Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out and About

by Truffle

I haven't really been talkin' much about what I've kind of busy - practicing being a guide dog is hard work! So last week I was telling BFF that I wanted to do something else besides work and next thing I know I'm loaded up into the car and off we went.

So the peeps went to Soup Plantation for lunch - just look at the carnage on the table, food - food everywhere but not a crumb for me. :(

this might be familiar to my fellow PIT's the peeps up top hogging all the food and here I am stuck under the table, suffering..... gee don't I look like I'm suffering. Quick someone should call GDB

After lunch on our way to who knows where, I ran into a friend. Her name is Java and she comes from the Seeing Eye. She was really cool, I was afraid that being a German Shepard that she wouldn't speak regular dog - but she did. In fact she is tri-lingual, she speaks regular dog, German and English. Yeah her people gave her directions in German! she is really smart, you know how I know? 'Cuz all she wanted to do was play with me! Even though she was harnessed up Java's person let her meet and greet and I snuck in a little kiss

Don't forget to bring your re-usable bag

Pudding? Pudding? where is she? (family joke)

Not another store!

ok- people, I need a nap

I mean when you are only 19 inches this is the only view you get, kind of on the dull side

Yeah let's wiggle waggle our way home

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Rebecca, Ely and Rocky said...

Looks like a fun busy day!!!