Monday, January 31, 2011



Waffle starts waiting for me (or maybe Truffie hard to say) around 4:30 pm, I usually don't make it home until 5:30 - 6ish. This is what I see walking up my drive. Love

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Please keep your paws, ears, tail and tongue inside the car

While the ride is in motion

Warning there are a lot of pictures

So I loaded these but they loaded backwards, so enjoy Truffie's Birthday trip to Disneyland - just in reverse. 
'my people went to Disneyland and all I got was this stuffed toy - but don't you try and take it from me'
Where all good parties end up. Pooped from a long day at the happiest place on earth

Under the table at dinner, we went to the Napa Rose at California Adventure, very nice dinner with the best apple tart I've ever had. Cool open kitchen too, lots of fun to see the cooks at work. Truffie was a jewel - not a peep out of her - which is not saying much- after a full day at Disney she was wiped out.

A Truffie sized house

Tryin' out the furniture in Micky's house - don't know how Pluto stands it, kind of hard and cold, I been in comfier kennels - Tuffie

Pluto tell Mickey to go to Costco their dog beds are the bomb! - Tuffie

Pretty much all Truffie could do was walk around and look at stuff. No rides for this adventure. We did go on the train and look at the horses on main street. We did get to do the baby swap thing when Mom and I wanted to ride a few rides.

Whoops! I thought it was open hope I can get my deposit back - Truffie
 Just out for a little drive 

Mom and I bought passes so that we could go in with Truf during her time with us. I had the day off and we had a great time. The park was totally empty barely any lines at all.

Dear Eggo
Please Send Bail Money - or a file

sits like a dog

sniff -- you smell funny

hey let me take a closer look here 

Not a dog

Just as I thought

Not a dog
Truffie did well during the day, I was worried about her and the crowds but she did well, she still likes to go up to people for attention, but is able to be redirected back to work. 

We had a great day out celebrating Truffie's belated birthday. It was also mom's b-day so the two of them spent the day celebrating.

On the whole it was a nice relaxing day. Didn't see any other service dogs, which is strange, we usually see someone. We weren't stalked by too many small children and no garbage mouthing Yeah!
Check list for the day: 
poop bags - check,
water - check,
water bowl - check,
sunglasses - check!,
Yellow lab - check!!

As is our tradition when each pup turns 1 we celebrate with a trip to Disneyland and of course we have to get her picture cut at the silhouette shop.

The obligatory picture at the entrance - a good start to a warm sunny day. Waffle had to spend the day at home with her Aunty - which suited her just fine, she is getting soft in her old age.


Just out side of the parking structure we ran into this, who knew disney had their own k-9 unit and their dogs are all Disney theme names. Why do they need dogs?

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

out of space

I've run into a problem with blogger - it won't let me up load pictures because I've used up the space allowed. anyone else have this issue? except for loading them from the flicker site it is cumbersome. 

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Adorable Cuteness

Lani Babies !

Just grabbed this video from the GDB Flicker site. She looks tired the poor baby. In the photos the puppies are fat and round, and I just want to squish them all up. We had hopped to get one down here but with the parvo scare I think her pups were sent out to local raisers up north. I believe all her brood did well, and no one got sick.

I kind of hope they are done breeding her, it seems to be a lot of work for her or at least let her cycle to give birth during warm weather. I heard from her breeder keepers that she really dis-liked relieving on the cold wet grass and I guess her boobies got in the way -- eww can you imagine. So sorry Lani :(

But I love your babies! Wish we could have had one down here, although your pup-pup Truffie sends her love and wiggles to you. She might be up there pretty soon :(    

GDB has changed their rules YET again...... for a while they were waiting until your dog was 16 months before they would even consider recall. there was some magic date each month when all the CRF's would get together with training and plan out how many dogs they needed for when and then they would go down the list and take the available dogs. BUT your dog had to be 16 months on the day of that meeting. That is how Tamika escaped recall for so long. When they were looking to fill the truck coming to So. Cal she wasn't old enough, then they had a glut of dogs and then the truck had to go to other states, so Tamika was almost two before they took her back. WELL now they have changed plans and said your dog now has to be 15 months. SEEHSSHHHH make up your minds already! Sad to say she might be going back sooner than we thought.

Speaking of which Truffie, because she is 14 months (I know where did the time go?) she is currently being evaluated by our CRF and I have Ross for the afternoon, a big bruiser of a boy who had 8 months is twice Truffie's size. So far he has been pretty good - he's got the cutest face, I'll see if I can get a picture of it.

anyway gotta run to our club meeting.

