Thursday, January 31, 2008

Should we be worried?

Ok- I figured Waffle would be in phase 3 for a while, I was hoping for news that she had moved up to phase 4 this week, but I understand that she is still in phase 3. The move from 3 to 4 is a big jump. Kind of like moving from the baby swiming pool to the big kids pool. I mean you have to know to swim, and float the whole time so rotten kid is doing cannon balls in your face. It is a little un-nerving, A pup must know all her commands, clear an obsticle course, look for overhead obstructions and do all this in traffic!

So I shouldn't be worried execpt that Wallaby her sister (who is still on breeder eval- a sore point with my mother) has moved up to 4.


will I ever get a pup to graduate?


Emily, Maggie, Ellis, and Angel said...

I wouldn't worry... since she was taken off breeder eval it means that she lost a week of training recovering from the spay surgery! And every dog is an individual! I know she is going to make you proud!

MK said...

We're still keeping paws crossed for Miss Waffle over here. No call means good news is my motto as I have yet to hear anything about Edgar. Sigh.

Megan & Sherman said...

Phase 3 has always felt like a black hole to me. All my pups have spent a while there. But, as Emily said she may need some extra time recovering from her spay. I wouldn't worry. Me and Sherm are keeping fingers crossed for her though. We are sure she will do great!