Tuesday, April 27, 2010

so I've been trying to get this on video for a while. Truffle likes to walk under Waffle, she has done it since she was little. The problem is that Truffie is two fabreeze bottles tall and Waffle is 2.5 bottles tall. Which this video kind of demonstrates. Enjoy

Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Angel Wings

By Truffie

Some people think I look like the Cottonel dog, some people say I look like that Marley dog, and others think I look that the dog from the Flea and Tick commercial. But I think I look like me. BFF says I'm going to grow up to be a dirty blond, which I think is fine with, as long as I had fun getting dirty. The peeps continually say the problem with me is that I show the dirt. At home Waffle is the 'buppy' (black puppy) and I am the 'yuppy' (yellow puppy). My coat at first glance is brown, but when you really look, I'm a bit mottled (how's that for a big girl word!) with flecks of gold and I have two white patches over my shoulder blades. Mom (my people mom) said it is where my angle wings are, kind of hard for me to see, I keep turning and turning to see them but end up falling over in the attempt.

If you look real close you'll see what the peeps are talking about. After falling down for a second time they just showed me the pics. What do you think? Am I an Angel or what?

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Rules

So big girl teeth bring big dog owies, and before we end up with more blood shed, some new rules at home.:
1) No rough housing "Time out" is called the moment anyone touches anyone else, like Disneyland it is 'please keep your paws, teeth, and tails to yourself and inside the ride at all times' .
2) Further more all toys belong to me, and if a dispute breaks out I get to keep said toy until I feel like returning it to the toy box.
The picture above is both of them asking for their toys back, they each have a wish bone, but I guess like grass the nylabone is tastier from the other dog's mouth.

Ignoring the 10 other toys on the floor Truffie decided napping was a better option

5 month re-do

3 month Truffle being hugged by a small boy - both are sitting on a fire truck

Ok things change fast around here.

Truffle has now lost all her front k-9's making her a little funny to look at, and giving Waffle a much needed break from the sharp puppy teeth.

we are still kind of sort of potty trained, but the other day she drank an entire bowl of water (I'm convinced she did it because Waffle was standing there waiting for her turn) and well what goes in must come out. She usually goes to the door and sits when she has to go, well this time she ran to the door and squatted. Yeah there were a few corrections flying around that night.

Kind of goes to show me that just when i think we've turned the corner with the puppy brain, it comes back with a vengeance.

The picture above is what I have submitted to the calendar contest. let's hope that is the 'one'


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I'm 5 months BIG!

How big are you?
Still filled with adorable cuteness.

Just after I stole the bone from Waffles, my Charming ways smoothed things over with my pal.

my monthly measurement. Jan vs April

I'm now almost two full fabreze bottles tall, that's 18 inches to the Fabreze-less out there.

I'm still on the look out for a good clown dog school, being a clown sounds a lot more fun than being a guide dog. I mean it is a noble profession, but a girls just gotta have some fun, I'm not sure I wanna have to go to work every day. Besides I LOOOOVE people, they are the best, I love to lick them, I love to jump on them, I love belly rubs, I love to lick their toes and I love to play --Play ---PLAY! BFF says I still have lots of time to make up my mind what I want to do. But the sun is out who wants to think about a job. LETS GO PLAY!

what else about me? right now I'm a little snaggle toothed at the moment I have only 2 of my 4 k-9's in my mouth. BFF hasn't put me on the scale yet but she thinks I'm about 30 ish pounds, I love my kibble, my jolly ball and oddly enough I don't mind picking up metal in my mouth. One of my best buds at work is uncle Tim, he lets me play with his keys. I pick them up and try to play keep away, but 1) I'm on a leash at work and someone eeeh hemm (BFF) usually corrects me and 2) he has keys to the ENTIRE college and his key chain is the size of my head. Try running with that in your mouth.

knock on wood, I'm potty trained, even when I am playing. (Carrie: we used to have a little problem when in the middle of a game, she would just realize she had to go NOW! but she now understands that the game will still be there even if she stops to potty)

Other than that being 5 dosen't feel all that much different than being 4 - how big are you?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Middle Names

Truffie needs a middle name ( so she knows when she is really in trouble :P )

any suggestions?

Monday, April 12, 2010

Black and White

Which kind of describes my current lab count. I am having problems taking good pictures of the pups together. Someone is too shiny and someone is to washed out, so I deiced to just try black and white and I like the results

Still a bit washed out, but a lovely picture of them anyway.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Hey Hey it's your birthday!

For my big sister Eggo- she is really really old. In Dog years she'd be dead-good thing she is a person.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Let's go camping

Two weekends ago I took Truffie out to the 3rd street promenade where I volunteer at the Youth Hostel. She was pretty good, just a few breaks in her down stay, not bad for two hours. Afterwords I took her around the shops to get her used to crowds, street vendors and pigeons. OH MY how we loved pigeons. She was channeling her bird dog roots that day. It was a great chance to work on obedience, between food, pigeons and people calling out to her, her head was swirling.

After a while I just took her jacket off. Two reason, one was just to let her decompress and be a regular dog who could sniff and look and be a pup and secondly - Freaky people of Santa Monica who all feel that it was OK to come up and pet your dog, distract your dog or engage you a LONG conversations about their own pets. PEOPLE I don't want to hear about how your dog DIED/RAN AWAY/OR WAS STOLEN! When the jacket came off it was amazing people just treated her as another dog on the street, maybe I was just oversensitive but it was nice just to blend into the Saturday afternoon crowd. I love being a puppy raiser and talking with the public is a big part of that, but after a while I'd had enough.

