Friday, July 29, 2011

Forgot these!

why did I tell her I liked green
shopping is hard work
'ders smomthin wron wit dis thin'
mmmmm no.
my future's so bright....gotta wear my shades
anytime ya want these back feel free..... no really I mean it
I'm wearin' the crown....where are the toys
Only 'cuz I lov you!

So I didn't realize just how many funny hats I had put on Truf, poor thing is always such a good sport. Next picture montage theme...... I'm so freakin' cute you'll wanna puke!

1 comment:

Mango said...

I had no idea you had subjected her to such frequent and outrageous humiliation. The poor thing. Congrats on the upcoming graduation. Love the sparkly mortar board.

Mango Momma