Friday, July 2, 2010

My Last day of School!

Schools out! Yeah! I thought I'd show you where I work. Next week I get to go to camp so I had to say 'see ya' to all my pals at work.

Everyday I start at the top of the stairs and visit my friends at the student bank. They are the nice people who give me lots of love and my BFF money so she can buy me new toys (like a new wishbone - hint hint)

After I go down the stairs I visit my pals in the bookstore. BFF tries to hold me back but I know the way. My pal has a toy for me that she keeps in her desk just for ME!

BFF's office is in charge of running graduation so I helped hand out cap and gowns. Since I couldn't be there for graduation, I got my own special graduation cap.

I tried to look happy but please I'm wearing another hat.

Here is one of my good pals, not sure how I make it through the day with out him.

Lamby keeps me company and is a nice snuggle bunny- he was a gift from my Uncle Tim. When at work I sleep under BFF's desk it is kind of like my own little playhouse. I sleep a little, chew a little but always keep an ear open for my favorite friends. All day I hear "TRUFFIE!!" or "Is Truffie here today?" so of course I have to pop my head out to say hello and dispense kisses.

And here is my special spot, the gardeners were so nice to make this little secluded spot just so I can do my business in private. You can see the circle in the picture at the top of the post. Things are pretty quite, most of my friends were busy with school and I had lots of work helping with graduation so it wasn't the most exciting day - next fall we'll post pictures.



Carrie: Don't know why blogger flipped the picture, I am also trying to upload a video I took during our visit to the bookstore. It was during finals and someone pulled a fire alarm so we all had to evacuate. The noise was horrible ! I was so worried that she would freak out but she was just soo pre-occupied with seeing her friends and all the activity that I don't think she noticed the sirens. So that makes me hopeful for her future.


Mango said...

Your princess graduate cap is most charming.


Lauren and Don said...

Those are some adorable pictures! You are so cute with your graduation cap and Lamby.

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Truff-truff is so cute in her hat! And I love that lamby, so snuggly. I SO WISH that Cabana wouldn't feel the need to de-stuff every soft toy. Sigh.

Carrie and Waffle said...

'Bana if you de-stuff everything then you won't have any stuffies left - not that I'd know about stuffies, since guide dogs over the age of 4 months aren't allowed them (yeah right). Lucky for me, Lamby is a 'pillow' not a soft toy. Plus is it my fault if Waffle leaves her toys around the house for any PIT to get into?

Lisa, Ellie and Hosta said...

I LOVE THE GRAD CAP - and my, you are one smart girl to know where your mom's office is. Hosta is very jealous of your lambie. It looks like just the kind of toy he enjoys trying to steal.