Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Well just before Lani went into heat Mom and I went to D-land to make use of the last days of our annual passes. It was a really nice day not too hot, but kind of crowded. Here are a few pictures of her 1st trip there.
She did really well, she was on a flat collar the whole time, no need for a halti. It's hard to tell what she thought of the whole experience. She is kind of a Velcro dog so I'm sure she was happy just to be with us. We thought about putting her in the kennel but we really didn't stay to long.
Because Tacoma was such a challenge it is hard to tell just if Lnai is 'soft' or just a normal dog. But I tell you it really is a pleasure to be out with her.

La La La Lemon, La La La LANI

So we met these guys on the way into California Disney. They are in training from Paw Pals a school out in Murrieta. The blond boy next to Lani is GDA graduate Denver

Waffle being the older wiser sister had already briefed Lani about Disney especially about the no dogs on rides rule. I don't think Lani really wanted to go on the rides.
Just because she couldn't ride any rides doesn't mean she can't have fun. Here she is trying on the 3-d glasses at A Bug's Life.

What do you think of this photo for the GDB calender? We were waiting for the parade to start. See that lady with the dark hair in the back? We were originally sitting there but she kept making noises about how she didn't like dogs. I had to hold my tongue, I wanted to say my dog doesn't like you either! But that would have been a lie, Lani loves everyone - So I followed her good example and we moved here for pictures.
We went to "Toon Town" and did a lot of fun pic in Mickey's house and in the Dog Pound but....I lost the card with the pictures on it. We'll have to take her back for her birthday and retake those pics. I haven't told my mom yet...it was her card and it had her Canadian Vacation pictures on it. ouch..... yeah this weekend I was pricing flat screen tv's figuring I might be able to buy some forgiveness.


Erin and Midnight said...

Ooo! Sounds like Fun!!
I have a surprise for you guys!!
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Brittany said...

I nominated you for a little blog award! Check out my blog for details!