a small pimple then has morfed over the last couple of days. I figure its and ingrown hair, she has the most prickly beard.

She lets me touch it, I figure it will go away on its own, but my mom is worried. Any thoughts?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

What a day


Back at my blogging desk, after Waffle tried to palm me off on someone else I figured I'd better get in the driver's to speak. Yesterday was pretty busy, mom had some person at work who was going to give a speech so we were busy running around picking him up and taking him around. Lucky for mom I'm soooooooo cute! Jonah loooooooooved me. He is a writer who talks Washington DC politics but for his next book he wants to write about me - good choice I say I'm going to be a guide dog so that should be a good story (Carrie: Lani I think he means all dogs in general). Here is his dog Cosmo, Cosmo's dad (the writer) is an editor for National Review Online and Cosmo is a regular contributer. I wonder if he gets paid in kibble or in cookies ?

Me and Jonah my new bud, we did lunch. Well he ate, I slept under the table. Eat your heart out Cosmo

He's a goofy guy

So when I got home, I went outside to play with my best bud Waffle. At first it was just friendly banter but things got away from us and the teeth came out and some how my leg got caught in Waffle's mouth and I got u-boo- it wasn't bad I was a big girl and didn't cry.

(Carrie: yeah sure, somebody milked it. I heard a squeal from the back yard and I raced out to see Lani sitting with her right paw up. OMG! She was kind of dazed, sitting there. I was freaked out! I checked her leg, paw and shoulder i moved pressed and prodded- no signs of pain-what!!??? So whats the problem, I figured she had just taken a bad tumble, so I rubbed her tummy and that's when I noticed........

So it's not as bas as it looks, she took the top layer of skin and fur off, nothing too bad it didn't even bleed. the big baby)

So mom asked if I learned my lesson........ I said I'd get back to her when Waffle and I were done playing.

Waffle and I ended the evening in a truce - I let her have the kennel (Carrie: yeah right)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Waffle the Wino

my dog is a wino!
I spilled some wine and she lapped it up! The Waffler is a wino. I thought the alcohol would put her off, since she is very sensitive to sharp smells but noooo, I had to watch my glass- she kept eyeing it. I dipped my finger in the wine and let her have a taste and she wanted more.....granted it was a nice bottle...but still my girl is a wino. I wonder if Lani has driven her to the bottle.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Waffle the Saint? Not!

Hand over the tissues and no one gets hurt
Least you think that Waffle is a saint in a fur suit, putting up with a pesky little sister I provide photograhic evidence to the contrary

What I found on my bedroom floor

For Sale

For Sale - cheap
One kennel stealing, leg biting little sister/niece.
Slightly used
Will take items in trade
contact Waffle
it is love hate between the two, they miss each other when they are apart but fight when they are together. Actually it is just the baby who still does sneak attacks on the big one - like when she is doing her business. Waffle used to let things slide but not anymore. We are trying to make lemonade out the whole experience by practicing FIR when they fighting- talk about dog distractions!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Random Photos

My Goofy Girl

Being well behaved out and about

I had to force Waffle to sit with her niece.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kiva Micro Loans

So I've added something new to the pups blog. It is on the left hand side it is a link to an organization called Kiva, which is a group that help facilates micro loans to needy people around the world. The idea started in Bangledesh, where Mohommad Yunus (known as the baker to the poor, he won the noble peace prize for his work in micro lending) had the idea that if the very poor could borrow money at decent rates they could develop small business and lift themselves out of poverty. Many of the poor where women who lacked the needed collateral or who needed sums so small most banks would not talk to them. They usually fell prey to money lenders who charged extremely high interest rates. Some of the sums seem paltry to us - $20 or $30 bucks, but in a place where many people live on less than a dollar a day that is a fortune.

Kiva is a organization that goes around the world looking for micro finance agencies who work with in the communities. These agencies work with small business owners to make sure they have the support to be sucessful and Kiva provides the capital. The neat thing about this is that you don't need a lot of money to help, your loan is pooled with others to match the amount needed. I like the thought that my money is going directly to a person rather than an agency and that I can see how my loan is used.

So if you've got a moment check them out.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

It's here!

Hey I was poking aorund looking for the May Community Connections newsletter and found the 2009 calendar submissions slide show on the photo album page. Check it out all the cool kids are there!