Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Monday, November 21, 2011

Working conditions

For all of you who think life as a PIT is hard. This is OO's actual work bed.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

It's my sister

BFF found this video on Facebook where my sister is the star! wow she is too cool for school

Where's Bamboo

Is she here?

a picture of bags of canned food crammed into a room

Maybe over here....Bamboooooooo???
more bags of canned food
Oh there you are!
Bamboo wedged between several food baskets, bags of food, looking for a box of oatmeal

Bamboo helping with the annual canned food drive. This year the students put together over 150 food baskets. Each with enough food to provide the basics for a family for about a week. The Cross Cultural Center was packed!
Bamboo sitting in front of several baskets

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are you sure?

Guide Dog pups have to learn that they can't eat food off the floor. Free floor food can come back to haunt you in very unpleasant ways. So labs being 90% stomach have to learn self -discipline early on in life. Bamboo just started walking around and all sorts of stuff seems to be finding its way into her mouth. This piece of persimmon actually fell on top of her head. Taking advantage of the moment we worked on the leave it command and learning to ignore yummies on the floor.

By her expression you can tell she was questioning my sanity for not eating that sweet smelling snack that had fallen from the sky onto her head.

Bamboo on the floor with a piece of persimmon on the floor in front of her. Her expression  is "Are you sure"

Bamboo sleeping on the floor the food sitting 6 inches from her nose.
Temptation is hard, I think she thought if she stared at it long enough it might leap into her mouth. I eventually threw it away and gave her a big hug for resisting temptation. Not all training goes this well, but we will take wins where we could. 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Truffie turns 2 today!
wow how time has flown, this picture is from her birthday trip to Disneyland last year. We always take the pups to have their silhouette cut, we put her in the chair so the artist could see her, and the whole while her tail was wagging a mile a minute. She loved being the star of the moment. What a ham.

It is hard to believe that she has been a working guide since August, she is loved and living an exciting life as a co-ed - don't think I could have planned it better if I tried. 
Happy Birthday Fuzzy Butt!
Truffie sitting on the floor of the shop, next to her head mom is holding the silhouette we had cut. She has her happy ears on!
A close up the most adorable pup, when she was about 6 months old, something has caught her interest cuz you can see her wrinkled eyebrows. I loved that Truff never got winter nose, where in yellows their noses go pink, she did lose some of her dark pigment, but overall she had the most lovely black nose!
I love this picture, it is Truffie checking out Pluto to see if he is a real dog, but the best part of this is her blurred tail. Sometimes I was afraid her tail would fly off, she would wag her ENTIRE BUTT! Silly Labbie

Sunday, November 13, 2011

On my way!

Sittin' here waiting for my big girl shots. BFF tells me the party is over and now I gotta walk every place. Not sure what she is thinking
'specially if this what she means by walking everywhere

Bamboo sitting in a shopping cart surrounded by a bag of charcoal and groceries
Bamboo sitting on the chair waiting , she is sitting back on her hips in the classic baby pup sit

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Bamboo sitting on top of my purse, a stuffed sheep (which is as big as she is) in a very small space

Bamboo wedged herself under my desk, in the smallest section. I have one of those modular desk that wraps around my office in U shape, the smallest cubby is where I stow all my junk. I keep this huge stuff sheep there long with my PC, purse and lunch bag. I turned around one day and found her there. Just sitting on top of all my stuff. Now before you all start felling sorry for the rug rat, she has a brand new bed and a bed full of puppy toys. Why she wanted to sit there is beyond me. 

I love this pic for the way she sits.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I found my sister

So I wasn't always an only pup, I remember having lots of buddies to hang out with. I found out my sister is famous. She was sent all the way to Texas, to be raised by nice people in the Lone Star puppy club. Even though she was part of my litter - the B group she got a special name. It sure had BFF and mom scratching their heads all my borthers and me are all 'B-dogs' and my sister is IZA (Ezah). I guess it was a special favor, she was named after two newscasters in the local Dallas area. Check out their web page here