Saturday, February 27, 2010


Really they are friends, today they even slept together!
No she didn't slide down the slide, but she did climb up the stairs
Tamika is visiting for a few days - why does it always rain when I agree to puppy sit?

Waffle, Marie and Oliver at the George Patton Memorial at Lacey Park in San Marino. I guess he was born in San Marino before they shipped him off to a series of boarding school.
This Friends post interrupted by adorable cuteness
Back to the post here is a close up of the Patton memorial
Happy Ears!
Learning how to take pictures of a white dog has been difficult, try taking both colors at the same time. someone always comes out looking funny.
Back to Friends, Oliver, Helen and Marie

strange and odd positions doggies get into.

Friday, February 26, 2010

send a sweater

Dear mom

I miss you. Darn I think these people are on to me, so far my opportunities for fun have been very limited. They have me on a very short leash - really I'm on tie down. The only time they let me off solitary was to run around in the back yard, eat dinner, play with the squirt, chew on Waffle's squishy toys, and get furminated - other than that I've been forced to spend time sleeping on the dog bed it seems like this forced imprisonment will never end. *sigh*

If you can please send a pair of bolt cutters you can wrap them in a sweater, I need one after being furminated. Shessh any more fur and I'd be naked. The pups here seem pretty cool. The little yellow one and I played leap frog in the car on the way home from Tabasco's house, and the other black dog and I ran around the backyard. We took the game inside when it got dark but the people shouted 'time out' just as the game was gettin' good, Carrie muttered something about a 'furricane'. The yellow dog went into the kennel, and I got put on the tie down. That other black dog, got to wander around and eventually fell asleep on the sofa. Why can't I sleep on the sofa? Maybe we can try it when I get home.

Well I'm off to bed, but I wanted to let you know I miss you.



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It's Eye wipers Day

Thanks to Mimi for reminding me! If you need a shirt check out her blog entry here about buying shirts from her club.

Please join us in raising awareness about puppy raising by celebrating International Wear Your Puppy Raising Shirt Day, this Friday, February 19.

What is a puppy raiser? Puppy raisers are volunteers who raise puppies for different service organizations. They get the puppy at 8-weeks old and turn them back in after about a year. Puppy raisers teach potty training, house manners, socialization, basic obedience, plus many other behaviors, depending on the service organization. Information on becoming a puppy raiser for Guide Dogs for the Blind can be found here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dog Meeting

So our club is not really one for exciting outings, we usually get together walk around and eat-kind of dull. This Sat. we went to our 1st fire station. Yeah! the pups got to see the rig, see the lights and sirens (Truffle was a block a way whe the sirens went off) We snapped lots of cute pictures and then I hear this whistling sound and around the corner comes a firefighter in full turn out gear! Cool Beans all the pups got to see and meet this strange sight. Everyone did well and it was really fun getting to talk with the firefighters and look at the truck!

The only time her little paws touched the ground. She is still not legal, so I had to carry her around. I should have passed her off to the figherfighters to haul around. She is 20.4 lbs

Aaaaawwwww it's naughty Nisha - just kidding, we've now come to an understanding about whose the boss and will be taking her back to Disneyland before her recall in March. She is one of the oldest pups in our group but she is such a skinny minnie!

Tamika getting up close and personal with the firefighter, bummed her jacket did not turn out, always on the lookout for calender pics. btw can you believe GDB sold out of calendars before I could get one.

Truffle and a human pup

A big thanks to the Temple City Firestation, and Truck 47!

While the big kids practiced crossing a 4 lane street, I puppy sat those not old enough to participate.
I worry that Truffle will think being a guide dog means you get carried around! Even though she didn't do any walking, she was wiped out! Here she is passed out in the car. We had the AC running, it was close to 80! Loved it! 1st time for shorts in months! It has been beautiful (if a bit hot) day.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Samsung Dog school

One of Truffle's grand parents on her mom's (Lani) side came from this school in Korea, can't remember if it is Jay or Dale. I just saw the Samsung dog commercial on TV and found it on youtube. Thought they were too cute not to share.

This one is in Korean, but I liked it the best.

This is the one I saw on TV, beautifully shot

What I noticed is that ALL the dogs are yellow or light in color. Don't think they like black dogs.

So what does this mean?

So I'm confused with dog behavior. Waffle has calmed down now and seems to really enjoy her new squeaky toy. She races to the kennel in the morning to see her, and has been pretty good at teaching her how to play tag. What I don't get is their behavior. Waffle will never be an alpha, she likes to think she is but at heart she is more scared than brave. So she has been putting the baby in her place and she seems to be pretty commanding when she does. The baby backs down but like a boomerang flies right back at her. The majority of the time they are play fighting, I pull the baby off when things get too heated, I allow Waffle to do her big blustery dog thing - because well it is her house. Both of them get placed on time out for being too mean (showing teeth) or when the furicane is just too much to handle.

but what to do the following dog behaviors mean?
*the baby will chew on/bite Waffle's neck skin or lips
*the baby chews on the big girl's ankles
*the baby rolls over and does the submissive thing BUT when the big girl walks away she pulls the sucker move and bites and or jumps on the big girl.

for the most part they seem to enjoy the interaction, and Waffle could escape the sharp puppy teeth but will rarely do so. She seems to be indulging the least until it gets out of hand and then she puts the smack down on her.

