Sunday, June 21, 2009

Summer break

woooo hoooo at last the semester is over, had to run graduation on Friday. Now I am frantically packing for my summer job, I'll be out of email range for a while.

If anyone is taking their pups to D-land this summer drop me a line, I'll steal Nisha or Foxfire and meet you all there.

be safe and have a great summer.
Carrie - leaving for summer camp in 20 mins
Waffle- holding down the fort (literally she is sleeping on my bed)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Lani's new family

*sniff* she is someone else's pumpkin head now *snif*

Why does she look so mean! That's not my sweet pea!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thanks Cabana!

I meant to post something earlier but with Mom's accident and end of year events, I've been busy. Mom is doing better, thanks for all the good thoughts, we will know on Monday if she has to have surgery.

Thanks Mimi and Cabana!
I almost feel like I cheated, I really meant to throw this bone away, but somehow it ended up under the sofa - thus lived to help me win! The smiley face helps, but this is still a gross gross bone.
Thank you Mimi for the fun of the contest, the Internet can socially isolate folks or it can bring people together. In this case it is wonderful to know that I have a cadre of friends whom I can turn to and ask advice, rant to, or commiserate with. It is cool that we can all 'get together' - slightly geeky, but still cool.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

slippery when wet

so on the new shampoo bottle that we bought, they recommend that you close doors well in advance of getting your pup wet and soapy, apparently when wet and soapy your dog is much smarter than you.

too true.

Mom was bathing Nisha alone today, and during the drying off process she got lose and when mom went to grab her she slipped and fell. Breaking her wrist in the process. You know its bad when the rad techs who never say anything say 'oh yeah it's broken'.

After a few phone calls (could not decide hospital ER or Urgent Care) we were off to the urgent care two blocks away. So we figured that they would do something..... like you know...... fix it. We were sadly mistaken, I guess they won't put a cast on it until the swelling goes down. She has a cheesy splint on and a referral to see an orthopedics person on wed.

I think if the pups had to write the moral to this story it would be something like 'a dirty dog is better than a trip to urgent care'

Friday, June 12, 2009


Nisha in her new Pretty-pretty with her new baba (something for her to suck on)
Yeah for Target dollar bin, the leash, matching scarfs and new toy all courtesy of the $1.00 bin
Waffle is still hare taller than Nisha, she is just slouching in this picture.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Gnarley Bones

I think we have a winner......
These are the result of Lani's relentless chewing. She loved Galleos , Dinos , wishbones AND.....

Her Turkey Bone - yes this blob used to be this
Lani is responsible for about 95 percent of the damage, we started this bone with our 1st dog Tacoma, and she just chewed the noby knuckle end, Lani did the rest.

Lani would spend hours, years, eons, chewing various nylas so much so her paws would be drenched, it was kind of gross.

We don't have any pictures of her wishbones, because we threw them all away they were so torn up. She would walk around with the bone clenched in her mouth with the end sticking out of her mouth. She looked like she had a sucker inher mouth.

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Family Album

Hey look what my mom emailed for me to post on the bloggPictures from the family album, this is me and my mom, I think she just picked me up, 'cuz I'm a shrimp

I guess I couldn't make up my mind which bed I wanted so I took both!

Mom gave me a bath right after she picked me up, she said I smelled like Kennel! eck!

Here are me and my buds, Shelby is 14 and Tedi her daughter is 7. I think I make a nice reverse Oreo cookie don't you think.

More baby photos, I was knocked out. Growing up is tiring work.
So it seems like forever since I've seen my pals, I bet they miss me. I chase Tedi around and keep her in shape, I like to chew on her ankles and ears don't know why but they are yummy! I play that game with Waffle, but as you know she is not too fond of it.
I've been really busy growing while I've been away. Mom you won't recognize me! I'm bigger than Waffle now, she still weighs more, but I'm taller. when I first came to their house, I tried to jump over Waffle but I got stuck, my front feet on the ground and my back up in the air, now I've got no problem crushing her in our hourly game of 'chase-me-until-we drop-or-we-get-in-trouble'. Today at work I got to go around and meet people who work here, and guess whaat they LOVE ME! I rolled over and showed them my tummy and got sooo many tummy rubs I was in heaven. This is one dog lovin' school. Mom you'd be proud of me, the whole time i walked around I was really good about walking on a lose leash, I didn't pull (well not too much), I still don't like to DMB outside of home, but I'm getting better. After all that lovin' I had to take a long nap, being good is hard work.
gotta go, it is almost time to play chase with Waffle. Miss you lots mom, wags and kisses to Shelby and Tedi.
tata for now

Sunday, June 7, 2009

This Little Piggy

Went to the Doctor.... Before and after pictures of Waffle's trip to the Vet to treat a torn dew claw.

4 days after her nail was clippedI think the cut off part of the quick. eeewwwwhhhh gross

two weeks on.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sugar and Spice

by Nisha

someone left on the sprinklers, it is all wet here. I was outside in the dog run, and water started falling from the sky! Waffle's mom came running outside and brought is in wheeew, I was worried we'd have to stay outside. 'cuz you know I'm made of sugar and spice and everything nice and I might melt.

love Nisha

Sugar and Spice

by Waffle

sugar and spice....atracks ants and flying bugs

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When I was just a pup

I was a right shoulder girl

This is one of my baby pictures from my mom, she sent it over and asked me to post it. I was really cute as a pup, not a bad picture either.
Waffle is a good substitute but it is not the same. Teddy is a sweetie, I get to chew and chew on his ears. mmmm Waffle not so much, one minute I'm chewing away and next thing I know she throws a half nelson with a twist and I'm on my back and 42 pearly whites are staring down at me. But between you and me I know she doesn't mean it. We get along like peanut butter and jelly, Carrie says more like PB&J w/o bread cuz when we get together we are soooo messy. The rugs fly, cushions get tossed and we tend to lose our little puppy minds. But hey I'm still just a pup.
Miss you mom!
love Nisha

contrary to Waffle's opinion

Are you sure she is guide dog material?

So I called the GDB today wanted to get more info on Lani-lu, and they still love her. I guess she got to hang out in breeding as they were looking for a family for her. And as luck would have it, one of the staff there, Carol decided her family had room for one small lab. Contrary to Waffle's opinion, Lani is one lovable dog. She still goes to GDB and 'works' in the office, she has a doggy friend named 'Putt' and they get to run around and play on break times. The report on her is that she did well in the kennels and when they moved her over to the breeding office she walked into the office like she belonged there. They did mentioned her habit of sneaking onto furniture and her sassy mouth. But hey a girl's gotta right to speak her mind. So Lani like a well rounded child has settled in well to her new home. Her mom Dale, is owned by a volunteer who comes in once a week and it is a nice thing for her to see one of her grandpups.

So anyone who happens to be up a San Rafael, drop by breeding and snap a picture of my Lani lu and give her a hug for me.