Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My new boyfriend

Isn't he handsome! his name is Rocky and he's and east coast guy (the guiding eye foundation), our eyes met across the crowded cafeteria, our tails wagged and before our peeps could say no, we were swappin' sniffs to say hello.

Bamboo and Rocky sitting in the sun.
Well since we met, he has dropped by to visit. His mom took off his harness so we could play. Not sure if he likes me for me or because my office has toys and a bed. We shall see....

silly Rocky demonstrating the 'frog dog' pose
BFF thought it would be fun to see me in harness, she asked Rocky and his mom thought it would be hilarious to see him in my puppy jacket. I'm a petite little girl only 40lbs and well Rock he's a big bruiser at 80lbs easy. So his harness had to be on the smallest setting and my jacket expanded all the way would only fit around his neck. It needed another 12 inches or so to make it around his chest. 

Me, trying on Rocky's harness
One day.....

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