Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

A long time ago when I started this blog it was just me and Waffle's human sister (my sister infact) in St. Paul, MN. It was a way for me to share pics and news with Eggo ( my sister). So Eggo here you go, the Halloween pics. Lani actually helped hand out cookies to kids. But she did a costume change and wore Waffle's old Incredibles outfit.

Other news, we took Lani to Costco and she was being a brat. Well not really but still kind of bratty. We've been trying to get her used to her halti, which she hates. All in all she is excellent walking on a loose leash, but at GDB they often train in a head collar, so I wanted her to be comfortable in one. Well the whole time she is there she is pouting about having to wear her halti. Ears down, puppy eyes and rubbing against me tying to get it off. Silly Labbie- suck it up! After a while she perked up, especially after she kept getting complements from people, after a while I gave her a break and took it off. She perked up and was well behaved the rest of the trip. She kept looking at me as if to say "see I don't need the halti". Other than that she was pretty good about the carts, kids and gunk on the floor. We looked at the moving, singing and twinkling lights that are on display for xmas and she didn't even blink an eye, I don't think she really noticed things up that high.

We got home and Waffle and I took a nap on the sofa (the perks of being a college drop out!) and after being put out by smelly dog breath, we did a little personal hygiene with the girls. The little one was much better at the teeth and ear thing than the big girl who just wanted to steal the tub of toothpaste and run into the yard.

Mom wanted a picture of the pups next to the plumeria tree with the de-constructed jack-o-lantern.

I told Waffle that she's turning into a grumpy old dog, so for Halloween I pulled out the Eeyore costume.

Lani was watching the Bee Movie on TV in preparation for her Halloween costume

Ok in the end they both looked so miserable that we just made them wear the costumes for the pictures. The video is of Waffle walking around in her outfit. The 'costume's are actually terry cloth toddler bath 'hoodies' - those towels you wrap kids up in after a bath.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'mmmmmm Back!!!!!!!!!!

I'm back! yes after a nice stay at camp Linda (aka the puppy sitter) I'm home again. My BFF picked me up at our puppy meeting. Actually I was much more excited to see my puppy pals: Richie, Melody and Foxfire. I was so excited to see them I was hopping and jumping I didn't even notice that my BFF was even there. Then Linda (that's me and her) pointed her out to me. I was so excited my entire body wiggled.

This is Richie, the big boy of our club, he goes to college next month. Such a goofy guy he likes to 'talk' with his paws. If you're close enough he likes 'pat' you in the face. Some times he's a little rough but I know he means well.

But just in case I stayed clear of his big feet.

This is the way Melody likes to sit. It is kind of funny, I guess though this means she has good hips. Rick our CRF was very excited when he saw her.

Here is Foxfire, kind of a mouthful if you ask me. I mean that's almost a two bark name. But he is really fun, although I worry just how big he's going to be. You see I'm 11 months old and he is just 5 months and we are the same size!

Foxfire and Richie

We were waiting for a table at the Cheesecake Factory and the boys started goofying around. I don't mean to brag but those two kept playing under the table during dinner - not like me I was good (Carrie: aaahhemm, aaahheeem Lani, did you mention that you were seated on the far side of the table by yourself.....hhhhhmmmmm?)

Eeewwwhhh you have dog breath

Melody, Me, Ritchie and Foxfire

Our little club. Which by November will be getting a lot smaller, Ritchie and Meli go back at Thanksgiving, and no one wants to get a new dog just before Christmas, which I think is quite silly. Who wouldn't want one of us think of all the fun, the tree, the lights, great uncle Jimmy's cane. Sadly I think most will be waiting until spring, when we might be getting 3 new pups.
I was asking Waffle what college is like and she said it is pretty fun. Not as nice as being at home, I hear the dorms are a little spartan, but she said I'd get to eat fun things like peanut butter. I like to eat so I hope it's fun but I'm not sure I want to leave home.
Speaking of fun, at our meeting we got to hang out at this outdoor mall with these crazy fountains. They shot jets of water up high into the air, it went 'poof' and the water splashed, it was cool I had to stop and watch and watch and watch, then I realized that noise that I usually tune out was my BFF and it was time to go home.
Ahhhh there's no place like home.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I won! by Waffle

He He He my BFF is at work so while no one is looking I wanted to get a post up on my blog. Especially because


