Monday, October 31, 2011

My trip to the pumpkin patch

Bamboo outside of Trader Joe's pumpkin display
Well for all you country folk and your quaint pumpkin patches, corn mazes and hay rides, we here in the city do things a little differently.  

Close up of Bamboo sitting next to a pile of pumpkins
Our pumpkin patches are a bit different no dirt, corn or hay here, just a lot of people food on display. It  might have been a food museum, because everything was on display and BFF told me to keep my nose, paws and tongue to myself.
Bamboo in the front seat of a shopping cart, with head down looking very board
I was looking for the signs that pointed me to the corn maze, and all I found was frozen food

Bamboo sitting in the front of the shopping basket watching the checker scan our groceries 
In the end I did get a ride of sorts, and tooling around the museum in my shopping cart I got lots of love. Funny though how my trip to the pumpkin patch really reminds me of my trips to the store.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

She's here

Catching up on some old posts.....
half a picture of Bamboo - the back half
She is right there. Did you see her?
Bamboo playing with England
Here she is playing with fellow pup England, damm she kept moving every time I wanted a photo. Well in any case the baby is here. She was born on July 9th, a Lani/Forte pup. She is tiny! we hope she stays that way.

Bamboo sniffing the ground in the x-pen outside the puppy truck
the puppies in the x-pen at the truck

inside shot of the puppy truck with kennels two high on both sides of the truck

The moment arrived, the puppy stork holding her up, just b4 announcing "Bamboo"

Mom holding the new baby for the 1st time

Her 1st nap at home

So the new girl is here and we've settled in nicely, the 1st fee weeks were tough as we both learned to talk to each other, but we think we'll keep her.


Bamboo on the floor with her nose between her paws

I think I am too cute for words

Sunday, October 23, 2011

You snooze....

Waffle on my unmade bed, propped up on my pillows with a paw on my lap top and the other on the tv remote
Waffle being the butt head she is, here is lounging on my bed reading facebook and flipping channels.
Notice the pile of fresh sheets and naked pillows which she is lying on

wide shot of same photo
I had stripped my bed and had washed my sheets, I hadn't gotten around to remaking my bed and was using my computer when the phone rang. She is not allowed on my bed without sheets and she knows it. I was on the phone when slick as can be she slides up behind me and when I stand up to put the phone away-she made her move. She doesn't even use puppy eyes any more when i tell her to move - she just shoots me an arrogant look and goes back to reading facebook.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

College Girl

A picture of the college girl hard at work. Truf has settled in well, she and her partners have been learning about each other and their new living space. Truffie hates the rain and tried pulling Ashley to the 1st available classroom, whether it was the right one or not! She apparently likes the boys and has been caught sniffing and making eyes and a few young men. Being a true So. Cal girl she even snuggles under the covers on nights when the floor is too cold! She even got into a bit of a tussel - sassy girl that she is. Actually it wasn't her fault, she and Ashley were leaving the music building when the marching band came rushing in, some jerk knocked over Truffie, didn't even notice it until Ashley dropped her stuff to check on the pup. He said 'oh sh--' and walked on. Truf bounced back with a kiss and a wag and the pair went on their way. That's my girl, now only next time let's hope she manages to take a bite out the next jerk who tries that.

all in all loving that her partner are having a great time in college. All I ever wanted for Truff was to have a great life and it looks like she has got it.

ps - the growths in her mouth, well the vet has no idea what they are, not cancerous so now it is just let's keep an eye on it - type of thing.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jody and the Happiest Place on Earth

Jody, yellow lab, sitting in front of a large (30ft) carved pumpkin
So just before we got our newest pup, we did a round of dog sitting. Jody was our last and oldest puppy victim sitee. Because she had just turned one,we scooped her off to a mid-week Disneyland visit. Such a sweet girl, too nice to tell us to buzz off with the pictures, of which we took plenty. We walked around rode the train, had lunch and just soaked up the sights and sounds.

She was also not too impressed with the happiest place on earth. No pleasing everyone. But still it was a great training day with lots of sights (what in the world is that huge stuffed thing?) and smells (cotton candy, popcorn, hot dogs! Oh My!) and new experiences.


Jody sitting in front of a pumpkin carved with a Winnie the Pooh head

Jody in her Halloween collar sitting outside of the Service dog revealing area.

We just used to boost the pups over the fence of the planters on main street. But this neat area is right next to 'It's a small world"
    I guess Disney corned the market on the 'Z' Litter
Jody infront of the Disney K-9 unit mobile   

Jody laying on a planter ledge resting her head on my mom's lap. why blogger won't let me flip it is anyone's guess
Working as a PIT is hard work, after an exhausting afternoon being cute, Ms. Jo Jo needed her afternoon nap. All in all a great day out. She needs to get used to crowds, but who wouldn't be scared of screaming toddlers and six feet tall stuffed dogs but excellent control and No garbage mouthing! GOOD DOG Jody!

Limerick turns one in the spring, can't wait.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

GDB wall calendar

has anyone else noticed that Paris is GDB pin up pup for Oct. 2010 not Oct. 2011? Dates are correct for 2011, just the month at the top has the wrong year.

I guess she is a dog for all seasons and years!