Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Pretty Pretty

We have this really great plant in the backyard that went wild with a bunch of yellow hanging trumpet liket flowers. So of course we had to take some pretty girl pictures. this is not even at the peak of blooms!

Halloween Pictures

By day a mild mannered guide dog in training.......

But when the call comes....

Waffle Incredible!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My People....

And I don't mean that as in "kneel before me"

It is more like my people took me to Disneyland and didn't let me ride anything. They suck. I had to pose for tons of pictures here is one with two silly humans. Honestly I knew it was a person - what do you think I am a yellow lab?

So I'm excited about going out but this Disneyland place is kind of noisy and crowded and at first it was fun, but as it got hotter all I wanted to do was take a nap on the cool tile floor of the shops. Everyone was really nice to me, trying to feed me water, but all I wanted was ice.

My sister tried to drag me through the water stuff at "A Bugs Life" but I really wasn't having any of it. I saw a lot of kids playing in that water you know what kids do in water?

Here is mom and I in front of the huge pumpkin

So I figure I'll get on "Small World", then move onto "Nemo", and then I really want to try the "Haunted Mansion' - its all dressed up for Halloween. BUT NOOOOOOOO

I guess there is this silly rule about GDB dog's not riding on rides no matter what we say! That's messed up.... I really wanted to try the rides but instead I had to sit through the singing plants in the Tiki room.... tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room - in the tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki, tiki room-- darn now that song is stuck in my head.

Smile I'm in line at Nemo... See that foot in the picture, I kept trying to lick it. She must use my favorite lotion cucumber melon.

Man this line is long

Really no scenery to speak of....

At last here I am.... what line am I in? Hey sis Mom is leave us.... uhhmmm shouldn't we be following her? Oh well I figure the next sub will be mine, but then mom comes back and my sister hops on the next sub and before I know whats up...

Wait where are we going? It was my turn

Tacoma our bouncy dog on the left and The Waffler on the right.

So my people took me to Disneyland and ALL I got was this stupid picture.

In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room...the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki, Tiki room the birds they sing..... arrggguhhh

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Time is running out, we need to take all the cute pictures we can - while we can

The Waffler and her 'baby'.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Pups to Partners

Finally figured this out thanks to Brittney who is raising her GDB pup Hobbs. Here is a link to Hobbs' blog .

Check out this video: Pups to Partners

Add to My Profile More Videos

Hey here is the dvd slide show that I have been trying to upload to this site. It was made by one of our raisers with a few of our current pups.

Who is who

Waffle - fbl around 5 months in this video, still in training, recall date 12/1/07 - she is the one in the blue bandanna using the blondie as a pillow. She also is in the picture with the running little boy. Which right after that picture was taken- waffle decided to bite one of the 'big' girls tail and took off pulling Braden after her. *sigh* everyone survived.

Tacoma - FBL several photos 9-12 months, cc'd

Eddie / Elieen - FBL around 6 -12 months both cc'd one to Dogs for Diabetics, the other to the K-9 buddies program

Prize- FYL in the pumpkin patch, working guide

Tennyson - MYL on the horse, working guide graduated 10/6

Tabsico / Gallica - MYL / FYL in the stroller - recall date 1/2008

Marinez - MBL currently 6mos, must have been the youngest black lab

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Test Tube

Ever wonder what it is like to be in side a centrifuge? well I can tell you it is actually pretty fun.

OK... I never been in one, but if you have ever held on the the leash as you lab pup tucks her tail and loses her little mind you know what I am talking about. Yesterday I took the Waffler out to DHB and she pooped, which for some reason made her really happy and she got that bounce hop thing in her step, tucked her tail and did a confined version of the lab shuffle.

round and round and round and round we went. Me holding on for dear life and my sweet little girl running full out. even if I wanted to taking a photo would have been useless, so just take my word for it - it was like being in the tea cups at disneyland.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Just as we were relishing the idea of an extra month with the Waffler, fate bites you in the ass. I opened my email and got this....

"Hi everyone...
I was looking ove rthe recall list again. I must have been just looking at when Tabasco was going back becuase I glanced over December and didn't even notice that Waffle is on the December 1st recall. Tabasco and Galica are on the January recall. Wow...I am glad that I went and re-looked at the list today. "

That's a big D'OH for you. Gee thanks, I feel so important. I had already asked if she was on the December recall list when I first heard rumors that it was out, oh well better to find out now rather than over Thanksgiving.

