Sunday, December 9, 2007

It's begining to feel a lot like christmas

It's cold, at least for those of us in Los Angeles 44 is cold. How cold is my girl up in SR? We watch the storms roll in and wonder if she is on strike in her kennel refusing to leave the warmth of the heated floors. She never got around to reading the Labrador handbook- you know the one- it tells them they like water, snow, and are general all purpose outdoor pups. My little girl would pee on three legs - just so she could keep one out of the wet grass in the morning, she is more of an indoor spa type of gal. Malls are more her thing, here she is on our last trip to the mall.
Merry Christmas Waffle.

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Anna & Lynn said...

Oh, Waffle, you'll be okay. Lynn is pretty sure the heat vent is hers since it is 35-38ish around here...