Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm having a light snack.....

This weekend BFF took me back to camp. I forgot how much fun it could be. My good bud Petri was there and I got to spend a lot of time just hanging out. BFF was cooking so I had to sit in the breezway and watch and smell all the good things she was cooking. 
There is only so much sitting a dog can do, so when they asked if I wanted to help with a skit I jumped at the chance. Here is the video of my acting debut. Look don't you think that I played my part with gusto and virve? 

Carrie: The funny thing is I was doing the dishes in the kitchen when they ran in and said I had to see Truffie in her skit. So she had been playing her part for a good two minutes before I even got there and rolled tape. My first reaction when I saw this is 'WHAT ARE THEY FEEDING MY DOG!' Then I clued into the skit. She played her part really well. Either she was thinking 'these folks are a bit off and I better humor them' or 'maybe next time there will be something'

Monday, March 21, 2011

Now it's time

to say goodbye to my favorite PIT

Pretty sure she is on the April recall list. I will call tomorrow to see when the truck will be coming down. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Girl Scout Meeting

So despite really crappy traffic we made it to the meeting, where Truffie was her adorable cute self. we gave the speal and guess what they wanted to know.............................how does the blind person know how to pick up the poop? Then we went on to a bunch of questions about how does the dog fly on the plane....like what happens if someone has an allergy? are they scared? do they wear seat belts? what the heck, strange children. None the less we enjoyed it.

Today was errand day. Both pups to the vet - Truffie for her booster shots and Waffle for her mani and pedi. I also dropped off some pants to be hemmed, filled the tank, got my oil changed, picked up stuff at costco and target and picked up stuff to make weave poles for Waffle. I'll post pictures of the process later.

Oh if any one feeds Science Diet Lamb and rice I have a bunch of coupons from the Girls Scouts, leave me a comment with your address (I am comment moderation on) I will be glad to send a few your way.

enjoy your weekend.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

speaking event

Truffie and I are speaking to a group of girl scouts in two weeks. We will be talking about GDB and puppy raising. These kids are around 10 and up. For those of you who have done this before, what are the typical questions they usually have? Any thing that would impress them? Any other suggestions? We only have 20 mins.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Like a good Guide Dog

Truffie is there......

Well I hope one day to be a guide dog, Friday I spent the WHOLE day practicing again. Mom had to go see the eye doctor, so I went along. Here is mom explaining what all the machines are. It is important that I practice at the Dr.'s office because my future partner will probably have to go to one sooner or later.

It was really hard because no one was interested in me! Can you believe it? And after a while the whole Dr. thing was kind of over rated. I just spent the day sleepin' in the corner. Between the Dentist and the eye doctor let's hope my peeps are done with Doctor's visits. Or at least find another PIT to practice with.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


looking at my email I see one from my leader with the subject Truffle...................

Okay, you can stop holding your breath now. Truffle is not on the March 14 recall list.



At the dog sitters

I dropped Truffie off at the dog sitters today. Actually they are new raisers who need to puppy sit before they can get their own pup. She is a good girl and is fairly mature and I know she will be good, but you always worry about you child behaving while out of your sight.

Truffie is famous for her escapes, my office opens up onto a common room along with 6 other offices. Tuffie has been know to go 'visiting' while I am at the xerox machine or looking for paper. She will stick her head out the door watch me enter the store room and when the door shuts she will take off to visit Auntie Sharon and any spare students hanging around, she always keeps an ear open for me and when she hears me off she runs back to the office 'pretending' to have been there the whole time.

I wonder what she will do to newbie puppy raisers...... wish her luck.