Sunday, February 27, 2011

more practicing

BFF says that I need to keep practicing being good. I think I'm pretty good already, but someone begs to differ. Today she told me I was going to the Dog Haus, but I already have a house are we going home? I asked, instead we loaded up my best hide and seek buddy David J and headed out the door and arrived here. YUP you guessed it, another place for me to practice at, but what am I supposed to practice!???. It was a HOT DOG STORE!, they served nothing but hot dogs and tator tots. Come on guys hot dogs.... how could you, it's not like we dogs have a human restaurants. Before things got grizzley David leaned over and explained that the 'dogs'  were mostly pig and not dogs....whewwwww. Silly humans why not call it a Pig Haus instead. That David is one smart guy he is 7, which makes him 1 in dog years no wonder we get along so well. 

With that little mistake cleared up, I settled down in a good spot to watch all the action, unfortunately BFF made me move, I guess the middle of the isle is not a good place to be. My adorable cuteness was distracting to the other dinners, so I agreed to under the table - which turned out to be a bonanza. You see David's mom and sister Zoe met up with us, and well Zoe- she is still practicing too. She likes to eat but isn't very good at it. A lot ended up on her face, fingers, shoes, the floor - man that girl needs some help- and being the good helper dog that I am, every now and again I would reach up and help clean her paws off.  We had a good thing going until she burst out in giggles and then the gig was up. Out came the baby wipes and I got moved to the other end of the table. 

shhessshhh I was just doing what BFF told me to do.....practicing being good!

Carrie: ok dear readers don't rat me out, I don't think she got much if any food, and actually most of the stuff on the floor she ignored, but she just could not stop herself from licking little Zoe's catsup and tator tot flavored fingers, and Zoe thought it was funny and bust out in little giggles it was too cute for words. 


FYI for all you raisers in the LA area who use Natural Balance Lamb and Rice. Its on SALE! Centinela has it on sale for around $30! Other places I have seen it goes for $38 to $47 (ouch Petco) since both Waffle and Truffie eat it I shop around.


Saturday, February 26, 2011

Guess who

Was being brushed today?
Each girl needs a different brush, I have found that Waffle does best with the furminator, but not so much with the little girl. I was frustrated by how little fur came off her with the furminator, compared to how much came off when you touched her. So today I switched it up and pulled out the shedding blade and released my own little blizzard of Truffie fur. Poor Waffle was just caught up in the fur fall.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

You say dentist

I Say BORING.....
Aren't you done yet? You only have 32 teeth

Do they have chicken flavored tooth paste?
working hard

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gasp! say it isn't so....

all my pup pals out there cross your paws. Next Tues, is "THE BIG MEETING". What's that you say? Well that is where the CRF's get together to figure out how many pups they need and whose gonna get recalled. I'm eligible to go but BFF isn't ready to let me go. I know it is close, Pompei went back, and he and I came around the same time. Cross your paws that I'll get one more month at home.

Last November

So BFF finally got around to cleaning out the picture files, here are some pic from when I went to the Gene Autry museum. There where having this big pow wow- which is human for a big party. There was food, dancing and lots of stuff to see and smell. 
I had to practice sitting still, even when these guys came dancing around me-- well not really close -- but still you get the idea. Everyone was dancing and the drums were drumming it was hard to keep my tail still.
BFF is lousy about remembering names of things, but here I am with this statue of someone important. =)
They had a crafts market place where people where selling lots of cool stuff, the best was the elk antlers! I took a sniff and BFF was quick to correct me, I guess these were special antlers, they had carving on them - I'm just a dog, but even I think $300 its a bit much to pay for a chew toy. The artists laughed when he saw me, he was fixing a piece that one of his clients had sent back to him....after the client's labrador had got a hold of it.
one man's art - one dog's chew toy

Sunday, February 20, 2011

old pictures from photo bucket

Illegal distractions

My Last Agility Class by Waffle

I had my last agility class last week and boy was it fun! We learned the 'A' frame, silly humans to get us to go up it they put a treat on each bar! one step - nom, two steps- nom nom three steps- nom nom nom! Yum! that silly poodle Marie, might not be so silly. They really had to pour on the treats to get her up and over. Me I was just my happy labbie self and may have shot myself in the paw by running up and over, up and over and up and over, for just 1 treat! D'oh!

