Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Monday, November 26, 2007


Do any of you ever find yourself searching for just the right words, when filling out your monthly reports? We are trying to fill out Waffle's end of project report along with this cute form called "Fun things about my puppy" the latter will go to any future raiser/handler/partner for you dog. So you want to be honest but you worry what they think. What was just a minor little glitch could sound like the police blotter on full moon Friday night. It is a fine balance between honesty and a sales job. I mean you don't want to sell them short, and if I am able to communicate to the trainers just how 'gifted and talented' my girl is ( :P ) maybe they'll cut her some slack. Yeah but who am I kidding my dog throws temper tantrums and holds grudges- that's going to go over real well. **sigh***
here are a few that I have thought of:

A dominant dog become high spirited

Hyperactive lab shuffles become energetic personality

the buzz saw snoring becomes nocturnal whispers (ok, maybe not that)

spoiled rotten becomes well loved (sorry 'peanut butter breath' Provo, but its true)

but dear readers help me out here, can you send we a few of your favorites that you use to describe oh so delicately your favorite furry friend's behavior. My worn out brain thanks you.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I'm blue...

Because in less than a week, I'm going away to college, and I'm going to miss my family. I'm so sad, even my fur is turning blue.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Is it art or just bad photography?

How about the Waffle Warhol series?

Actually, I think my sister is just a crazy photographer. I mean, come on, she took a picture of me yawning. I mean, who wants to see the inside of my mouth?

I call these next photos, "It's dark!" because my silly sister took them while in the car on the way to get some professional pictures taken. It was totally dark in the car, so if I look dopey or out of focus, it is because I didn't know that she was going to take my picture until the flash went off!

Thank goodness she isn't posting any pictures of me in my diaper. How embarrassing.

Down Stay

Anticipation, anticipation is making me wait

It's keeping me waiting.......

Friday, November 23, 2007

8 days

resisting temptation

Waffle enjoys getting out and about, last weekend we took her to see the "Bee Movie" and take a quick photo with Santa. It is 8 days until her recall date, but I figure it is never too late to get in some last minute work on food distraction.

Posing for a photo in the lobby

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

When You Were Just ... A Pup

Anyone remember the old Kodak film commercial? It has a little boy and his pup. Here is my version..

When you were just a pup... (come sing along you know you want to)

We never thought that you'd grow up!

But we'll always be together, forever by my side...

My Best Friend as time goes by.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

Who Am I?

Waffle has noticed that many black labs look a like. She has seen photos of other pups and was wondering if they were relatives. Of course most of the pups share some common heritage. Waffle and Tacoma both share a grandfather and a great-grand on one side is a great-great on the other side. So thanks to GDB pup Provo I was able to track down a picture of Waffle's Dad Dylan - who I am told only sires black pups.
Try and have that conversation with a 11 year old boy..... whoops uhhh go and ask your mom how that works. (He wanted to know if the mommmy was one color and the Daddy another would they have a chocolate lab!) Anyway here is a branch of the Waffler's family tree.

Daddy Dylan and Mommy Kimmy
So we figure that she gets her huge ears from her mom and her short legs from her dad. But who passed on the Gene Simon's like tongue?

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guide Dogs Go Green

So here is a picture of Richie the newest pup to join our club, doing his part to help the enviroment!
He said to think of him as a K-9 composting machine.
Good Boy Richie.... I think
Love - Waffle

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Day Of The Dead

Happy Day of the Dead. Whats up with the post Halloween display of skulls?
Well in many Latin American countries today is the day that the dead return home for a visit. Sounds ghoulish to many but in Mexico and Latin America it is a joyous period, a time to gather a remember those who have passed on. They say you die three times, once when life leaves your body, once when you are buried and lastly when no one exists who remembers you.

It is a time when the living and dead can gather together to laugh, remember and cry. It helps the living move from grief to acceptance and keeps the memory of the dead alive. Death is not something to be feared, it is just the next passage in life.
Families gather together to remember and to create alters with food, water, and flowers. It is traditional to have sugar skulls with the names of the departed written on them- thus preserving their memory. This sweet treat along with laughing skeletons bring life and laughter to death, water quenches the thirst, and pan de muerto feed sweet memories of those who have passed on to the after life.
On our campus we put together a small alter where our students could reconnect with those they have lost, to share grief, love, and laughter. Waffle and I will be spending part of today eating tamales and pan de muerto, but here is a picture of her in front of the alter we helped put together.

Feliz Dia De Los Muertos...

Besos Waffle