We went into our favorite store REI. They LOVE our labbies there. We walked all around up and down the stairs, looked over railings and tried out a few toys. Truffie was eying this as her new play house.

Now that I have a yellow lab I finally find black lab stuff. Not that I'd look good in a skin tight biking jersey and besides costs a paw and a tail....

Truffie wasn't sure about this one either. It had sooo many straps, clips, ties that it took us a while to figure it out. She was very good while I figured it out, I actually had it on her backwards!

and then for fun, who wouldn't love a pack of poodles! We saw all these guys while shopping at petsmart, Truffie was very intrigued by so many dogs just her size. Loved just how well groomed they all were.

It is supposed to rain here this weekend, so not sure what we will be doing - what's everyone else up to?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Web

So there is a lot of weird stuff out on the web, I've been lazy and put way too much of my personal info on the web. How do I know this? Someone on Facebook (yes I see the irony) posted about this site. Spokeo.com, it is a 3rd party site that pulls together your personal info from public records: real estate data bases, facebook, myspce ect.. I looked up my family and we were there, even my mom who is not on the web. Not sure where they got her stuff from. You can get go private by clicking onthe bottom right privacy button, you fill out a form but need to give them an email address. Snopes gave a pretty good round up about this. It is scary. I am going back to facebook and blogger to remove and make private as much of my info as I can.

snopes.com: Spokeo

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Waffles are for playing with not chewing on ....

I was brushing the pups when I came across this on the Waffler. I've been finding small thin scabs around her neck, all from the baby biting and pulling on her. I always assumed when I heard a squeal it was the baby, but maybe now it was my girl. This wound was different, kind of a round abrasion, don't think it is a puncture, so I trimmed the fur around it washed it and put a bit of neosporan on it. We let the girls do some limited rough housing and spats happen - usually over toys - with the baby starting the majority of them.

here is the victim after 1st aid. Waffle is not a big cuddler- she will but only on her terms, but She must have felt the need for a little lovin' she is still sleeping in the same position with my lap top resting on top of her.

So new house rules no more wrestling at all. I've noticed the baby displays a high prey drive, so I think it is about time to cut out all play like that. Her favorite move is to stalk Waffle, except she is not that good, but she likes to get down in the crouch and leap up in the air (notice I said up not forward - remember large motor skills). As a baby this behavior was tolerable - we hoped that Waffle would stand up and put her in her place, but instead she just kind of stands there and lets the baby chew on her. We used to think she was just being tolerant, now maybe we will need to re-think this.

My New Toy

tell me again why we just bought you a new jolly ball?

Monday, April 5, 2010

Way to go Freeman!

This is Tacoma's Dad! After he retired from GDB he went to work as a cancer sniffing dog. He was honored as a hero dog! (he is the black lab in the red vest)
While Taco Bell is the hero to her people, she needs to take a page from her dad's book. Her person ended up needing surgury on her finger to ensure it healed straight. We all agree it really wasn't her fault, but still Taco Bell!
here is the article from Guide Dogs. Imagine a 8'x4' banner!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Large Motor Skills

This is a video I shot just a couple of weeks ago. Up until then Truffle was sill learning to use her large motor skills. This was evident when she would jump into the car. When she was learning to jump in the car - she knew that her back end needed to go up and over the obstacle. Her timing wasn't always the best either. She would time her jump so that she went up but not necessarily forward, or her little hinnie would be twice as high as needed. While it lasted it was very precious. I kept forgetting I needed to get it on tape while it lasted.

It is an awkward video, and by the time I got around to shooting it she had pretty much gotten the jump down. But you can still see the little hinnie up in the air. And it's a cute one too!

Rock and Roll part 2

Yet again S. Cali was rocked by another earth quake

I had just parked the car outside of my Auntie's house in Laguna Beach and my mom and aunt were getting out of the car, and it started rocking. Pretty weird right? I checked to see if I had set the emergency break - yup. Car still shaking - Aunt getting out of the car - wow we're not skinny people but you know were not that fat that the car would move that much when we get out. Earthquake? mom and Aunt don't feel anything, it's all in my head. Well not really - my cousin comes out and says 'did you feel it?' Wow been through lots of quakes but never in a car outside. In a house everything creaks and rumbles and it seems easier to hear the quake before feeling it. This was the 1st time I felt but did not hear it.

I like this video - it was shot just 10 miles north west of where we were, plus there is a sleeping dog in the video. I know people say animals can sense the quakes, but the last two the pups slept through. Truffie who was in the car with us, didn't offer a pep!

Alright my S. Cal bloggers are you ready?
don't forget:
*food for your pup
*toys and bedding
*an extra leash
*1 gal of water per day for at least 3 days
*copies of your pup's shot record
*a recent picture in case you need to make missing posters

I found this company near my house, they make boxed water. Sounds crazy but it is packaged like juice boxes, it is sealed and good for 5 years. I keep some in my car as well as stored in the garden shed. It is a pain to put a quake kit together, but offers mucho peace of mind.

Aqua Blox, LLC Western Division
12000 East Slauson Avenue, Suite #3
Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
Phone: 1-562-693-9599
FAX: 1-562-945-3133