Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Japanese Spork

At summer camp we use a lot of sporks, you remember the combo spoon/fork that really doesn't work well as either. Well we were shopping at Mitsuya ( a japanese market here in Torrance) and I found these. If you've ever suffered with sporks you can understand my excitement over these. The picture shows that you can use it to eat your noodles and drink your soup too!. (what can I say I'm easily amused)
the Japanese spork
Not sure how it works as a fork but it looks like a decent spoon. Can't wait for my next weekend at camp to give it a try. But of course I had to show it to the head of the Waffle house.
"Hmmmmm what is this? Maybe there is Peanut butter on it!"

"I'd better take a taste just to be sure."
"Nope.... just another empty promise."


Mandy and Cancun said...

wait, when are you guys in Torrance? Cancun and I work in Torrance, I know exactly where Mitsuya is!

Raiser Erin said...

I think Waffle looks a lot like Freya. Probably becasue they're both Dylan pups. That's a pretty cool spork though.

Denise said...

SPORK they are trying to take over the world!

LOL my friends and I have a running joke with the fun spoon/fork

Carrie and Waffle said...

we go down there every now and then. Awesome japanese food and fun shopping. This last time we were visiting some cousins. Love Mitsuya for the food court and Marukai for all the fun candy and weird packaged food.