Friday, March 7, 2008

So Close - yet so far away

I'm in Tomales Bay for business - which is fantastic it is gorgeous. The scenary is beyond belief I sooo want to live here. The trees, the bay, the cows all is fantastic. I'm staying at the Marconi Center which has fantastic views of the bay. Lots of hills to keep me in shape. Lani would have loved it.

You know you're in Marin county when the Longs Drugs has an imported goods aisle.

We landed in Oakland and drove up the 580 to the 101 towards you guested it San Rafael. In fact the Longs Drugs we stopped at is right across from the Northgate Mall- I could see the cemetery. I thought I could her the pups romping in the play yard........ so close but so far away.

Waffle is still in Phase 6 - plugging away lets hope she studies hard and moves on soon.


Kelsey and Spike said...

Sounds like you're having a nice time. My great-grandma is buried in the San Rafael cemetery...nice piece of info to share. ;)

Keep up the good work Waffle.

Megan & Sherman said...

I remember when Tahoma was in training I would visit San Fransisco every few weeks and I would look across the bay and think to myself, "She is just over there." I even took a picture of the hill that hides the campus for memory sake. :) Although you were a lot closer so more tempting to sneak in and steal your girl back. :) She is doing so well though!