Monday, February 2, 2009

Dine LA (by Lani)

Don't they serve Kibble here?

Toe Warmer

So my peeps have been doing this Dine LA thingy - it's where restaurants all over LA offer 3 course fixed price meals. So being the chow hounds that they are they have been eating at lot of different places. The restaurants in Hollywood have all been snooty and said that I could not come in! Can you believ it! Who wouldn't love to have me in their restaurant, besides as you can see from the pictures I usually get stuffed under the table, where my BFF uses me to keep her toes warm. Although you can see, I'm feeling a bit neglected under the table. Most people never even know I'm there....which my BFF says is the idea. *sigh* don't they know it is all about ME! Anyway the restaurants in Pasadena have been much nicer (Carrie: actually I just got tired of being told no and just walked in with her, almost daring them to turn us away. Much harder to turn her away face to face) and we (actually they) ate at Gus's Barbecue, it was crowded and loud, people were watching somethin on the TV-- a bunch of guys running after a ball, you know when Waffle and I run around tackling each other like that we get corrected.

Over all the peeps were happy with lunch, I wouldn't know they never offered me any. :(
I was a good girl and didn't even eat anything off the floor, and my BFF said she never expected anything different. I curled up in the car to go home and I just heard 'good girl Lani' before I fell asleep.

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Elizabeth and Peyton said...

Hey Carrie,

Thanks SO much for telling me about your club's new puppy!! I have a lot of pictures and stuff if the raisers want to contact me. You have my email, right? All of the boys are absolutely adorable, but I think I got the best name. Don't worry, the others' names are cute too, though. :)