Friday, June 24, 2011

some dog I know.....

Must have been talking in class, Truffie is still in phase 3.

Am I disappointed? No -- you try leading someone around, when there are dogs, leaves, birds and food! WEll if you were a lab that is a challenge. We gifures it might be hard for her to move on ....

Study hard Truffie

Monday, June 20, 2011

She packed her smarty pants!

My little girl is must be wearing her smarty pants, cuz she is truckin' along. Someone must have told her about the party for the graduates. You know Truffle loves a good party. So this week she has moved up a phase and is in phase three.   

Big challenge in phase 3 
Notable Accomplishment - Preliminary Blindfold Testing
The instructor works a dog under blindfold on an urban/suburban area route, a distance of approximately 
10 blocks. In order to pass preliminary guidework testing, a dog must demonstrate an understanding of 
safe guidework skills and focus on work and handler. Obedience exercises are done at some point on 
route, usually when distraction is present.
Dogs that pass preliminary blindfold testing progress to advanced guidework training. Dogs that do not 
pass receive further training and are re-tested when ready. Dogs that demonstrate major weaknesses in 
the basic fundamentals oftentimes are given additional training time with another string.

She also knows all her commands and must demonstrate them while being tempted with fun distractions - which if Truffie is on her game, she will pass with flying colors otherwise the party girl will have to stay inside during recess for extra help.

Boy am I glad I didn't let her bring the flower hat to school.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

you've gotta a little something...

there, there, there and well forget it

in case you didn't believe me. 
Limrick came for a visit this weekend, and after a few harsh words from Waffle the two made nice and they enjoyed chasing each other around the yard. There maybe hope

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Remember Me?

Yes I know black labbies look a like, but do you remember this pudgy pup?

I know it has been a while since she's been on the blog

Look at that pudge, you might recognize her here

Ok if you guessed Lani you are right. She was the third pup I raised and our first GDB success. She is now part of the breeding colony and lives with the bestest BKs ever. It is nice bc Carol works up at GDB so she understands when I get a little neurotic about the girls (she sneaks a peak at Truffie every now and again.)  

So the news is Lani is preggo...... again
This is her third litter, her peeps asked to have her bred again this cycle so that she can be home for the holidays, the last two litters she whelped over Thanksgiving and she ends up missing the holidays with her family.
She was bred to Forte and is due July 7th, she has just started looking round, and the ultra sound confirms 5-6 pups. We hope to raise one of her girls in September, so if anyone wants to raise in the fall, ask for a Lani pup!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

GDA Open House

Took some time out today to enjoy GDA's annual open house.....mmmm smell the puppy breath!

The theme was something with flowers, and this pup was in full bloom

Part of the day involves an obstacle course for pups, balloons, stuffies, food, different surfaces, food, animals (llamas and chickens), and water

poor pups had to pass three different hot dog plants, pups of all ages take part in the event. It is timed and based on age groups

It is a 'D' litter reunion. GDA allows their raisers to chose their pups names, they are give a litter letter and they can submit a few names from which GDA chooses the final name. 

'I'm really sleepy'

Puppy Butts! some where under all that fur is dinner for these little guys. 

This is Ulysses, hard to tell, but he is 80lbs and only 8 months old! Big Boy 
their puppy kennel

The End!

Friday, June 3, 2011

What's up Truffie!

So it has been a month since the silly girl went away to college. For the longest time we were waiting for news. Lucky Lani Truffie's mom is up there at GDB and she sent down a little report. So for the 1st part of her time up there, she was being looked at to be a breeder, but after a few tests (In my mind I visualize her at her vision test: which is more clear.... 1 or 2? Raise your paw when you see two objects... he he he- really how do they test their eyes?) she was passed over for breeding and sent off to be a guide. 
Something about her patella scores being too low. 

Look at that! Her patella's are fine! 
So now she is in her 1st week of training, Phase 1, which is all about learning the clicker, getting used to the training van and showing off her obedience skills. This period is about laying down the foundation for her future success, she has to get used to wearing the harness, backing up (not a natural skill) and being touched like her future VI partner might do. 
So keep you fingers and paws crossed for her. Dogs progress at their own pace, so it could be up to six months for her to complete training.