Thursday, March 13, 2008

Can You Believe IT!


The phase report is in and at last there is movement. Waffle is now in phase 8! she was in 6 FOREVER I was worried that they had passed her back, I was also worried about her whole traffic issues, so I thought I would spend all of phase 7 holding my breath. Wheeeeeeeeeewwww

I was worried that today we'd get 'the call' you know which one I mean, we'd be happy to have her back, but now that she has been in training for so long, you kind of have hope now. You spend so much time playing down the fact that they will pass (60% fail, my leader has 0 out of 5 dogs pass, most dogs don't make it...ect) so now I am on edge evern more.

From now on out doesn't get any easier..... your heart will break when they tell you she has a place in class and it will break too when they tell you after two years of hoping and dreaming she's going to be CC'd. It would have been easier if she had been dropped earlier in training. Now it would just be cruel b/c I have hope for her (not that I always didn't believe n you Waffle)

I'm going to be D.C. for business and Lani is going to her 'cousins' Martinez and Melody's house for a sleep over. Lets hope she behaves well and I don't have to replace the kitchen linoleum like I did with a certain grape eating problem child.

what did Waffle have to learn to move up to 8.......

Phase #7
Guidework in extremely challenging downtown urban areas (San Francisco and Portland)
Training on buses, light rail/subway systems and platform edges
Introduction to low overhead clearances
Advanced off-leash obedience
Formal traffic training

Phase #8
Advanced guidework and obedience training continues
Intensive indoor mall training with crowds and slick floors
Escalator training
Advanced sidewalkless training with obstacles.

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Emily and Suede said...

That's great!! Good job Waffle :) Your hopes get higher and higher as they move through the phases.