Monday, November 26, 2007


Do any of you ever find yourself searching for just the right words, when filling out your monthly reports? We are trying to fill out Waffle's end of project report along with this cute form called "Fun things about my puppy" the latter will go to any future raiser/handler/partner for you dog. So you want to be honest but you worry what they think. What was just a minor little glitch could sound like the police blotter on full moon Friday night. It is a fine balance between honesty and a sales job. I mean you don't want to sell them short, and if I am able to communicate to the trainers just how 'gifted and talented' my girl is ( :P ) maybe they'll cut her some slack. Yeah but who am I kidding my dog throws temper tantrums and holds grudges- that's going to go over real well. **sigh***
here are a few that I have thought of:

A dominant dog become high spirited

Hyperactive lab shuffles become energetic personality

the buzz saw snoring becomes nocturnal whispers (ok, maybe not that)

spoiled rotten becomes well loved (sorry 'peanut butter breath' Provo, but its true)

but dear readers help me out here, can you send we a few of your favorites that you use to describe oh so delicately your favorite furry friend's behavior. My worn out brain thanks you.


Hobbes Dogs said...

My monster Baloo (former dog guide puppy) takes it upon himself to find and eat ever crumb of food in the house that is not locked in a metal safe 8 feet off the ground.

We say he "takes a lot of initiative."

Kelsey and Spike said...

Here are some things wrote in Chappelle's project record; "Chappelle is a high energy dog who calms down easily when asked","He loves his toys, and is an enthusiastic chewer","He has a tendency to rough house with other dogs","He tends to be dominant with inexpereinced handlers, and will quickly take control", "The best words to describe Chappelle are big and goofy".
Of course there were many other GOOD things in there about Chappelle. I wrote his "Fun Things about my puppy" from his point of view and basically just told about things he had done, and what his personality was like. I also let them know how he responded to each command. Good luck!