Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Count Down

One Little puppy, Two little puppy, Three little puppy!

So today I mailed in my application for a new puppy, we had been waiting because I have some travel in March and May for business and finding dog sitters if often hard. Yet it sucks living without a dog, and seeing as how The Waffler hasn't managed to flunk out of school yet (knock on wood) We figure it is about time to start yet another one. My co-workers can't believe they are going to give us another one to 'ruin' (read spoiled beyond redemption) I tell them 'that's so the pot calling the kettle black'.

But I need some help, like Iron Guide Lester I find that I will soon have to rename this blog, after all how would you feel if the light of your little puppy life (me!) loved some other mutt enough to name a blog after HER, but left you in as a footnote! Where's the love! that's what you'd say- most likely after you ripped my favorite pair of jeans to shreds, or ate the power cable to my lap top. So any ideas?

I'll keep you up to date as to the when, and the who. I just asked for a girl, any color but a cute one.


Anna & Lynn said...

Carrie! You need to get a pup in May :) That means that you might get a Bruna pup :) haha....well.... Waffle did never know about the blog so it shouldn't hurt her feelings too bad, right?

Emily and Suede said...

Yeah! Glad you are getting a new pup :) Poor Suede, I left my blog name so it still says Cordova. haha.

Kelsey and Spike said...

How exciting! Can't wait to find out more about your new little girl! Ha, I left my blog name as Chappelle to, bet I could do something cute with Spike, but hey now that Chappelle is back, it still works. ;)