Monday, May 3, 2010

Dumb A** people should not be allowed to own dogs

This is a RANT

The socialization we do with the dogs should be required of all dog owners.

Tonight I was walking Waffle around our local park thinking about writing a post about how much I love our park in the summer and spring. There is year round softball which means the park is lit until 11pm, but in the spring and summer it is filled with tons of interesting people doing interesting things.

Well one of those interesting things attacked Waffle. We were walking our usual route when we came across this man walking his chocolate lab, I asked if they could meet and he said yes, there was another couple there with their little fluffy yappy dog (this couple ALWAYS picks up their dog when they see us walking by) down on the ground talking to the man and his dogs, so I figured the dogs where safe. The chocolate approached Waffle and then lunges and starts barking and snapping. Waffle, who was at my side backed up behind me, the dog jumps forward. I am trying to avoid his teeth, I back up trip over Waffle and fall into the street on top of Waffle.

Lucky for us neither one of us was hurt and this jerk is apologizing and I say 'hey if your dog is violent - don't take him in public' he says 'he's not' - which stops me cold, I wanna say 'what the bleep was that! Instead I just walk away until we are far enough away and check Waffle out. She was fine, in fact she was a little peeved that I wouldn't let her do her usual sniff of the park. I just finished the lap we were on and took her home - none worse for the experience.

After I had imagined all the evil things I would like to do to that fool, it occurred to me just how vital all the socialization we do with the dogs is. Waffle walks well around the park, not pulling and responding when I call her. I can let her meet kids, and she walks calmly when they ride their bikes, skateboards and scooters around her. She meets and greets other dogs appropriately, but I can not tell you how many of the other dogs at the park will lunge and bark as we go by. I don't blame the dog, but I should have known something was up, the dog had on a harness. I find that at this park most of the dogs who are out of control have harnesses on, their owners are digging in while their dogs are on their hind legs desperate to make our acquaintance. I think their owners think it will give them better control of their animals. We greet very few dogs at the park because I'm afraid of a fight, and actually this is the third time we've had some dog come up attack Waffle. I used to wonder why this guy in my neighborhood takes his walks with a piece of water hose, but after I had a lose dog come up and jump Waffle it made a lot of sense.

Had either of us been hurt, I would have sued to have his animals taken from him, people like that shouldn't be allowed to have animals.


Lacey said...

My mom asked me the other day what I would do if a dog attacked one of the dogs when we were out on a walk. I had actually never thought of it before. I've never had even a close call before, but I also walk my dogs a lot more now than I have before in the past, so my odds have increased. I wonder if I should start carrying pepper spray . . .

Carrie and Waffle said...

do some research before you do. In some states pepper spray is illegal. I'm actually just going to avoid other dogs at the park and perhapse, find my own piece of hose (the end part with the metal rim) or a golf club.

Just like in personal self defence, don't buy anything that you are not trained to use AND more importantly ready to use. I should have kicked that dog last night, but couldn't do it.

Cassie (and Dagan - cheering Poppy on at GDB!) said...

Not pepper spray! This can hurt your dog as well! Think about an attacking dog - where would you spray? At its face that is attached to your dog?? There is a citronella product called Direct Stop that is safe. It is not intended to hurt or disable the other dog (and therefore your dog as well) but it will startle the dog and give you a chance to better your situation. I carry it and have used it. Worked great! A stream of the stuffed came flying out of the pressurized can and whapped the nasty boxer between the eyes. The boxer took off running. He didn't get a chance to touch my dog - I sprayed before it made contact. Previously, I have hit this dog with a stick to get it off ME! He came after my dog but got my pant leg. The stick pissed the dog off more though was eventually successful. The spray was way better!

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

Although Ellie's not the best dog greeter, I agree. They should at least have control over their dogs. I walk her in a halti just for that reason. It annoys me though when people with those retracto leashes let their dogs up in my dogs' faces when I'm obviously trying to keep my dogs away from theirs knowing Ellie gets a bit b*tchy.

I had a friend who would tie a carabiner to the other end of her leash and if a dog approached like that, she would swing the leash to give the dog a good pop - not to hurt it, but just to let it know GO NO FURTHER. I found it hard to work my dog and the other end of the leash (but she was quite talented) and have yet to find a great solution to that problem.

Lacey said...


I just saw some of that Citronella spray at the veterinarian the other day. I'd be a lot more comfortable with that. I guess with pepper spray I just assume I would have to use it before the dog actually touched mine.

I actually did carry pepper spray at one point in my life (long story, but there was a specific reason) and I was always kind of afraid of it. I never had to use it but I worried about carrying it around and accidentally setting it off or it leaking or something.

Sarah and the Pack. said...

As an owner of a dog who does bark and carry on when we see other dogs, I do have to say it is not always the owners fault. However, I KNOW my dog: he is always under control, kept back from other dogs, and never on a flexi leash. Since he can be reactive what makes me so mad are the people who let their dogs come up to mine, whether on flexi leashes or off leash, and then hollar out "oh, he's friendly and wants to say hi." And my dog does not!

I carry citronella for that reason! Keep away the dogs of stupid owners. Too bad we can't give the owners a good shot in the face.

Raiser Erin said...

I totally agree! I was walking my first GDP puppy Freya around the block and this family was out with their dog in the front yard. As soon as he saw us he ran towards her, darking with teeth bared and his fur raised. He was snarling and trying to bite her and here I was kicking him and using my foot to keep up away and his owner said "Oh he's just saying hello." I said "NO! That wasn't a friendly How D'ya do? His F***ing fur is raised and his teeth are bared! Keep your dog on a leash if you're in the front yard and you don't know if he's ok with other dogs before he attacks another service animal!" I stomped away to end on the street before checking her out. She was fine but I had half a mind to throw eggs on the people house in the middle of the night.