Friday, May 23, 2008

Happy Half Year Day!

Lani is 6 months old today! Can't believe that she is almost grown up. Except for an occasional argument with the Waffler she is a great pup. Very calm, and pretty responsive. she is the 1st pup that I have had that doesn't need a halti. Here she is at the Oceanside fun day, where she got all A's on her report card. We ran into Hooper, there.

I kinda forgot about her turning 6 months so I woke her up to take a photo.

We met up with her brother Langston at Oceanside, he's got about 2 inches and 10 lbs on her, he doesn't look chunky -but they have cut back on his food. I feel bad for him 2 cups per day. For those not raising with GDB- they really like their dogs lean. A definite tuck at the waist, no pot roasty puppies for them. Lani is ok, plus even though I have joked about her being a chunky money I don't believe in putting her on a diet until she is finished growing. If she needs to slim down after she turns a year old, I'll deal with it then.

At the Fiesta de Oceanside we did a lot of doggy task stations - it was a lot like the Downtown Disney Funday, distractions - food toys, different surfaces, a police car with lights and sirens, picture taking, and vet check.

Waffle and Ritchie - Career changes were welcome, but it was so hot she just hung out under the tarp with my mom. Richie is 9 months and a real big goof! Kept flirting with the girls. -nothin' says I like you like a paw in the face.

So the baby is growin' up!


Emily, Maggie, and Angel said...

The funday looked fun! I can't believe Lani is already 6 months! It sounds like she is doing really well!

Kelsey and Spike said...

Aww happy six months to Lani! Look how grown up she's looking, so pretty! :) Sounds like a fun Funday..