Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lani's Wart

So I sent these photos off to my leader, any ideas about this? It started off as a small pimple then has morfed over the last couple of days. I figure its and ingrown hair, she has the most prickly beard.

She lets me touch it, I figure it will go away on its own, but my mom is worried. Any thoughts?


Sarah said...

Not that I'm any expert, but it looks like puppy acne to me. My pups used to get it all the time. They would go away, but the vets used to give us either a cream or pill antibiotic to help move it along.

Coreena said...

It almost looks like ringworm too... Hopefully it's just puppy warts, but I would get it checked on just in case!

Hobbes Dogs said...

Ditto on not being an expert, but Wylie has had similar chin bumps as well, and they have gone away on their own.