Thursday, March 25, 2010


LOOK THEY ARE PLAYING!!!!! Like normal dogs, not fighting, ear licking, pawing or stealing each others toys! shhhh don't disturb them.

Folks have been asking what that plant is from my last post no clue. The gardner just put it in.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

our weekend

Our club meeting was at an outdoor shopping space. you know lots of parking lots and big box stores all around. We stoped in at petsmart and looked at all the poor pups in doggy day care on a sunny Saturday, I tossed the pup in a cart with her food, just too many people, dogs and carts. she was all over her brothers and I was sick and frazzled so the easiest thing was put her in the cart.

All the Kentucky pup's decided to take advantage of the carpet at best buy to have a puppy pile.

And as promised now that Truffie has her big girl shots Waffle took her to the park for some fun in the sun. We must have been a site to see. Truffie trying to walk under Waffle, me trying to correct her and getting Waffle instead and poor Waffle just trying to enjoy her trip to the park. Towards the end we got things together, we will have to keep up the practice. In this picture neither of them is happy with the experience- there was a bit of sibling spatting going on.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Not my baby anymore

March 12th ....................................................... Jan 12th

Jan 14th .............................................................March 17

although it looks like more, she really only has grown about 5 inches and doubled her weight. Not my baby anymore.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Rock and Roll LA

So we had an exciting morning. Nothing like a 4.4 earthquake to start your day. Growing up in LA you kind of get used to these things. We like to think nothing short of a 5.0 will get us out of bed. I actually heard the quake before I felt it and now since your not supposed to go to the door way, you're just kind of stuck in bed hoping that the shaking will slow down instead of speed up. We live kind of close the epi-center so while it wasn't a 5.0 it certainly did get me out of bed. I was trying to figure out how to get the pup under cover - should I pull her out of the kennel or leave her there? by the time I finished the thought the quake was over.
Truffle slept through it, she got up because I got up, and I think it woke Waffle up who I heard moving around right after it stopped shaking. So tonight I pulled out the earthquake kit to see what we needed, not too bad, we needed to update some food and refresh the batteries but overall I think we'd be ok. The puppers too have their own little pack, with some treats, a toy, a spare leash and some canned food. I figured if they were stressed canned food would go down easier. I read on the web that I should add a picture of the pups in case I need to make missing flyers - sad but true.
let's hope we never need to use it.
Are you ready for the next natural disaster?

Monday, March 15, 2010

Oh Taco Bell

While not totally her fault she has done it again.

Taco bell's person was walking her, when a dog came up and tried to bite her on the butt! Not to worry her person loves her very much and literally kicked some K-9 ass, she also told off the dog owner who of course swears that the dog is friendly - yeah we've heard that song before. Well walking away her person had a tight grip in the leash- actually wrapped around her fingers and then around the corner comes another dog. Hyped up from the last dog encounter, Taco lurched away from the dog and ended up twisting her person's finger. A spiral fracture is what they say.
that's two toe's and now one finger - OUCH!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Guess what....

By Waffle
I got a new toy and Truffie got her rabies shot! Ohh don't be like that she got some good stuff too, I think she had a sandwich with mortadella (Carrie: that's Bordatella and it was a shot not a sandwich)
Ok -so the vet visit didn't exactly make her day, but because she has her big girl shots I promised her that she could come with us on our next walk to the park.

Here is the Truf-Truf waiting at the vet for her shots. For some reason she is 16 weeks but her actual month date is the 14th, they almost wouldn't giver her shots until they counted for themselves.

And because BFF made me

The newest measurement of miss Truffle.

The ruler is upside down, she is actually 15 inches and about 26 lbs - I still remeber when she was half that size!
Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, Markers are for writing not chewing, MARKERS ARE FOR WRITING NOT CHEWING

Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor,
Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor, Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor, Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor, Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor, Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor, Guide dog puppies should not eat things off the floor. GUIDE DOG PUPPIES SHOULD NOT EAT THINGS OFF THE FLOOR

Truffle: Can I go and play now?
Carrie: what did you learn?

