Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Santa.......

Dear Santa
I've been very good this year. (And believe me there were times....)

I finally let Lani onto my sofa.....

I hosted quite a few friends this year, they got to sleep on my spare beds and play with my toys
Nisha playing at Disney with my BFF

Nisha sucking on my squishy

I had Tin Pan Head (aka Tamika) here who ran around with my dinner dish on her head!

Zeb also graced my house too! All I can say is 'GIRLS RULE, boys drool'

I've tried to stay out of jail....well most of the time

I let Carrie put silly things on me AND I let her publish the pictures too!

I'm also an exceptional bed warmer

Anyway Santa as you can see I've been a very good girl this year and I know that I am most certainly on your list that you've checked twice, and I know that you'll be in my end of town tonight. But......... you know, you can skip my house tonight.

Not that I don't appreciate your visit, but maybe you can give my present to another dog who doesn't have as much as I do. You see, my peeps well they love me lots and kind of went over the top with the toys and the goodies. I have a warm bed with a blankie, a daily walk, lots of kibble, and toys in every color, shape and size. More importantly my peeps love me. There are lots of dogs out there who aren't as lucky, maybe they could have my gift.

So Santa baby, while I love new toys and treats, I really don't need or want anything.....

Have a safe trip, and if you happen to see my friend Lani up at the kennels tell her I said hello.