Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

The CEO of Girl Scouts of the USA!
Bamboo  in front of the Natural Balance Float

Living and or working anywhere near Pasadena, means that around New Years there is a good chance you will be involved somehow with the Rose Parade.

Add to that the Girl Scouts are celebrating their 100th birthday - and it was destined that Bamboo had to go out and help with the Rose Parade Float decorating.

Stymied by the lack of thumbs, she resorted to being a great cheer leader. Every where she went, the Girl Scouts who were decorating the float loved all over the baby, some were very excited when they heard they could raise a dog for their gold award. Bamboo is so jazzed about going to camp this summer, as long as it means she gets to play with all of girls there.  The CEO of GSUSA was there and we got a picture with her! We will post that later.

In front of the Girl Scout Float
The Girl Scout Float

A rolling kennel decorated to look like an old school woody station wagon

 The flowers were amazing, thousands upon thousands of roses in every shade, we wandered over to see both the Girl Scout and Natural Balance floats. The NB float is the longest and heaviest float. It has a wave pool where Tillman and his friends will be surf boarding down Colorado Blvd. I thought there were going to be guide dogs involved, but not this year. :(        

That little station wagon up top, is actually an enclosed kennel, once the dogs reach the end of the wave pool, they hop into the car and are driven back to the front of the wave pool!

Great outing for her, there were tons of people, smells and noise. She did pretty good, at first she wasn't sure she wanted to be there, but like the new kid at school, once she made friends all she wanted to do was play. Everyone loved her! She really doesn't like to take pictures and sat there sulking every time I made her pose. Poop Head

From our pack to yours Happy New Year, may your water bowl never run dry and your kibble be bountiful.

Thursday, December 29, 2011


the bed is all mine fuzzy butt.

any other bright ideas?

BFF saw Truffie's picture and said "Waffle we gotta get ready for next years Christmas card and I know just the thing"
Yeah thanks Truffle, anyone know where I can get a lump of coal? I need to get ready for next year too!

but why.....

Bamboo with the best version of puppy eyes ever!

Can't I sleep on the bed?

Monday, December 26, 2011

I've got a problem....

Waffle head down on the carpet

Too many people and not enough of ME!
There are three people at home and only one of me. They all expect me to love them the best and I do, but it sure is tiring. For instance, I have to spend the afternoon keeping mom on the sofa - I take my job as a mom paper weight very seriously, I mean what if she wandered away who would feed us?
After sleeping on mom, I have to take BFF out for a walk, she's getting a little chubby and the exercise is good for her. After checking out the park, I get back to the house and Eggo expects me to spend quality time with her.... so after spending a few minutes letting her rub my tummy. I have to start the whole rotation all over again. Don't even get me started on bed time, they take it personally if I don't sleep with them, there has been bribery, trickery and guilt

The little squirt tries but let's face it she is just not me. Uh ohhh someone is in the kitchen they might need me gotta run, a lab's work is never done.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas bling!

I'm stylin'.  The name of the necklace is called Coffee Bean, and it is from Lia Sophia.  Gotta get ready for Christmas!


Taco Bell

I'm lucky puppy raiser. In one way, shape or form I keep in touch w/all the girls I've had a hand in raising.

Case in point- Tacoma comes by every now and the to say hello. Her person works @ the same place and we run into each other. Th other day she dropped in and we introduced the two girls. I love bamboo's expression, not surewhat to make of the very large lab next to her.

Love that I get to see her, even if it is clear she just thinks of me as a friendly face, and a familar smell.

Thanks Aunty Michelle and Uncle Vince

For the loudest toy under the tree

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas from the drool-ly dog

Waffle wishing you a drool-ly holiday, hope that everyone's noses and toes are warm and snugly. 
Give your people an extra kiss tonight.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011


What ! I'm working.

Bamboo sitting in a co-workers lap while she works at the computer

Bamboo peering over my co-worker's shoulder at work

Saturday, December 17, 2011

At last


Dear Eggo -
I made your bed and helped clean your room. I even tested out your bed to make sure it was just right. I am waiting......
Waffle with happy ears sitting on the bed with her duck

and waiting

Close up shot of Waffle's head

and waiting

Waffle sitting on the bed, looking out the window, her head is under the curtains. 

When are you coming home with my liver treats?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Not Helping

Waffle sitting under the top sheet on a half made bed.