LanixSamuel_letter M (11)

LanixSamuel_letter M (30)

LanixSamuel_letter M (2)

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Originally uploaded by carrimi
Truffie likes to snuggle and Waffle does not. BUT both are too stubborn to let the other have the whole kennel. Waffle used to sleep in the front or back half, but to keep Truffie from sharing , she has been sleeping in the middle. Which as you can see didn't help. I wonder how long they will last like that, it has been an hour so far.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


The little stinker had to walk around and pose for pictures - HA 
what a rookie. Look what all the cool kids are doing now.

I'd write more but I can barely keep my eyes opeeennn............snnnoooorrrreeee

So Don't hate us...

Because we have sunshine.....
Today was beautiful, sunny and warm it was summer! So amazing considering just how crazy the weather in the rest of the world has been. Today Truffie got the morning outing and Waffle the afternoon. I took Truffie out to the farmers market and then a walk down Main Street. These photos were taken in front of the AMC movie theater, they have these mosaic thingys that represent the history of Alhambra. I guess Patton lived here.

See I told you I'm the center of the universe.

Sorry I forgot to check who this guy was - but the dog sure is cute!

No Dogs?!! Ha Ha Ha Ha 
Truffie made friends with a little boy and his sister. I have seen them before at the market, both are in wheel chairs and have a CCI dog. Today he came up to me and asked to pet Truffie and we started a conversation about his dog and what she does and it was clear that he loves her. So after chatting he insisted I had to meet his sister who was selling dried apples and then I had to meet his other sister who is also in a chair, and then he wanted me to meet his Grandmother.... by then lucky for me he was out of relatives ;) .... But Truffie took the whole meet and greet in stride, the boy had an electric chair and his sister a manual and she was totally fine, actually other than being polite she kind of was bored with the whole thing. Tacoma loved children and would spend time stalking them in stores, none of my other dogs have shown that much interest in kids since.

All in All it was a nice sunny day, we made friends and spent some time getting those crazy labbie scoots worked out and being thankful that we were warm and dry.

Friday, January 14, 2011


You may not know that the Truff loves carrots, we use them as snack instead of kibble for FIR so this scene was too precious to pass up. Who knew she would be so attentive. You can barely see it but it is a garden and the carrots are disappearing and a mole pops up laughing, she was captivated by the whole thing.
Sorry the film is so bad, I think I dropped my camera once too many times. 
The lighting is pretty bad, but it was too cute to pass up. This is inside Mickey's house in Disney's Toontown 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sitting pretty

Just a quick clip from getting her picture made
That tail of hers just won't quit

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

uuuummmm what's that smell?

A recent conversation at the Waffle House

Me: sniff, sniff, sniff what is that smell?
Truffie: mmmmm (wagging her tail)
Me: sniff, do you smell that? It is over by you....
Truffie: (more wagging) huh? mmmm, aaaahhhhh this heater is really warm.

Truffie sitting on the bathroom floor next to the wall heater, with super red hot heating coils

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Lani Pups

Can remember if I announced it but Lani had her puppies on 11/24. Total of 5 pups (1 black male, 3 black females, 1 yellow female) and the names will start with the letter M.

Lucky she and the kids are doing well and are healthy. Lani went home to her family this past Wednesday all wiggles and happy to be home from what I hear. I take it she is not one of those who mopes around looking for her pups. More like the 'wooo hooo freedom' type of gal. 

From what I hear her pups where in the whelping kennel which so far shows no signs of parvo. Her kids were a wee bit to young to be transfered to Oregon and I think are just hanging out in San Rafael. So far there is no date on when any new pups will be placed. We are still hoping that one of them will be heading our way. 

more news when it comes up.

Friday, January 7, 2011


Playing with my new droid. Trying tofigure out just how to post pics and to be able to read other blobs. Any ideas?
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Look at my 'big girl' who knew she could be so serious

Eggo, Waffle, Truffie, BFF

The Girls

As is our custom, when Eggo is home, we all bundle off to the mall for pictures. Each pup gets her 'big girl' shot in uniform, the last two have been less formal but all the more lovely. 

The pup doesn't fall far from their mom - silliness runs in the family
These are scans of the original shots, and are not as well balanced - still you can see the challenges with a black and yellow pups. We all look washed out.

The Waffler looking so serious
Sorry to say that Tacoma's pictures didn't really turn out that well, we learned our lesson. Thinking it would be cool if we all matched, Eggo and I wore black to match Taco-bell..... we matched so well, you couldn't see where dog started and people ended. Do'h! plus we chose the dark blue background. Yeah yeah yeah I know rookie mistakes.

Monday, January 3, 2011


*kind of gross pictures below*
I noticed Truffie had some black crud stuck around her nipples. Since her last heat she has retained some fluid in her mammary glands, I was waiting for it to reabsorb and tonight I noticed she had this crust/crud stuck around two of her nipples. At first I thought it was dirt, but as I picked at it I realized that it was kind of dried skin/crust. It is not oozey just kind of scab like. Any ideas?