Sunday, February 19, 2012

Big Girl Collars

Waffle in her new spring collar

close up and Waffle's spring collar, green background with white daisy

Bamboo's big girl collar

Big Girl Bamboo! Looking just like her Mama Lani
We spend more money on Waffle's accessories than we do on ourselves. With spring weather here, we had to get her something new. We took a nice hike and then hit the pet store and the do-it-yourself doggie bath place. This is her just before she passes out for the night. You'll notice she is on my bed! I was in the process of changing the sheets and she was on my heels waiting for me to finish so she could get comfortable for the night. Spoiled is thy name

The other pictures are of Bamboo moving into her big girl collar, this used to be a big thing because like carnival rides 'you must be this big' to wear your adult collar. GDB used to have this brass name plate on the collar that kept them from being shortened enough to fit the smaller pups. Most of my girls have been on the small side and it usually took them to 10 or 11 months before they could wear them, it seemed like FOREVER before they could wear them and such a big moment when they did. Well it still is a big moment when the pups move into their big girl collars, but GDB recently stopped using the brass plates, now they just attach a simple dog tag. The difference? well Bamboo's half sister Limerick turned 1 this month and she finally fits into her big girl collar (she has the old plate version), and Boo moved into her BGC at 7 months. 

And finally.............

Waffle asleep on her side on my bed
Waffle says good night.


Raiser Erin said...

They don't have the brass plates anymore!? Who do I talk to about this to register a complaint? The brass plates were great. Erin is a sad puppy now.

Carrie and Waffle said...

yeah I kind of miss them too! I guess they kept popping off. I never had that problem, but my girls were never big pullers, one of the big boys in our club had this problem.

Also bc they don't have the plate, I wanted to start using pretty collars like GDA but my leader said no :(

don't see why not.