Eggo is coming home tomorrow and we I am cleaning up Waffle's Eggo's room for her. Having a lab paper weight in the middle of a bed certainly ups the difficulty factor of this task from a simple 2 to a 5.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Because we miss her

Bamboo at 3 months, dressed in a banana costume

picked this up at Target, I wanted cut out the bottom so she could wear it at Halloween. It is one of the sack like things that you can put your baby in. Just a few more days and we can have our Boozie back.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


It started off as a two dog night around here. I had Waffle by my side and Ricola on my lap, warm and toasty we watched re-runs of Castle. The warm and toast-y-ness of the evening eventually lost it's appeal when I lost feeling in my legs. So I dumped the pup and got up for a drink, this is what I saw when I got back.

Ricola, illegally sleeping on the sofa in the corner, and Waffle sleeping on a pillow with a blankie
PITs are not allowed on furniture, and Bamboo likes to sneak up on the sofa, just like her half sis. the challenge is staying ahead of them and catching them before they get on the sofa, on that count tonight I FAILED.

Limerick on the dog bed - 'Limerick, blah-blah-blah-ba-ba' is all she heard from tonight's etiquette conversation.

After having a little talk with Ricola about where she can and can not do, she agreed to sleep on the dog bed at least I think she agreed, we shall see. 

Monday, December 12, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away

Waffle sitting up wrapped up snug as a bug in a rug -  in a red and green blankie

Waffle wants to go out and play.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Waffle and Mini-Me

Bamboo and Waffle sleeping in the sun-mirror images of each other
Waffle loves Bamboo, it wasn't always the case but has evolved over time. Waffle and Bamboo will never be mistaken for alphas, but within our own little hierarchy Waffle is the head honcho and Bamboo, soft as she is, goes along with the plan. I think it strokes Waffle's ego.

Baby will goad Waffle into playing, but when the game of tug starts, baby will go belly up with the toy in her teeth and let Waffle drag her across the floor! Silly Labbies

Best Friends

Waffle and Ricola
Our guest has a new name Ricoooolllllaaaaa. She really likes Waffle, even more she would like to be where Waffle is sleeping. Her eyes are saying 'Pleeeeaasseee" and Waffle is saying 'No way Jose I'm sleeping'

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

A mom paper weight

Waffle sitting across mom's lap, Limrick sleeping on mom's feet
Waffle and Limrick have new occupations, they hold mom down and keep her in place on the couch.

Born to Japan

me, in my Born to Lead t-shirt standing in front the Raging Spirits roller coaster at Tokyo's Disney by the Sea
This past June I found an awesome price on a trip to Japan. 6 days and 4 nights hotel and flight for a song, it was part of a promo to help Japan to get back on their feet after the earthquake. While there I ate great food, walked miles and miles and finished the trip with a visit to Tokyo's Disney by the Sea.
Better shot of the shirt in front of the Mediterranean Harbor
Wanting to represent, I brought my Born to Lead T-shirt!
It was a short trip from Tokyo to the Disney Resorts, there are two: Disney by the Sea and Disneyland. I had heard that Disneyland is pretty much the same but smaller, so I chose Disney by the Sea. There were a few things from California Disney and a few unique rides. It is set up to mimic port towns from around the world: American, Italy, Arabia, Amazon river and Mysterious Island - it is in the volcano behind me.
Micky Mouse in a suit and tie
Mickey in sparkle pants and a suit and tie another weird cultural difference between the American and Japanese resorts.

On the monorail on the way to Disney by the Sea, the hand straps are in the shape of Mickey Ears
bronze statue of Mickey Mouse dressed in fishing gear at Ships a wheel, at the American Waterfront
Like all things Disney-everything is smaller but ooo so very Disney. The straps in the monorail where circles with mickey ears.
steam bun shaped like a life ring
The snacks in Japan rock, no hot dogs here. This is a steamed bun - a common Asian snack, inside the steamed bread is shrimp filling - yum!

awesome food at the park - chicken curry from the Arabian Cost
Another awesome snack! Chicken curry!

Curry Popcorn stand -
Curry popcorn- so good, but look at the prices a small box is $3.30, a souvenir bucket (there was a different one for each land) is almost $15 BUCKS!
Waffle's gift from Disney by the Sea a Winnie the Pooh child's bath hoodie
There was a warm rain/drizzle while I was there, and folks where buying these cute kids bath hoddies to wear on their heads - so I had to get one for my favorite kid back home. 
side view of Waffle in her bath hoodie
I think she likes it.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

what da' ya' think?



