Monday, September 8, 2008

The Tag Thief

So early this morning I hear a noise and I pop up right away. You see I had an electrical fire in my room and the noise I heard was similar to the arching and popping I heard with that small fire. So I'm looking around and sniffing and all I see is Lani standing over my power strip.... uh ohhhhh. I call her name and she comes running over and sticking to her muzzle is the little tag that comes on sheets, towels and pillows ect... since I don't sleep with my camera - I know I know bad raiser, bad raiser, I didn't get a shot. I guess the noise I herd was her pulling the tag off and the thread snapping. Which now explains where all the tags that say 'do not remove' have been going. What a weird-o, why not chew on the many nyla dinos that litter the floor (and that I step on in the night on the way to the bathroom) or even chew on the other lab in the room....Now I know who is the tag thief.

and just to keep her fans happy here is a photo of the princess herself. She just started this thing where if the grass is wet she won't walk in it. Weird --Waffle has always done that, but Lani just started doing that last week. Silly Labbie

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