Lani- the brat is gone, she's been gone for a while now. She was the 1st one voted off the island. Meli and I made a pack- she was the low hanging fruit, poor little pup didn't stand a chance. Voting Melody off took a lot of puppy eyes and kisses, those weren't bribes or anything, and I didn't make any promises (well I did agree to be a winter time bed warmer, but HEY it's cold here in LA) so it took a while longer but I managed to get Melody voted off too. Mom was a tough nut, she bought into the pretty hazel puppy eyes of Meli, but my BFF stood by me and we voted and now she's gone.

he he he he

I wonder how much kibble 1 million will buy.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Who, Where and When

Another Lani at Camp picture

The WHY is pretty crazy and goes back three weeks. Our group is pretty small just 4 dogs and two of them are being raised in one family. We have a few new members but not a whole lot of places where dogs in season can stay. So when Melody went into season and attracted the attention of precocious 4.5 month old Foxfire (Focus's brother) we needed to make some switches. Needless to say none of wanted to make that phone call to Rick (our CFR). That's the WHY - but wait there is more

So Meli came to be with us, I didn't want to give up Lani but three dogs in the house was a handful and I had to do a lot of travel for work. So Lani went to Melody's house. But Meli's people were going up to see their pup Eddie graduate from D4D this past weekend and couldn't take her for the whole time. So after a week there, she went to Linda's, a new raiser for puppy sitting. She was scheduled to be there for about 10 days until Meli came out of heat, we'd do some moves and then all would be right in the puppy raising world.

BUT(here is the rest of the WHY) Mom pinched a nerve in her back and really shouldn't be chasing after puppies, I have to fly to San Jose for work so keeping anybody is out of the questions. Melody went home a few days early and Lani gets to stay at Camp Linda until our next group meeting on the 28th. I miss having a pup.

GOT IT? Wheeeeewww

So here is the update, Linda is providing the most amazing experience for my girl. She called me just to let me know what's up (I really didn't know her that well, she joined over the summer when I was working camp) Lani was playing with her CC'd golden from GDA and they were having a blast! Linda's dogs have squeaky toys*, and really cool bolster dog beds, Linda mentioned her coat was a bit dry so she gave her an oatmeal bath! My pup had a spa treatment! On top of that she is arranging play dates for her. This last update was from Linda about Lani's trip to visit a friend with a pool.

Lani only intentionally went in on the top step. While reaching for a toy in the pool, she fell into the shallow end and we guided her right to the steps. She didn't seem frightened by the ordeal, but didn't try to go in after that. So we just let her hang out around the pool w/ an older Golden and she was fine. Lani and Jackson, my friend's 4 YO Golden, had a great time chasing each other around the yard. She insisted on picking up and chewing on green lemons (about large lime size) that had prematurely fallen from the tree. I thought that the first time she punctured the skin she would spit it out, but she liked to keep rolling it around in her mouth. Too funny! She's invited back next weekend for another play date and anytime this week while my friend and her husband are at work we're welcome to stop by to play. Lani walked into her crate that's here in my bedroom, made a U-turn and instead curled up on a dog blanket I have next to my side of the bed. She's fast asleep and I don't have the heart to wake her up, so I'm just going to let her sleep.

So I've been short a dog for a while and I miss it. I still had Waffle and Meli at home, but it still would have been nice to be able to take one out every now and again. So until then I'll be just posting old pictures and waiting for my girl to come home.
* yes, I know squeakies are illegal, but Linda didn't, she put them away but the damage was done - so to speak.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Waffle says "Just Do It!"

A friendly reminder from the Waffler to her California friends. Monday is the last day to register to vote. So Just Do It! She would if she could.

Monday, October 13, 2008

ok Britbug - I love this

I got this from Brittney

totally fun


Pictures from Lani's 1st trip to D-land. Ever since the whole calendar thing - every picturesque spot I pose the pup for her shot at being a calender girl.

The Waffler - 8 weeks coming home from San Rafael


I'm having technical difficulties with my camera so I don't have any new pictures to post of the pups. Plus with Lani gone on vacation things have been pretty quite around here.

So Continuing my trend of posting about OPD - someone sent me this and I thought it was cute. I think if they had a trampoline at GDB it is possible that Waffle might have stuck around a while.

I have a question about fleas. Waffle and Melody have been coming up w/fleas. I flea comb them and found 1 or 2, even though both have had their flea treatment. Any ideas?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

A pre dinner conversation

Me: "mom did you touch the tomatoes on the cutting board?"

Mom: "what..."

Me: "The TOMATOES, I sliced them for dinner."