Dear Mom
it's been 4320 minutes since I last saw you. I miss you.

BUT I have a bone to pick with you. I hear that you let Bamboo into my toy box, not just the regular one, but the super secret special one you think I don't know about. ON TOP of that I hear that the interloper is occupying Dad's lap. Not sure I like what's going on back home. Life here with my pal Waffle is good, but it is not home, here is a picture of me in case you've forgotten who your dog is.... (guilt stabbing at your heart)
Limerick chewing a bone


Truffie in the snow with her partner
Truf in snow for the 1st time, who knew it was so cold in Texas. The butt head is pissed about having to wear her booties. She wants to play but doesn't like her shoes but with the cold and salt shoes are a must. I was worried because Truf didn't want to work in the snow and in her shoes. I'm thinking 'crap I gave her a defective dog' but Ashley let me know that she it is something she and Truf just need to work on. She is slowly introducing her to snow - things look different to Truf and sound different to Ashley, like any new partnership it just needs time to develop. *wheeeewww*

It fun to hear from Truf's partner it helps with understanding puppy raising. The funny habit that Truf had of coming into the bathroom while I'm in the shower for a drink of warm cucumber body wash scented water, isn't so entertaining to her partner. Bamboo's desire to fall asleep in my lap while cute may not work for her next partner. I wish we could have seen how all the pieces fit together three dogs ago, so many training tips make sense now, and we also now see the importance of raising a confident dog. That love and trust she has will carry her through a lot - yes even the occasional snow storm

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

10 weeks

The famous Febreze bottle makes it's return

10 Week old Bamboo eating dinner next to the Febreze bottle
A fun comparison of the two half sisters, Truf was the smallest in her class at 17 inches. I hope that Miss Bamboo will be a bit taller, her half sister Limerick has nice long legs - which we are afraid she got from her mom. Both Lani and Forte are on the short side. Only time will tell

10 week old Truffie eating dinner next to the Febreze bottle

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

my bags are packed

Bamboo sitting next to her overnight bag
I'm going on a sleep over. My half sister Limerick and I are going to do a trade - for two long weeks. BFF said Limerick has THE BIGGEST toy box ever, but I'm still packing a few things to remind me of home. My blankie, a stuffie and a bone. I hear Limerick's Daddy is a cuddler so I'm pretty excited. Yesterday, BFF's lap was full of computer and there was no room for me, but never count me out, I squeezed my little self into a space the size of a napkin. BFF didn't believe I could do it, and once I did she had the nerve to evict me! hhhrrruuuumppp

Went to costco - that place is really really really big (still need that thesaurus) I didn't like it. BFF put me in the cart which was fine with me, I was right and everyone else's line of sight and soon everyone wanted to meet me. I was more popular than the sample ladies! Gotta roll - C-ya in two weeks.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Bamboo and Waffle both wearing reindeer antlers - glaring into the camera

A market for Fleas?

Bamboo sitting on a golf cart
So BFF runs a market that sells Fleas. Don't know why anyone would be interested in buying those, I've got a few that I'd give away for free. Anyway Saturday she was working and I got to go along. He's me learning how to drive the cart -- as soon as my feets are long enough BFF said I could drive! I wonder how long that will be.

So it was a big day, after helping to set up the Flea Market, we had to go shopping I went to: Smart and Final, Lowes, Petco, Trader Joe, and Super Pets. I was finished by Lowes, I didn't want to shop anymore but being the good PIT I went along (Carrie: dragging her paws the whole way)

By the time I got home I was sooo happy to see my house, I hopped out of the car and ran, RAN! right up to the front door and right into my house.*sigh* Happy to be home, promptly started chewing on Waffles and then I knew all was right with the world.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Joys of being ME

By Waffle

Just a few things to show you why you should all want to be like me!

Bamboo in her purple and yellow dragon costume
two ways to look at this one: 1) they no longer dress you up in silly costumes, 2) you get to laugh at the dog they do dress up in silly costume.

Waffle laying on her bed, licking out the peanut butter jar
Peanut butter- 'nuf said

Waffle's Halloween collar - purple background with orange and black bats
and I get to wear seasonal clothing. I had enough of plain black collars to last a life-time. The peeps bought me this from Karma's closet, I have one for everyday wear, Christmas, Spring and the Fourth of July. 

yes it is good to me be.