Thursday, December 17, 2009


Pictures of Mr. Zeb'oroni's visit. Totally cute pics of him, and a pictorial of just one of their little dances. It was raining so for 3 days they were confined to the house, which resulted in a few hurt feelings and lots of time outs. When the sun came out, Waffle took Zeb out back and had a little 'talk' with him. why she is so empowered outside and a wuss inside I have no clue. He is taller than her and the same weight, but she had him on the run and even ended up rolling him several times the last was into the mud - just before he was set to go home. oooops

Here's how they rolled............. (well kind of)

The approach

Making the first move

And Waffle having the last

take that PUPPY!

As the pictures


This is actually how we roll at the Waffle house.

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Mimi and CC Cabana said...

How funny that Waffle had more gumption outside than inside. She must see the outside as her territory, marked with her scent. Raining and confining is no fun! I'm grateful Cabana has been gone during the past few rainy days here. Come out, sun!!