Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well just before Lani went into heat Mom and I went to D-land to make use of the last days of our annual passes. It was a really nice day not too hot, but kind of crowded. Here are a few pictures of her 1st trip there.
She did really well, she was on a flat collar the whole time, no need for a halti. It's hard to tell what she thought of the whole experience. She is kind of a Velcro dog so I'm sure she was happy just to be with us. We thought about putting her in the kennel but we really didn't stay to long.
Because Tacoma was such a challenge it is hard to tell just if Lnai is 'soft' or just a normal dog. But I tell you it really is a pleasure to be out with her.

La La La Lemon, La La La LANI

So we met these guys on the way into California Disney. They are in training from Paw Pals a school out in Murrieta. The blond boy next to Lani is GDA graduate Denver

Waffle being the older wiser sister had already briefed Lani about Disney especially about the no dogs on rides rule. I don't think Lani really wanted to go on the rides.
Just because she couldn't ride any rides doesn't mean she can't have fun. Here she is trying on the 3-d glasses at A Bug's Life.

What do you think of this photo for the GDB calender? We were waiting for the parade to start. See that lady with the dark hair in the back? We were originally sitting there but she kept making noises about how she didn't like dogs. I had to hold my tongue, I wanted to say my dog doesn't like you either! But that would have been a lie, Lani loves everyone - So I followed her good example and we moved here for pictures.
We went to "Toon Town" and did a lot of fun pic in Mickey's house and in the Dog Pound but....I lost the card with the pictures on it. We'll have to take her back for her birthday and retake those pics. I haven't told my mom yet...it was her card and it had her Canadian Vacation pictures on it. ouch..... yeah this weekend I was pricing flat screen tv's figuring I might be able to buy some forgiveness.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Sum Of Our Parts

Now a note from the cutest PIT on the Web
It's hard being a black lab, especially when you aunt- who lives with you is also a black lab. I think my peeps need some new glasses because in my house it's "Waffle no Lani"or "Wafflelani!" it's not so hard to tell us apart, I'm the cute adorable one and Waffle's the old, rolly pooly one. I mean can't you guys tell us apart?

Whose paw is whose? (Top: Waffle)

Me? (nope!)
Waffle? (too cute for that old lady! )
Whose tushy is whose? Is my rear really that big?
The Big Girl?
The Baby?

Sheesh you'd think they could tell us apart. Well I guess we are just about the same size, when we wrestle I almost, almost, almost win. Waffle has the deep big chest (and the rear to go with it) you should hear her bark wooof, wooooof very deep, makes me want to join in. In the top picture I'm on the left and The Waffler on the right, and we are flip flopped in the picture on the bottom (it's ok for us to flip flop 'cause were not running for political office). I have a pretty wispy white spot on my chest and my eyes are nice a dark chocolate-y brown. I'm not sure where I got my short stubby toes from, but my toe nails curve to the side on my front paws. Best of all (according to my peeps) is that I always give a nice little burp after every meal. The peeps love it! It makes everyone giggle.

At the end of the day my best doggy bud and I know the difference, even if the peeps don't.

Lani- you and Waffle are more than just velvety eyes, scratchy whiskers, and thumpy tails. Some things.... the things that count the most can't be seen...You are my silly - sweet pea with a heart full of joy, a nose for trouble and a never ending zeal for life. One day you'll make someone a wonderful guide
Of course I know the difference between you and The Waffler. - but make sure you guys keep your collars on. Ok?

Monday, September 8, 2008

The Tag Thief

So early this morning I hear a noise and I pop up right away. You see I had an electrical fire in my room and the noise I heard was similar to the arching and popping I heard with that small fire. So I'm looking around and sniffing and all I see is Lani standing over my power strip.... uh ohhhhh. I call her name and she comes running over and sticking to her muzzle is the little tag that comes on sheets, towels and pillows ect... since I don't sleep with my camera - I know I know bad raiser, bad raiser, I didn't get a shot. I guess the noise I herd was her pulling the tag off and the thread snapping. Which now explains where all the tags that say 'do not remove' have been going. What a weird-o, why not chew on the many nyla dinos that litter the floor (and that I step on in the night on the way to the bathroom) or even chew on the other lab in the room....Now I know who is the tag thief.

and just to keep her fans happy here is a photo of the princess herself. She just started this thing where if the grass is wet she won't walk in it. Weird --Waffle has always done that, but Lani just started doing that last week. Silly Labbie

Friday, September 5, 2008

look what I found!

searching around for photos to send in for the GDB Family Reunion I found this adorable photo of two of the cutest, smartest and best-est cc puppys around. I'm failing terribly at technology so if anyone knows how to get these photos off Flickr and on to my hard drive drop me a line and I can replace the photo.

Tacoma (L) is about 20 months and The Waffler (r) about 5 months
9/7/08 - Thanks Marvin I figured it out!