Sunday, November 11, 2007

Guide Dogs Go Green

So here is a picture of Richie the newest pup to join our club, doing his part to help the enviroment!
He said to think of him as a K-9 composting machine.
Good Boy Richie.... I think
Love - Waffle


Career Changed Provo said...

What a cute pup you are! I want a new little sibling for Christmas, but mom won't let me.

Anna & Lynn said...

my leader raised his handsome daddy :) Hope he's a good little pup :)

Anna & Lynn said...

haha! I saw under his page on your club's website that "his raiser's think he'll be gigantic"...I wouldn't be surprised! His dad was HUGE!

Waffle said...

Richie's mom was raised by one of our group memebers. Hibiscus or 'miss biscuts' will be returning to SR for training with waffle in Dec. She had two litters and they still are going to try to make a guide out of her... it is true a women's work is never done.

Mary Ann said...

Yes, we met at the club meeting on Saturday.