Since there are only two of us in the beginning level we ran through the training part pretty fast, to keep us interested they put together two elements that we know just to spice things up. Well this was the last class so we had the 'a' frame, three standard jumps and the tire jump. Well it is just between me and that silly poodle, on my first run I ran it just right! Yeah Me! Marie needed a little reminder about the jump but did really well. The second time I ran it, our instructor was cutting some Frosty Paws for our after class treat, but the table was right by the A-frame, I couldn't help myself... my nose said hey that smells yummy, why would I pass that up? so in the middle of my run I stopped by the snack table to see if I could score a little munchie. Everyone was laughing at me and telling to focus and I was....on the frosty paws. BFF pulled me away and I finished out the run.

I call that an illegal course distraction, I mean who wouldn't stop for some frosty paws? What do you think my agility friends?

ps BFF lost her camera - in her house non the less- sad but true.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

What's up Doc?

So BFF took me to my 1st trade show last week, it was a food show where there was a convention hall full of food. Vegetables, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, bread, soda, hot coco, cheese, lunch meat, granola bars, waffles, bacon, sausage, fish, Kraby Kakes and sooo much more. All of it yummy good - or so I'm told none of it seemed to make it's way to be. Not that I wasn't getting any offers, but some evil, mean, stingy person never let one stingy scrap pass my lips..... Well truth be told I was really too busy getting loved on to care, never having had people food, I think it is some what over rated- well except carrots. Waffle says peanut better is the food of the gods - but we know she tells fibs

If it weren't for some kind hearted soul I would have perished from hunger. See they have samples there, I waited in front of the Tyson hoping a chicken wing would fly my way but nothing did. We were in the veggie area when this really nice woman asked if I'd like a sample. BFF said we could save it for later (I get carrots for FIR instead of kibble, a girls gotta watch her figure) thinking we would get a nice little lunch box size snack pack of carrots, but she hands us this huge 5lb bag of carrots... can you say 'SCORE'
But is it true if I eat all these carrots I'll turn orange?

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Wanna Buy some cookies?.............And give them to ME!!!!

nom nom nom nom

BFF took me to help at a travel workshop for the girl scouts. They had a huge conference lots of people all who thought I was too cute. But BFF had me on a short leash so to speak. Something about me being too solicitous.... you say solicitous and I say friendly.
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Monday, February 7, 2011

Culture shock

I'm napping
the guide dog hard at work. 

So my poor little cupcake will have a huge culture shock when she goes back to school. No more long naps in the sun or nice soft beds to sleep on, and most of all no one who will love her like we do. Sure GDB is filled with loving wonderful people, but nothing is quite the same as a nice sunday afternoon nap in the sun with your bestest dog friend. Enjoy while it lasts honey-bun. 



Eggo- my nose is black how's yours?

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Not as good as I think I am

So when Ross came for a visit we were working on a few basic commands, I knew he doesn't like to do 'down' so we tried a few times and wango presto he was doing 'down'. Well I thought 'cool beans let's get this on camera for your mom.' Well you can see for yourself how well he listens to me. I swear he was doing it before I turned on the camera. 

In the vid you can kind of see his expression is like 'you mean me?' He's kind of like mmmmmm don't think so. I might do it for you...... naaahhh changed my mind.....oh wait what's that smell? Huhh oh you mean me?

LOVE YOU! Ross you crack me up! Fell free to come and visit me again.

New kid on the block

Literally ....

Friends just picked up their new guide dog PIT Jake! A 2 month male chocolate lab from Guide Dogs of the Desert. She is new to blogging so swing by and say hello, The Many Adventures of a dog and Her Girl

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So this big bruiser is Ross, he came to visit college to see if he would like it. He already goes to high school, with his raiser. We traded pups, so that Rick could have a look at Truffie, she is getting near to recall and he likes to look at the dogs so he has an idea of whose who.
Only 8 months old he is almost twice as big as Truffie (but who isn't) and handling him is like holding a frisky colt. Like the typical lab that he his, he loves people and hates his halti. We worked on just wearing his halti and walking not leaping, he brought a picnic dinner and we had a nice snack before heading off to our meeting. 

Not sure if he was impressed with college, kind of slept through most of the afternoon. Silly Boy...