Thursday, July 29, 2010

mommy and me

after years and years of driving, (no really I think I went into and came out of season before we stopped driving) the peeps had a big surprise for me. We get out of the car and something smelled familiar....hmmmm and then we walked down this long hall with lots of dogs all of whom wanted to play.....hmmmmmm even more familiar, then we open a door and guess who comes out to greet me? It's my DogMa Lani-lu!! wow what a great surprise I love her! she smelled me I smelled her we played jump the dog, steal the bone and compared somersaults. it was great. She looks just like me. We are the same size with the same shape head and the same waggy tails.
BFF says that I'll get to spend the night tomorrow and then the next day is Fun Day! not sure what Fun Day is but it has my favorite word FUN! So Bloggers look for me at FUN day and we'll have some FUN! Yeah!


Lauren and Don said...

What a nice surprise! Even though you are different colors, you really look like your mom, Truffle! The shape of your face looks identical. I hope I see you at Fun Day! Don is excited, too :)

Mimi and CC Cabana said...

Awww, that's so precious that they got to reunite! Wow, Lani is a tiny thing, isn't she? Hope to see you at Fun Day!

Erin and Co. said...

aww yay for seeing DogMa's!!! ~Pompei

Mango said...

You actually like your mom? Gosh, I ran into my dad once at a doggie show and we both went AR AR AR cracker dog. Must be a girl thing.