Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Waffle!

Waffle being a LA dog dosen't bake! We went to the 3 dog bakery in Santa Monica to buy her birthday treats. A bunch of pup cakes, pup tarts and wheat free carob covered snacks!

Ok- I know this to be true, today is Waffle's 2nd B-day! How sure am I that today is the day? well my sister and I were arguing over it and I pulled out her paper work and sure enough it is Aug 27, 2006. Wow can you imagine being a furry labrador and prego with three pups in this heat? poor thing. Well Waffle's sister-Wallaby- maybe going through the same experience, she was selected as a breeder and we keep looking for news of her 1st litter.

Waffle on her 1st birthday.

We still have a few more posts to put up. Lani's camp photos, and of her 1st trip to Disneyland! Where she met a lot of friends from Paw Pals assistance dogs in Murrieta. For my GDA friends I met Denver and his partner Cari. Denver if your reading this I can't find your myspace.


Anna and Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Waffle :)

Emily and Douglas said...

What a great sounding birthday! Happy Birthday girl!

TSE Puppyraiser said...

Yum, I bet she had fun with all those treats! The hat picture is adorable. Happy 2nd birthday, Waffle!