We are sad.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

We Dodged the Recall

Had a few moments of panic, when I saw a note on a puppy raising list serv from a former raiser from our club. She was co-raising with another family who have take over Gallica's training while she is at college. Well both Gallica and Tabasco are on the January recall list. Waffle isn't - wheeewwww. I mean we knew it was going to happen in the new year, most dogs are recalled between 14-18 months. Waffle will be 18 months in February. But you hate to hear the official news. So far we don't have that list, but we figure that's when she will go.

Why she isn't on the Jan list? She and Gallica and Tabasco are about 10 days apart in age. Well someone once told me when GDB needs pups for a class, they start down the list of available pups and when they have enough they stop. Thats what I was told with Tacoma, and I figure that Waffle might have dodged the recall by virtue of her name. But then again often there is no rhyme or reason for what GDB does.

Anyway speaking of recalls, here is a picture from Jan of Career change (i.e. flunked out) pup Tacoma, she was our first dog, here she is with mom and Waffle, just before she was picked up by her new family. Don't freak out over mom's face, just keeping a few things private.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

It's raining

Well it never rains in California, and I am not sure that Waffle even remembers what rain is. She is just trying to figure out who turned on the sprinklers.

Thursday, October 11, 2007


Well we went shopping today and like most toddlers Waffle did not appreciated the whole experience. Every time we got near the door she kept making a dash for freedom. I kind of was waiting for her to pull the whole limp puppy trick, but instead she just was her stubborn donkey self.

I dragged her into the fitting room at Anne Taylor and apparently she did not think much of their housekeeping, she sniffed and really didn't want to sit. Well I made her sit and she very slowly started to squad. She sits like and old lady... any way almost down....then thsssssspppppppsppppt she farts! lollll no get its better, she turns and looks at me, with a look that said 'was that you?'............hhhaaahhhhaaahaahahahahah. What a poop head.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

New Toys

So Today was a Red Letter Day for the Waffler. She got three new toys. It wasn't really planned, the dog was home with mom and mom felt the need to replace the jolly ball she threw away. One of the three jolly balls the dog had. Ok , Ok two of them had lost the string but just how many jolly balls does one 50lb dog need?

I didn't know this, and while at Target I found a red kong and since she needed a new one (need can be a relative term here), and being the sucker sister that I am I got it for her. So she got her kong when I got home. But the Toy Mania doesn't stop there, we are tired of holding her chew toys for her, so we busted out the nyla ring, which is hilarious. It's great, she can hold her her own toy and we get to laugh at her when she gets it stuck on her head.

Here she is being coy with the camera. She was thrilled with the sudden windfall of toys and promptly had to go outside and engage in a prolonged session of the Labrador shuffle-- which of course brought on the need to "do her business"

By the way do you like her new collar scrunchy? it is Halloween themed. I love it especially b/c it pisses of certain folks.

Monday, October 1, 2007

The Skid

too funny to pass up. nothing is funnier than watching her hit the brakes. this was the best of the batch, too bad the glare from the window got in the way. Not sure who is cuter her or mom.

House of the Mouse

So once a year one of the guide dog clubs sponsors a day at Downtown Disney. About 50 dogs and their people come from about California and Arizona, lots of fun filled with dog health checks, training evaluations, a ride on the mono-rail and if the dog is lucky a chance to sniff new dog butts. Waffle sailed through most of the challenges they had set up. Walking through a crowded store, resting quietly under a table, ignoring food and other distractions. So that makes up happy, but sad, our little Waffler is growing up. Everyone loved her, especially her name, she was a picture of sweetness and light the whole day. GOOD DOG WAFFLE

It was a good day, the Waffler turns out to be a good luck charm as well. they have a prize give aways and we bought about $20.00 worth of tickets. All sorts of baskets were up for grabs, we wanted the one with 40lbs of dog food and the one with a gift certificate for two nights at the INN MARIN. So we went around and dropped off tickets into little bags with the hope that when time came around our ticket would be pulled.......and much our surprise we won, NOT once BUT twice. Waffle won a bag of dog food bigger than her and we won two nights at Inn Marin - which is useful as that is the hotel of choice when we go up for GDB's open house also known as Fun Day. So all in all not a bad day for the waffler.

here is Waffler in the lap of her friend Krister, she's such a flirt.

Here is Waffle and her friend Gallica, there were waiting outside of the ESPN cafe waiting their turn. To kill time they both tried help each other get rid of their halti's. sorry guys no luck