But what does it all mean?

Monday, February 8, 2010

Living Well is....

is the best revenge a pet can have- by Waffle

Chelsie Belle- sorry to hear that you have been having so many problems with BC dog. So far the yellow dog is small enough for me to push around. She used to spook me out with her, little yappy-ness, but so far with a little prodding I have been able to train her up into a pretty good tag player. She still isn't my best-est friend, but she is a passable squeaky toy. BUT the best thing about being a pet is that I get to live the high life. Today I got to sleep in the sun while the yellow dog had to go to the bad place....i.e. the dog doctor. HA! TAKE THAT YELLOW DOG ! hope you like getting your 12 week shots, oooooooo and don't forget they take your temp too. waaaaaa haaa haaaa haaaa

I think you need to remind your mom who was here 1st. Just because she wants to play shouldn't mean that you get tossed to the side. seeeessshhhhhhsss, I mean you where there first, you never tell her she looks fat in those pants and that she really should lay off the garlic. Who warms her toes in the winter? Not BC... besides you loved her 1st and that means something. Until you came along her days where dull and grey. As a last resort I always fall back onto puppy eyes, mope around the house for a few days, refuse to give out kisses and maybe something good will come your way. It works look what I got today. mmmm trader joe liver treats.
(Carrie: hey I'm butting in here, these were the cheapest I've found at 2.50 for 2ounces! what a deal)
This is what BFF got as her treat. a bottle of wine and some bread, (not just bread, but butter croissant, I mean there is nothing other than butter and well croissant mmmmmm butter)

And if liver treats were not enough I got a new toy! Life is good.
(Carrie: well now Waffle let's not tell fibs, that toy is for Truffle, it is impossible to find soft toys that don't have squeakies in there, a GDB no no for pups. So Truffle gets to play with softies that Waffle has already killed. It is 100% wool, all organic, and recyclable - hell who cares it is SQUEAKY free! I could have been 10 bucks and I'd still buy it. And Truffle loves it, it is stuffed with something that rustles and crunches when she chews it and best of all she got to have it first - I gave it her in the car on the way home from the vet and Trader Joes. Not a hand me down from the Waffler.)

I'm using the in your face method right now with BFF, I really want a walk before the rain starts. I hope I can visit my friends down at the park. Maybe if I drool on her she'll get the point.
gotta run, love and liver treats

Sunny Days

Chasin' Waffle away
From the one patch of sunA friendly game of tug
and a last nap in the sun

Friday, February 5, 2010

To Do.....

Waffle's To Do list:

1) get mani and pedi - that dew claw is a little long
2) roll yellow dog in dirt
3) nap with mom
4) lure yellow dog outside and roll her in the dirt
5) nap in the sun
6) take peeps out on walk
7) eat lots of carrots
8) watch oprah
9) run outside and when yellow dog follows roll her in dirt

what are you doing this weekend?

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

working like a dog

I'm all over this wrapping biz

Tape Please

This is kind of hard when you don't have any thumbs

Have you seen the blue bow?

Least you all think that I'm just another pretty face, here are some pictures from this Christmas. Without me the Christmas Cheer would have been less cheery. I had to help wrap presents and you know how most people like to reuse the bows, well I had to help collect those too.

I did some shopping, well I think I did, the present for mom said 'from your favorite daughter' and that's me! All in all the peeps had me working like dog.... posing for pictures, take the peeps out for walks, wrapping presents, keepin' toes warm whewwwww and now I'm busy puppy sitting I guess it is true a dogs work is never done.

how hard do your peeps work you?

Monday, February 1, 2010

i'm a big girl

Yesterday we went to this big place with lots of cool smells, there were a gazillion dog toys and rows upon rows of kibble! I think it was heaven. Every one thought I was the cute-est thang on 4 paws. I loved it! totally dissed That Black Dog who lives with me, she was there but I totally ruled the field.
That Black Dog didn't seem to care, people kept stuffing tid-bits into her mouth, don't know what tid-bits are but she seemed to really like them. Hmmmmmmmm might be missing somethin' here.
Anyway, they had a scale and it said I was 18 lbs, BFF said I'd gained around 5 or 6 lbs
my feets are bigger and bff says my head looks larger-she used to be able to hold my whole head in her two hands, but now I can peep out and see.

I'm growin' like weed! Jan 31, 2010 (11 weeks)
Jan 12, 2010 (8 weeks)

And contrary to Eggo's opinion I'm not constantly confused, my wrinkles just do that on their own.