Monday, March 10, 2008

My problem child

So Tacoma is my problem child.

other people get to blog about graduations and grand puppies, I get new vet stories.

She was unique as a pup. At the time we were 1st time raisers and didn't know any better - we figured she would grow out of it. Well for those of you who know her paper clip story, you will not be surpised to hear that The Taco has eatten 2 pounds of grapes. Yes just under a Kilo of grapes. Her new family, who love her dearly and are clued in on her wily ways- yet she still managed to get around them to the grapes.

She really didn't display any signs of being in trouble (well she was pooping whole grapes-that is kind of problematic) but her people took her to the ER Vet where she did the doggy version of a freshmam at her 1st frat party and puked all over t he place. They kept her over night and let her go the next day. thinking they had dodged the bullet they took the little garbage mouth home.

Well the next day she ended back at the vet, cuz while she was still eating, peeing and pooping like normal she was not drinking water. Worried they had her on IV fluids over the weekend, she is peeing and starting to drink but the urine gravity is not where is should be . Both her people and I have no idea what that last statement means (help my blogging vet speak savy friends) While we are worried, yet it is hard to tell that she is sick, the same old ding dong of a dog who runs around eating anything off the floor.

Cross your fingers and paws that my problem child makes a full recovery!

I won't hope that she never does this again, my little garbage mouth has proven time and time again that cause and affect are just beyond some silly labbies to understand.


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

Poor Tacoma! Do they think it has something to do with the toxins in the grape seeds? My understanding of the specific gravity of urine is that it is basically a measure of the density of the urine and therefore how well the kidney's are concentrating urine. If the value is too law, it means the kidneys are not concentrating urine and it is basically water. If it is too high, then I assume it means the urine is too concentrated. My thought are with your goofy girl and all the people who love her!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Aww poor Tacoma, I really hope that she gets feeling better soon!

Lani said...

Thanks Emily for that info, we were afraid that it ment her kidneys were not doing so hot.

I gave her new family the number to the vet clinic. They just wanted a second opinion that everything that could be done was being done.

Taelor and Eagle said...

Poor baby! She is such a silly labby!!! There is a dog in our group that is just like that, and he eats every single thing he sees! Hope the taco baby feels better soon!
~Taelor and Eagle~

Emily and Suede said...

Poor Tacoma!! Hope she starts feeling better soon!