Saturday, October 31, 2009

howl-een day

So Waffle and I went to Long Beach's Howln'ween day parade. Lots of cute pups and even stranger people. Waffle being a dignified former PIT chose just to be a pet black lab. She did a real good job of it too.

So this was the best costume of the day. Or is it just a hoax?

This guy should have been a 'bagel' he is a basset/beagle mix, instead he is a a pices of sushi
a gagle or is a pack of chickens

Where's the road runner?

Best use of a snuggie

only a dog that a mommy could love

Monday, October 26, 2009

Melli's a Mommie

If you remember Ms Melody we just got word that she had her pups two days early. Everyone was very worried because they though she was going into early labor. I guess they can't survive if they are more than 48 hours pre-term. They thought she had gone into labor on Monday, and they needed her to hold out until Sat. She lad lost her 1st litter. They don't know what happened, her keepers left her at Guide Dogs for the weekend while they were away. a few days after they picked her up they though she was acting funny and an ultra sound found out the pups were gone. No one knows what happened, she was fairly far along too, there was no evidence she had the pups it was just a mystery.

But happier news is that she had 7 pups, 2 each of the girls, and 3 yellow boys. Two are on the small side and are being monitored but big congrats to Ms. Meli

Saturday, October 24, 2009

She's baaaaaaaaaaack!

And she has grown.
I am that person. I have begun to arrange play dates for my dog.

Nisha is her for a sleep over. Nisha is the one dog who Waffle seems to like to play with. (Waffle: it is because she recognizes my superior being-ness) They are best buds, who never seem to tire of playing chase. She has grown up and really makes Waffle look short and squaty in comparison. That is her on the right as you can see the family room is a wreck- the two of them have been busy. I try to have her over once a month so they can romp and play. Tomorrow all three of us will be off on a walk with Marie.

Last night Waffle must have been feeling threatened because she went onto the bed (Waffle: my bed) where Nisha has been sleeping. Waffle has two or three beds for her to chose from (like I said I am one of those people) and I guess she must have wanted to boss Nisha around so she went and settled down right in the middle of the pretty pretty princess bed - to which Nisha on tie down has to sleep on. Forcing Nisha to settle for sleeping around the little poop head. Waffle could have slept on mom's bed, her bed in my room or on my bed but no she would not be moved! What a brat!
(Waffle: hey it's my bed and possession is 9 parts of the law! it is not like I stayed all night, I let the little bugger have it after a while)

I wonder if there is a 12 step program out there.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Frosty Paws

Chelsie Belle

sorry to hear you've had such a bad day - my owies never required surgery and bed rest. Try puppy eyes to get your mom to make you some Frosty Paws. My BFF didn't like me eating all the stuff in store FP so she made her own. they are pretty easy to make a just as yummy to eat. Except with the cold weather it is not quite as refreshing, but I still love them.

Frosty Paws
-1 container non-fat greek style yogurt
-canned pumpkin or mashed banana

So BFF never measures stuff, she just dumps and mixes to taste, the texture should be like a thick pudding. Overall it will be kind of bland for people but for us pups it is just right. If you look really sad, you mom might let you lick the bowl she mixed it in.

Cooks note: So most would think that yogurt and labbies would not mix that's why I added the pumpkin to keep things firm - so to speak. The honey is just to take the tart down from the yogurt, I like using the non fat to keep her trim and the Greek yogurt is nice and thick. I put them in small souffle cups and covered them with wax paper, it keeps in the freezer for about three weeks. enjoy

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I get by with a little

Help from my friends.
by Waffle

I had a bad day.
My ears have been itchy, itchy, itchy so the peeps took me to the vet.
Where they took my temp - not cool,
washed my ears out - yuck
poked me in my hinnie,
(something about my ears being inflames but I wasn't on fire?)
They told me I needed my rabies, DHLPP, Bordello (Carrie: that's Bordetella) shots
Plus I got frontline today.

So after a frosty paws from my mom, my friends and I curled up for a snooze a good ending to a bad day.
how was you day?

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy "Bring your dog to work" day!

So I snuck Waffle in to work with me today. She has an ear infection and I wanted her to see the vet but ran out of time to get her back home before Ihad to go to work so I just took her with. The only person who would say anything would be my boss, and he's not around all that much. Waht I forget is just how appealing a certain black lab can be on people......people who kept yelling 'PUPPY!' (***shusssshhhh**** slapping head!)

The picture above is sadly not my work place, but about 5 mins away, if you remember the big wildfire that raged in the hills above LA (yeah I know which one) the one that went on for like three weeks. Well this is just down stream from the area that was vvery badly burned. Now they are worried about flash floods, so who knows if this spot will be here at the end of winter. Waffle and I feel lucky to have enjoyed it one sunny afternoon.

lots of laughs when I checked Facebook and found this posting from Ed Robinson of Barenaked Ladies. Enjoy

Monday, October 12, 2009

Lani Babies!

Well not yet give it another 4 weeks.

I got the news from Lani's new family that she is indeed in the family way with 6-8 pups cooking at the moment. I've told Lani that we are putting our order in for a yellow girl and to get working on it. So let's hope it all works out. I think I might have to have her breeder keeper do a bit of advance work and check out all the pups for me. I'd just love another pup with Lani's temperment and joyful attitude towards life what ever the color.

So far so good, I am hoping for pictures once she starts 'showing'. I know that she will be happy about the increase in food she is allowed to have, I'm glad I'm not the one to break it to her that it is not forever.

here's to health mommies and big, fat, rolly polly puppies!

Monday, October 5, 2009

bye bye Shermie

so sad.....

I had to flip my GDB Calender and say good bye to Mr. September - Sherman. :(

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Boo Boo

No not this type of Boo Boo

This type. BFF bought this special ice pack for me when I have owies. Something bit me on the eye (Carrie: will you now believe me when I tell you to stay out of the bamboo!!!???) and my eye swelled up. Not to worry my trusty ice pack had me all fixed up by bed time.
love ya,