Friday, June 3, 2011

What's up Truffie!

So it has been a month since the silly girl went away to college. For the longest time we were waiting for news. Lucky Lani Truffie's mom is up there at GDB and she sent down a little report. So for the 1st part of her time up there, she was being looked at to be a breeder, but after a few tests (In my mind I visualize her at her vision test: which is more clear.... 1 or 2? Raise your paw when you see two objects... he he he- really how do they test their eyes?) she was passed over for breeding and sent off to be a guide. 
Something about her patella scores being too low. 

Look at that! Her patella's are fine! 
So now she is in her 1st week of training, Phase 1, which is all about learning the clicker, getting used to the training van and showing off her obedience skills. This period is about laying down the foundation for her future success, she has to get used to wearing the harness, backing up (not a natural skill) and being touched like her future VI partner might do. 
So keep you fingers and paws crossed for her. Dogs progress at their own pace, so it could be up to six months for her to complete training. 


Mango said...

Six months? That is a long time to go to school. I hope they have recess.


Carrie and Waffle said...

Mango not only do they have recess, but they get peanut butter and cookies.

Becky said...

Hot dog tree -- that's rough (but good practice, for sure!)