Truffle: Don't eat markers they make your poop a funny color and cause all sorts of strange pictures of you to be posted on the web.
Carrie: *sigh* I'm gonna have to get a better tie down.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bet you don't have


Truffie about 4 or 5 months old, just after I caught her eating the Cherry sented Mr. Sketchy, her lips and chin are pink
Truffie on the floor of my office getting the marker wiped off her face, her paws are stained pink/red making her look like a serial killer

Puppy on the floor with pink paws

The culprit A Cherry Scented Mr. Sketchy

a close up of a pink paw, it has even colored her toe nails

It was all over her face, feet, chest, flanks and even her butt, I had left her alone while I went next door to my friends office. Truffie has always been pretty good about napping in the office and staying put - at least at that age. Some how she found the marker, which smells good but tastes a lot like vinegar. Someone thought it would be a good idea to give it a little nibble and before you knew it I have a pink Labrador. After some frantic calls to the poison control center and GDB, we all had a good laugh and of course took pictures! What PIT's life is not documented within an inch of it's life. We were all thankful that the marker was non toxic and she came through it fine.

I am holding Truf's mouth open, and you can see how bright pink her entire mouth is. Only her bitty baby teeth are white - tongue, cheeks, roof of her mouth all pink
And had dyed her entire mouth a bright pink
the culprit sitting there posing with this very 'so what' look on her face.  Very naughy but so stinking cute we couldn't help but love her.       

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Time to say good bye! So long Farewell, Auf wiedersehen, Adu -- we got the news that Naughty - Nisha will be going on to doggy college next weekend. We puppy sat her for a while in the spring while her mom recovered from some surgery. It took a while to figure out who held the leash in the Waffle house, but once we worked that out she was a joy to have around. She will always be in our hearts and mom's wrist ;) Good luck Nisha Study hard, don't stay up too late with your roomie and listen to your teachers!

here is the letter from Nisha's mom about her recall.

It's official--yesterday I received my letter from GDB saying it was time for Nisha to go to Big Girl School! In one week!! Yikes--so many people to see and say goodbye to! Instead of dropping her off at the puppy truck at the Best Western in Ontario next Friday night, we're driving up Thursday and taking her on a sight seeing tour of SF on Friday before she begins boot camp. Then there's a Reception for Raisers on Sat. at the kennel from 10-3 and I'll have the opportunity to take her to her new diggs. It will be a rude awakening--definitely no golf course view...

If not guide work, I feel there's a career in Nisha's future as she is a very talented girl--too talented to be a pet (I think)! Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers these coming weeks.

Warm regards,
Linda & Nisha

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fibs Waffle Told Me.....

by Truffie

1)Waffle: a tired dog is a bad dog- so make sure to get lots of sleep at night and in the car that way you can be up alert and active when at work, and in meetings.
SOOOOOO wrong!
2)Waffle: any water bottle is fair game to play with - Fibber they get really bent when you take the ones with stuff in them
3)Waffle: If you lay on your back and wave all 4 paws at the clouds it will rain kibble - uuuummmmmm ok I think she is lying about that one BUT not sure about that one yet, what if it really happened
4)Waffle: all good guide dogs practice standing on their heads- I did this everyday for a week, b4 the peeps told me the truth.
5)Waffle: There really is a puppy in the mirror-naw-uhhh I checked.....several times just to be sure
6)Waffle: Chasing your tail builds character - I figured that one our myself when the peeps kept laughing at me.
7)Waffle: Farting in public is totally acceptable - yeah get real even I knew that one was a fib
8)Waffle: Carrie enjoys a morning serenade, it helps her wake up....and she needs to be up at 5:30 to get to work - ok even I don't like my singing - especially in the morning, but I kept it up in the hopes of getting an early breakfast

9)Waffle: people have so many shoes they won't miss one or two..... she was half right, you need to hide the evidence some place where they won't find it

and the top fib Waffle has told me! The yellow in me will wash out in the rain! FIBBER! I checked after I had a bath.

All new pups beware what your older sibs tell you. Especially you yellow squishy dog, I can only imagine what the Chesely Belle will tell you.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Wolf on the prowel

(in a hushed tone of a British wildlife narrator)

Out on the windswept plain, our lone yellow wolf-dog spies her prey.....slowly and cautiously she approaches. its been ever so long since her last meal (3 hours) and she is ravenous. If she manages to capture the elusive black dog she can feast for weeks. This is also a fight for survival, the canine pup-ulation has doubled in recent weeks and territorial fights will establish who rules the roost (aka The Waffle House)
Suddenly our brave little yellow wolf-dog seizes the moment leaps up on all fours and darts in for an attack..........
misjudging the speed of her prey the yellow wolf-dog races after her prey, both in full fight they are a sight to see.
As they race majestically across the wide open planes of the backyard a surprise turn of events has the black dog turning the tables on our poor hungry pup and confronts our lone yellow wolf-dogDeciding that retreating to fight another day is the best course of action our lone yellow dog departs the battle field and seeks solace in a nice bowl of kibble.