Mom:"What"....she walks into the kitchen, "I didn't eat them"

me: "well I didn't eat them either...."

both: "MELODY!"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Bring on the tissues!

Check out this video....I first saw it on Carlo's blog, I guess Illia won the ASPCA assistance dog of the year. Cool they get to go to New York for the awards.

Wags and Kisses to them both.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Meli for President

Waffle, Melody and Lani- the displaced one.
We are puppy sitting an old friend this month. Yes I said month. Melody is back, she spent a weekend with us a while back, but has come to stay for her season. I guess our house has become the k-9 nunnery. Meli has two brothers, Tabasco a CC pup who is fixed, and Foxfire, Focus' brother who isn't. You'd think that he was a bit too young for that, but I guess not. So instead of getting Foxfire, we got Meli. She will be with us until the 20th. We had the three dogs for about 3 days, but it got to be too much. Especially bc Meli is a little crazy at the moment. On to of which she definitely has small dog complex. Right aways she jumped in bossing both pups around, she likes to arrange things to her liking, especially who gets to sleep where. She is a cutie but really feels like she ought to be running the show. A real cuddler, and master of the butt scoot. That's where she comes over to where she wants to sit and plants her rear between you and the other pup already occupying that spot. She really wants just to be a lonely only. We have a bit of a challenge with her, working on her house manners - she is extremely food aggressive. To the point of her snapping and jumping. Just when you think you're going to strangle her, she snuggles up to you and rolls over for a belly rub...*sigh* yeah she is a cutie, with good looks and charm she should run for president.

Again with those gorgeous hazel eyes

She really likes Waffle and they get along like peas and carrots. It is just poor Lani who is not happy with the situation. They started playing and in the struggle Lani ended up getting stepped on and was usually at the bottom of the proverbial dog pile. When things get tough she would go and hang out with me on the side lines. My poor girl.

Flat Stanley - nah flat melody- you can just see she is totally flat!

The Snuggle Bug

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Summer Camp Photos

It's picture post time.

Just an example of using our resources wisely....Lani in one of the dish sinks in the kitchen

Gotta love that sprayer

and a floor that can be easily mopped.

What can I say....Idle paws umm err teeth are the devils playground.

Lani and I would drive around and deliver food to the kids who were cooking out. If I stopped to chat too long this is what would great me when I got back.

Calender shot?

The Staff house has these metal snow stairs (yes it does snow in so. cal)

Two flights of snow stairs, the kind with wide grids that like to reach up and bite off the toes of little guide dog puppies. We worked all summer on her going up and down these stairs. Up is never a problem it is just going down that is hard, especially at night.

So I don't know how to rotate this, so those of you who have laptops you might want to turn them to view this.

We worked all summer on her learning to like water, never really learned to 'like' it, but she had a few special friends who she'd follow into the lake to play.

Sunset over the lake

Dusk at the lake beach
Lani loved camp and the lovely people who work there. Folks would aways come by and visit, she learned how to ride on golf carts and the most important thing... you can't walk on water. See I was in the pool and she was walking the pool deck, I called her over and before I knew it she had walked right into the pool, you should have seen the shock on her face! I raced over and grabbed her and brought her over the the stairs. Wow you should have heard her then, if dogs could curse I think she was turning the air blue! she would race to the edge of the pool bark and then run back and hide behind the life guard walking the deck. Every time she got her nerve up she would come to the edge of the pool and bark at me. It was like she was saying, 'get out get out don't you know you could drown!'
the camp nurses where fond of walking over and 'borrowing' her to sit with a homesick camper or snuggle with a staff member who had a bad day. There was one group of unruly Brownies - yeah 7-8-9 year olds can be unruly, whose staff wanted some help controlling their unit. We paid them a visit and I did the standard sphell: how old is she, did I name her, where does she sleep ect.. I told them that she was really really smart. Smarter than they where infact. They argued, but I said watch can you do this, I gave Lani the 'sit' command and my little puddin' planted her rear, well I looked at them, and 20 little bottoms hit the ground, I said stand - they all rushed to line up, next I had them practice stay which - I said means you have to stay quietly in place, and it worked! God I'm probably going to burn in hell for that, but it got twenty crazed kids to listen to their staff.
Ahh isn't summer grand!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Thanks to all who nominated us. Been a space case and now all my fav's have been nominated. But all of you have been a wonderful set of blogger friends, offering great support and encouragement on this roller coster ride of puppy raising. Glad to have friends like all of you.